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Buddhist Scriptures Say Forty Two Teaching Strategies
The Sutra in Forty Two Sections Spoken By The Buddha
Economic theory of Buddhism chapter in duodenum foursome
Venerable teaching strategy Bill Statement
(1974 in Jinshan district, San Francisco, California, United States)
Section titles
The name of this tribe has seven letters "Buddha Business Plan Duodenum Foursome Theory" and the seven digit's including general name (your name) and cognomen (his nickname). In particular, the word "Bible" is the common name. All the classics because the Buddha preached all have the same common name as "Investment"; and the rest is in the topic name belongs to the proper name. Name is the name of the business, there were no coincides with the proper name of any of the other classics.
The letter ' w ' here is the same as the case of the word "person" is the common name for the human race. In addition, each person has a unique name, such as the title of the Third Account, who then called For the four ...The classics because the Buddha preached the same thing, also includes both the common name and proper name. The name of the Sutra as "Buddha's theory of Four Decades the second Chapter". The first name is that of the French Ministry of the economy Established, i.e. the name of the speaker of the Pope and the French-France which he said off, to form the name of the business; in particular, the "Buddha" and "French Quarter" Chapter Ii Collection.
The parish contains funding-French by the Buddha preaching. During The Episode Of the Tibetan plateau, the disciples were connected each one together to form a set. It can also be viewed as a collection of Sayings of the Buddha, and forty-two of the forty-two language sections, or forty-two commandments of him!
Buddha Legend Four Duodenum is a chapter in the Bible are transmitted to China before. At the time, the life of King Emperor Ming later Han dynasty, there were two false Religions are mahākāśyapa-Ma-Dang and Bamboo-France-Lan using a white horse to carry Out water from the classics to China. And after that, Han-Ming-distilled White Horse Pagoda has (white horse) at the capital Luoyang.
Thus, Buddhism was spread to China in the establishment of the Han dynasty. However, because at that time the Chinese Taoists are very popular, so when Buddhism spread to this country, there are many contentious Taoist thought he hated and tâu to the King that "Buddhism is just fake stuff. It is the religion of foreign rather than Chinese. So, please lower Pad please prohibit the Buddhism and the expulsion of Buddhism from China's territory! If the lower Platforms do not want to delete Buddhism, then please hold a member! "
How does compete? The hermit asked the King to bring all of the Scriptures by Buddha preaching and classics by Taoism to General rank in one spot and then igniting fuel. Every party classics would fire the second he; and party classics would not fire, the party that is the second!
Contemporary religious party Yes Friendly Font name Taoist Beliefs, was one of the leaders of Taoism. He leads by 500 hermit, all together, the porters of Taoism in one spot; then vái took the shady forest with Daode force: "Dear white German Agent T.j.! Please please a dread, inducing the Scriptures of Taoism we don't catch on fire, and the Scriptures of Buddhism, then burnt down whole! "
Tides have a lot of American leaders have. Who could ride a light wind-surfing; the back can fly up into the sky or drop. There is a Taoist arts know both hide (hide the IE you've just seen them touch touch right in front of the eye, then suddenly vanishes, not seen the meteoric rise of them where anymore) ...; the hermit a head like that feature at all. There are hermit also know based on the allowed profile, i.e. methods "States padded borders" that escaped. Thanks to rely on do, would note, would allow religious charms of the hermit has a lot of French spirit; but, to use the fire the Scriptures?
Buddhist classics such as these have not caught fire only played Halo! Then, the symbolism of the Buddha launched aura in classic colors, also radiate brilliant aura. The aura radiates plenty of light all over the air, which like Sun are both so worldly shed shed!
Also the classics of Taoism had just burned, then all catch fire down immediately, do not survive at all! Now, the hermit known ride clouds rain clouds to ride ride ride can not rain any more because there is a Kabbalah! Guys know soaring is not able to fly away, said chui chui not of any financial return to the ground where it himself to the ground, said a hidden is not able to hide anywhere anymore! At the time, all right, their uncle, the priest is no longer effective. Now, the whole of Scriptures of Taoism were all burned out causing the hermit as the Font of good Credit, Deductible Payment are angry idea dies are the heart of the public. While they're in the angry like that, then to two, three hundred disciples of them to cut off hair beard right in the scene to the Buddhist renunciation! this is the "no permission" inhabit between Buddhism and Taoism; and Taoism has taken trade the massacre!
