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10 Buffalo Blanket Paintings
We would like to introduce "Ten Buffalo blanket paintings" or "The Bulls" to together we thinking, a projection of Buddhist teachings.
The files are detected as early as the legend of teacher Guo Am (Kakuan or Kuoan Shihyuan, 1100-1200, also often called Diffuse Am Telecom Engineer), born during the reign of the Song dynasty a century XII.
The teacher relies on the old thesis of his predecessors and 10 painters painting the Buffalo blanket, borrowed images of water buffalo in Taoism, and then write the article and lyrics by prose. The quality of pure meditation, his deeper set of ancestors and from there became a profound source of inspiration for generations after this adaptation which draw out more paintings.
Since then more and more in other colors or additions, or black and white, began to appear in the old place, meditation.
And this debate also reflects many different trends in the practice, an unprofitable, but innovative flexible, customized media kavin.
Such is not the only one, which has a lot of the "bulls" are different, all are delicate Buddhist spiritual surroundings North of the Tribe.
While there are many sets of pics but form the Ministry would like to order, each set comes with 3 figurines, each a chant by four poems and a prose article with references to both the file and the shelves.
What about the spirit, the files still have more, but may be classified into two categories: Mahayana and Zen Buddhism.
Sort files according to Mahayana tendencies redraw the tu, from the winning instinct, to the voters themselves and finally reaches at self. By type prone Zen Buddhism counter-intelligence experimental process spirituality with three stages: wrong about psychology, and countless ordinary.
In each category, other paintings, but court papers and notes for each category remains unchanged. The picture also represents an opportunity for meditation, to another, generally for the French Chief of the Buddha.
The Buffalo represents the mind of sentient beings, the mind's mind, the mind distinguished, filled with suffering, passion and desire. They take Buddha's teachings lead foot to cure his love and desire is the same as the value entry wild Buffalo stock challenged!
Here are 10 Buffalo, Buffalo blanket paintings fade from black (black Buffalo News is also inaction) to white (pure mind gradually).
10 Buffalo blanket picture of teacher Guo Am and Daisetz Teitaro learning meditation of Suzuki.

File 1. Search Buffalo
Click chuột để phóng to ảnhIn fact Buffalo never lost. It's still good to good out there, where to find? There's over just away from their general implementation so we don't see it. In the enchanting shades of black chess that we lose trace of it.
Stay away from the House, one from the United States, but where is the main road. Greed and fear, the good and the bad bind retrieved it.
2 Paintings. See
Click chuột để phóng to ảnhUnderstand the teachings, we see the footprint of the water buffalo. And we know that, like many built from metal, sharp fall by General factors.
How can we see are real and virtual if we don't distinguish? When not on the door, we certainly have to look out for the road
3 war. Are Buffalo
Click chuột để phóng to ảnhIt lives in the forest was long, but I caught it today! The passionate views did it touch the road.
For more delicious grass desires, it wandered the adventure.
Its heart is stubborn and will not be pure. If you want to hear it, one must use the roi.

4 paintings. Buffalo blankets
Click chuột để phóng to ảnhBuffalo is tempered now probably was hurt because the cord pulls, VAM leaders fear more the roi, should begin to experience good, be overcome.
Buffaloes were walking the roi jam, but white had been cleared out. Buffalo's run to run back and forth aggressive young aggressive animal, but Buffalo still gripped the rope VAM pierced nose that pulls it off, not daring to let drop, not daring to give cane.
He flicked the buffaloes go gently, do not have to use the effort to entice or roi dramatically beaten again.
File 5. Pure
Click chuột để phóng to ảnhThere is little to be idle for tu be half way and then, rarely have to use a lot more.
People who work at this time was completely subduing your mind and live in the province.
Mind that purity, true peace and seclusion, see the mystery of life.
Find out the tu is inward, is the main transfer his mind becomes pure goodness, not moving scenery outside.

File 6. Ride a Buffalo home
Click chuột để phóng to ảnhTake Buffalo, take him back home. The goal of ta réo sprinkle sunset. The fingers look beat, harmony is not stopped.
One song, this melodic music Please arrange with us.
The struggle is over; or lost are no different.
We sing songs of loggers and blowing Board dances. Take away the clouds in sight, Buffalo afloat.
We go to whatever one calls the recoil.
7 debate. Forget the Buffalo
Click chuột để phóng to ảnhFrance virtually none. We only temporarily borrow about Buffalo. As well as the correlation between rabbit and traps, between the fish and the net, between Golden and crusted, or moon had just appeared out of the clouds.
A beam of light throughout infinity thỉ infinity.
One thing for example but in fact Center have to offer.
By Leanne is ours, as it is throughout the birth and death.
We now have automatic rhythms in the names of our senses, leaving whip Blunt's temporary stuff.

File 8. End to both
Click chuột để phóng to ảnhThe circle symbolizes the "Vienna Feeling".Buffalo and cattle, and the end of all the foot sunlight sparkling presence in domestic grass-like flowers.
The noise was over.Mind is no longer a barrier. We are not expecting the enlightenment.We are also not in place not enlightened.
Because we are not obstacles to both, the eye does not see. If tens of thousands of birds, pleasant atmosphere on the evening of the applause, I go that's just nothingness.
File 9. Back to the roots
Click chuột để phóng to ảnhRight from the beginning, the truth have brighten company musthelp. Through meditation, is a valid General to dissolve.The main source is true though, it is so, does not require a fee to search, do not need to charge back.
See hear that irrespective of the good or the bad, bad, like blind deaf dumb blind as said.
The PM is only for children wandering around bosses no one except it. As long as it's new found himself in, saw vast state, see purple flowers blooming rose bloom itself without bother without obstacles.
The duty to revert, known as the Buddha realm
10 paintings. Thỏng hands on fair
Click chuột để phóng to ảnhThe teacher wears a thick chest, legs Gallery slippers on the market the very trivial as life. Smiley mouth 3, no happier keeping the epitome of seclusion, not preaching the doctrine of deep mystery of high.
Just do the very ordinary people to teach people who sell fish, meat sales in markets, in the pub, as the man with no hint of morality, making them have little moral know austerities.
It is the responsibility of the teacher who has renovated to fullness.It is possible, practitioners need to understand clearly, the amendment after the Buddha realm that is has radically reduced, and then on the magical realm to roll to discharge into the life, do the benefits for life. END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY THICH CHAN TANH.MHDT.WORLD VIETNAMESE BUDDHIST ORDER=VIETNAMESE BUDDHIST NUNS=GOLDEN LOTUS MONASTERY.AUSTRALIA,SYDNEY.25/10/2012.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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