After that, the two fake Religion mahākāśyapa-Ma-Dang and Bamboo-France-along bay climbed 18 appears nowhere as transformations on the fire itself under water body under fire on the water, go back out of nowhere, sleep in vain ..., and countless other Kabbalah evolved. So, contemporaries and including the Emperor, among them are steeply belief in Buddhism.
So the investment is very important and this is also the first business to be transmitted to China, so today I would like to study with you the investment.
Now, let's find out the meaning of the word "Buddha". "Buddha" Buddha-da-Da, and Sanskrit; translated into Chinese are False Sense, that is what the Enlightenment. There are three types of enlightened self-awareness, sensory-tha, and Sensory-happy-with-.
1. Self-feelings (self becomes enlightened). Degree of self-discipline is not like Lady gag class is not yet enlightened. The Second amendment can be acknowledged according to the order they became enlightened; as a result, they are different from the divine.
2. Sight-tha (make others become enlightened). Every extra Second can become enlightened, but they are not enlightened. Therefore, people can make others become enlightened Bodhisattva who, rather than every Second. Bodhisattva would have self-discipline, can sense tha; and just as beneficial to themselves to do good for others. Bodhisattva view all beings are equal as each other; so after you've enlightened, he expected that the beings are also to be enlightened, to be discerning as himself. It's called visual perception.
3. blissful sense of fullness: Bodhisattva of enlightened but others can, but cannot yet achieve blissful sense of fullness. Meanwhile, Chu was able to become enlightened, do others get enlightenment, and also to fulfill satisfactorily their own Visual voice generous anymore. Thanks to the full completion of all three voluntary enlightenment should these he was known as the Buddha.
"Novel" means said. The Scriptures which do the Buddha speaking out. The word "dogma" also imply the meaning "Browse nostalgic basis". What is "Browse nostalgic basis"? That is saying things that in themselves, and once that comes out and then the wedding party feel more cheerful.
"Four of the Second Chapter," meaning that forty-two chapters. This kit contains forty-two chapters. It is forty-two sections sayings of the Buddha, and also the forty-two Dharma recruits by the Buddha himself.
"" There are four is significant: A (connected), Regency (made of),, and.
1. "A" is "a trans-theoretical basis"; that is the link that has been preached together. Just as Buddhist prayer in celebration of the chain, the ethics in Business are linked to each other, each letter a.
2. "Regency" is "basic chemistry departments hold photography" means produced, leading all beings are basic and are ready to welcome the Pope.
3. "Normally". What is "usually"? "Kim's old regular invariant", meaning that no current changes are called "common". The moral contained in the past-invariant capital did not change, right now does not change, and in the future will not change, so it's called often.
4. "France". "T the same subject written in France", i.e. what the triangle is also subject to so-called "French". "Third-World" are three: the past, the present and the future. All beings of the three dead are worshipped and emulated the Dhamma in that order.
The word "Investment" is a comprehensive multiple meanings such as:
-Spray Stream (dung district). Because the ethics inherent in doing something else would the circuit ground water flush from the ground for so Doing well as spray stream.
-Ink Lines (up). Classics like the rope with an ink that Carpenter used to draw straight lines. An example of a standard is the epitome of France.
In addition, teach people life practices, so the "Doing" also means "the way" (diameter route)-the austerities.
The above is the explanation summary headings of the Buddhist theory of Four of the Second chapter.
The later Han dynasty, mahākāśyapa-Ma-Dang (Kashyapa-maganta) and Bamboo-France-Lan (Gobharana) and translated
The investment is the first experience of Buddhism are transmitted from Otherwise-to China, should need to be translated to the United-Van. The later Han dynasty, mahākāśyapa-Ma-Dang and Bamboo-France-along. Mahākāśyapa-Ma-Dang is a person, and the Arch-France-Lan is another person; both of You are the Central Section. Now, to his later Han dynasty, two people got together to translate the Buddhist theory of Four this Chapter Ii Cross into Chinese.
The Han dynasty include the West-and East-Hán1 Hán2; and the later Han dynasty of Han Dong-IE. In second life, ba3 Yongping King-ruler of Eastern-Han (Vinh-Binh Han dynasty era name is Ming-The, and now is in his third year of her reign), was intended to soup-trunk. In this one day, body-Guard, Han Ming-The dream suddenly saw a blonde (Kim) on top of the head has a halo of bright circle, from the air flying straight into Imperial-Palace. The next day, the King brought him ask the opinion of the court martial documents about the astrological omens included.
Now, the Court has a Crown-named Deputy Parliamentary tâu that: "God heard is to the West in A Joint State, there is a God who is the best of today's Golden Buddha down Platform ... we see he is the Buddha!" Next up, a fake – the name United Follows also tâu to the King that "Zhou has passed a set of Unorthodox name Register, which records all the events, special."
The book's notes? In the book of Zhou's notes that:
"Vesak by d-An-twenty records, dating back to the Borders-out. At the time, Jiang Yi, the flighty Dutch seismic spectral bands, Thai Café wall-vi. "
Meaning: the Buddha's birth in the 26th year of the reign of King Vương4, and the same year was in Borders-out. At the time, i.e. when the Buddha's birthday, then the water level in the rivers are high and tumble out of the banks, the whole earth is shaken. At the same time, the Sun has led the aura color fresh omen press, launched through the Thai star.
The time had Thai relations-enable (Thai-enable the officer to look after the Natural-literature and mathematics) as Kid. Thailand-Automobiles By taking Kingfisher to Ching Hexagram; and has just planted, is now known as the Hexagram is the nine five-Hexagram Phi long at thiênỂ (Dragon fly between pool). Due to this Attitude, the Hexagram divination--that there are degrees of great Saint was born in the water System and after that, the Saints who will go to spread the Dhamma that about a thousand years later, Murray would be transmitted to China. King Zhao of Chu-instant-wrong scribe and carve the thing into stone, and then passed the southern gates of the buried. The King intended that it will have the evidence to test, whether it is true that a thousand years from now, the Dhamma does (i.e. Buddhism) will be transmitted to China or not.
To his King-The-Great, one day, both sites suddenly shake and the sky appears twelve white Director-rose ("pink" this news is the word "red" in "red-pair" has been mentioned in the Tomb, and mean seed rounds). This is the phenomenon of "white rose Cafe" i.e. between the days had twelve white Rainbow Iris, is captured by the Sun; and this phenomenon happens at the Buddha Park. But that the Buddha Park Chairman at A Joint but in China also saw the same phenomenon. As such, the world of Buddha is not a random or accidental! When the Buddha was born in A system with water, then in China, the water level of the River, which rises and runs its commands from the University as a whole, were shaken. Then when the Buddha Park, in China also saw twelve white IRIS ring bridge across the Sun.
At the time, there were also used To Support – use Your Translation to divination. After sowing the Hexagram, the Majority Supported client-uttered: "Oh! Great Saints in the personnel Sector-have entered the kill! " I.e., the Saint was born in the country Of the section in Borders-life, King Zhao of Chu--26 fifth previously, have now added removal has on the Nirvana! So, while the world and enter the Buddha's removal is occurring in the section Of a country very far from Chinese waters, but in China all know all. It is thanks to the contemporary Chinese understand math-number, should have been able to guess what was the situation at the time.
From the life of King Chu-item-United to the King-Emperor the later Han period, anywhere from an estimated 1,000 years. Are we seeing the Buddha in Vinh-Binh Tuesday, then to Permanent Edit-Comments Saturday, aiming at the year toy-emperor-for-three people is outrageous-warm, Qin-scene, and the others Follow 18-carry, together into A Joint search for Dharma. At Home, they encounter are false Faiths mahākāśyapa-Ma-Dang and false Religious Structures-France-Netherlands. After that, the two fake religions and by the delegation of Thailand-warm, Qin-scene and United-Follow back to China. It's all about coming to the capital in touch-the era of Vinh-Binh Dinh, the 10-year second-year. Because at two white horses he to carry books, Han-Ming Emperors took a Buddhist temple named the White Horse Temple (the White Horse).
Come on a late-May 14th-no Permanent effect, the group from the Taoist Five-music-sơn5 of China hikes to interfere with Buddhism. And, as reported above, they burned books. The result is that all scriptures of Taoism were burnt out, while books of Buddhism is unharmed! Symbolism of the Buddha also ejected, brilliant color auras at all sky; and from on-air, the aura is to gather such a colossal ruins look with the light cover take the masses! Before then, the magical spectacle everyone respects fellow Buddhist news.

title trading
Classical: The Sun into Dao of market, thinking: "Divorce education President NET, delivers that WINS!" University-based meditation, now headless ghosts. D-loc-wild high and smooth, turn-The-France-LUN, a Beautiful Naked human-Like children-education, Lead evidence. Theoretical basis for client-owned facilities dunqiu County Flag, Buddha instituted only. The most-most religions, the initiating, the Attorney General, multiple anonymous glass upon religion.
Translation: After the German World-religion into management, He thinks that "Far from desire, the President, is the most-winning enemy!" And then He head of the meditation-to that shop haunted. In the garden-park, He moved France-Robin quarter-finals, five groups of false Religion's Ali-Tran-As are covered by the certificate. Have the teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County to express the place in doubt, Buddha said only evolution. Germany World-religion into education cause nấy are initiating. The glass palace open hand obedient, following the agreement of Germany World-religion.
Teaching strategy:
After the German World-religion in. .. "-Ton" is one of the ten titles of the Buddhas; and here, The main Faiths-are the Buddha Sakyamuni. When the Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree root and see why glow in the darkness that was then directed enlightenment, He thought that "Far from desire, the foreclosure for vengeance is the net!" the Buddha thought "we should the one before? We should do something before? "."Far from desire "means no sex, no longer the Dharma cell infection, profane. "The President here," meaning that becomes pure, no artefacts, always at the free cancer, as real. That's the thing most enemy, can not think!
And then He head of the meditation-to that shop haunted. In the meditation-to be downright hostile. In an Interview at the space-making, the Buddha may make all the gang of ghosts and the layman must be surrendered.
In the garden of LOC-wild. After thought and consideration, the Buddha saw that the Group of five false Religion's Beautiful-Tran-Like should be the first one, should he arrive soon-garden Wildlife Habitat to meet them and in this place, He moved France-Robin quarter-finals. Four Emperors that is suffering, Destruction, and Scout. In that Framework, the results of the world, the world, Kill is made, and the worldly appearance. Suffering, Destruction, and called the French Quarter.
After the Buddha, the Buddha is strictly an economic solution to the U.s. itself Represents. He noticed that the wife could not comprehend that means class is great; truth is:
Real Property > architecture label-Na,
The Atrium Office property owner and Logged.
(Have eyes that can't see the Buddha Halls-Na,
An example is the hearing Officer Dhamma-naughty children!)
Hence, the Buddha to come to the garden of LOC-wild. The garden's Garden of Loc is field-or deer is because there are two deer God living and both teachers at deer herd. When the Assistant Of Lang, who narrates this kōan is very detailed; you would like to know more you can find in the Grave Mausoleum Lecture Strategy Funding.
At the time, both in Philosophy author: code-Won (Ashvajit), Sage (Subhadra), Ma-Ha-Nam (Mahanama-kulika), Ali-Tran-Like (Ajnata-kaundinya) and The-force mahākāśyapa (Dashabala-kashyapa) are all austerities in Luye. The other five were in front with Buddha and is close with the likes of Him. Three sub-species, decodes and-Ma-Ha-is she the Buddha's Party; the other two he fake-Religious Overseas-As and The-force mahākāśyapa's maternal cousin and my uncle were both this year. working capital due to the intimate side of Buddha sent to serve Buddha. but, As pundits and the ceiling-Ali--mahākāśyapa Forces because of the unbearable suffering should be removed beforehand. Next, three Ton decodes-WINS, Lenard sub-species and Ma-Ha-Se do see Buddha congee Bowl receives donation of female, sitting Buddha could not asceticism, should also leave. And, all of which go to the Loc-wild. Therefore, after its leader, the Buddha then go look in this town, and he assumed they were before.
After the Buddha as the U.s. Economy has done and is strictly speaking, Mr. observers all the industry needs to, these beings have to rescue. When it learned that five groups of false Religions-Overseas-As necessary to salvation, He linked to the garden of LOC-wild to move France-Robin quarter-finals.
"Transfer" i.e. developing-literally turn the spell, incessant transfer roller.
"Four noble truths" is suffering, Destruction, and Scout.
"Legal" is, principles.
"Luan" means wheel. By France because the Buddha preached are all from his sadism in the flow, and then saved to the center of the mosaic being, cause beings to awaken that left Ben about to go back to Ben, for so called "wheel". The word "London" also imply the meaning "hidden"-"top worst" hot "; and "Easter" is served, make others suffer, Yes. The wheel can keep rolling and stamping disruption tough things, even the pagan fortified and United! That is the meaning of the word "London".
France is the first Tetrarchy teachings that Buddha preached in this world. The Falun four emperors was moved three times, known as Tam Moved France-Robin four emperors:
1. The transfer of France-Robin four emperors: the first adaptation called The move. "Municipality" means the directive, only for that to know; because we do not understand so the Buddha is directed, to say that we understand. What is The switch? It is specified, to know about France four emperors. The move is also known as A switch (the first time), because the Buddha has just started turning the law wheel. Then the Buddha teaches:
This is the line, the names of the encyclopedia;
This is the episode, an emotional sadism;
This is Leanne, its authority;
This is Leanne, its seclusion.
"This is the line, before the imperative." The encyclopedia how? The Line is very beneficial, it makes you feel miserable, painful to breathe, not out. Aịp, pairing, tormented human being a formidable way is the name of a Line. how much everything? There are Three Line (a line), bowls (Eight longitudinal line) and boundless immeasurable suffering.
Third line is three afflictions: Line-line, line-Out, and Sabotage-suffer.
a) Line-line: what is Line-line? Line-line that is suffering from this pile up other afflictions, in line it is more on the line. Everything is usually occurs for people?
As there are people extremely poor destitute, they lean-to eat then ate enough not no, but not warm enough wear also wear should have to just be hungry again just tolerant. However, they still have a roof of wooden xụp lụp, despite the lack of food shortage, but night came they also where possible that sleep; Thus, the idea is also not that bad at all! Then, the risks are severe thunderstorms blow through venting or to rain down as a horizontal hatch ngổn, landing is no longer a haven anymore. Were there to be no, despite not being warm, now back in scenes of such land shone screen turns to place oneself! You try to think of it, so there must be a line or not?
Or are people still get it and also be enough food, but does not have enough clothes that wear; then there is also the plight of suffering in the suffering. Or is that even though there is enough dresses up and have it really unlikely but did not have rice to eat; It is also one of the strangest gauge pile up the line across the way!
The case is also called a "miserable beggar", suffering due to poverty, destitute. My Paris beggar cannot be anything that is, by it the Petting, tormenting people very scary!
b) Kill-line: so rich guys to the Phu QUY did not suffer? Yes! The riches they endured Destructive-line, the line because of the decline, lụn.
As someone very rich, very large amounts of silver, was kidnapped by bandits. They view our detector of the time about how much value – assuming her assets approximated five million, then they'll ransom network is six million. As such, he had to borrow an extra million more fully that the criminals to surrender to blackmail. Then, it is not the rich you're ruined, collapse? So, it's called "Phu QUY suffering necrosis", sufferer, sorry for the decline, lụn ruins of riches!
c) -line: you may not have endured miserable beggar nor to cope with the rich you kill line; However, you still have to go through the process of life-born and grow up, grow up and grow older, and then all the old dead, reciting mantras mutate, thoughts constantly, constantly miết her. It's called-line-suffering pain, domestic chores because the transformation.
There is talk about Tam. also on the Bowl line, i.e. eight suffering, shall include:
Being miserable (suffering of birth birth);
Home line (its actually suffering);
Sick line (the suffering of illness, disease);
Prince line (the suffering of death);
Special Charity cups line (suffering due to far behind in what interest);
Tắng Resentment the line (suffering due to its proximity to what aversion)
A prime real line (suffering due to that not being satisfied Italy;)
Warm Cereals Sachin factory line (suffering for years hung Thanh ấm1, scorching.)
Because in addition to the line up there are still countless clues other gauge, should the Buddha teaches: "here's the line, before the imperative."
"This is the episode, Zhao's name." "Set" in this context is the focus, the accumulated impurities. Area of the negativity is a type that the names of entertainment. Once in our hearts that negativity, the negativity outside will brief flood ensued; and if you join containing envious, gossip, bad, since denser rushed back. Hence, the Buddha teaches: "this episode, Lee Travis."
"This is Killing, names of possible witness." Removal of the President. President kill (quietude) brought peace. The peace which each of us can experience, because before it was "proven".
"This is, before its amendment." here, "" i.e. The Director, the Director and casting director Hui. The more detail, the "Director" is the thirty-seven Works, and these are: Bodhi Interior, Bowl Chief Scout, Active, Active, Satipatthana, the four Principals, and Four as Well. "Director" which names its seclusion, you can order Direct!
On it was the turn of France-first quarter-rotation, and is called A-switch or The-switch.
2. Special-France-Robin four emperors: the Times moved France-Robin second Tetrarchy called Special-France-Robin quarter-finals. The Buddha teaches:
"This is the line, he should know;
This is the episode, he should end;
It is, he should;
It is, he should be. "
It is Recommended to switch. The Buddha advising, encouraging people to French monks of the four emperors. London-French adaptation of the four emperors was known as Hot-switch.
3. Proof-France-Robin four emperors:
"This is the line, it was known;
This is the episode, one has to end;
This is, We were;
This is, We have. "
London-French adaptation of the four emperors Proved the third-shift London-French Quarter. The Buddha teaches: "We don't just teach him to recognize the line, end to Collective and popular affection, unless prior learning, but also for he knows that:" this is the line, one has to know. This is the episode, one has to end. " The main focus of negativity and We've cut the negativity already. Not the One that says end to separate the impurities Is also excluded from the segment where they are amazing. I now feel very self in serenity, thanks to that end to remove all impurities. So, we strongly recommend he be ended except for negativity and realize the suffering caused by impurities. This is, We have. It was a prime witness of peace and State Chair of the kill. So now I say to him is that he also needed to achieve the peace of the realm of extermination. This is, We have. We have completed the Led then, and We didn't need to order more. It is now expected that all he could get to know suffering, end except The popular affection, and tu learned. "
The Group of five men of religion are false-testimony-Overseas are Directed. In the Third period moved France-Venerated rotating dummy, Marilyn Tetrarchy---As (A-Susan Ali-Tran-Like) just to hear the Dhamma by Buddha Sakyamuni preaching is initiating immediately, the Holy fruit; Therefore, He was called to Duty-(the original is understood) or Israel (out front). Why honour the author Ali--As the initiating first?
In the past, when the Buddha Like Ca in human and is a forerunner of tu, Mr. King is happy to be called ring Ca Benefit off both his arms and legs and then asked that: "there is resentment forerunner reasonable?" For the first time ever the humiliating Rings answer: "no resentment!" King American cottage Favor to ask: "so what could prove to be the forerunner really anger?" Time and humiliation Rings up praying: "If I have a resentment, then two legs and two hands will never be sufficient once again. If I am indeed not mảy may, the resentment of limbs had been severed King will grow back intact as before! " Forerunner has just ended his then four more plants sprouting out back. Then, the ring was discovered in 2000, the first prayer: "Pray that when I'm known as the Buddha, I will up the King, because the King is Improving-tri-my way!"
In the past, Sun Jia Qiao-Death-as the King of the ring, the Singer is a childhood humiliation that now the Buddha Sakyamuni. That's why after the Buddha, Buddha reflects: "I should be the one before now? Ah, right! We need to have guys of severed limbs Would spend more time in front of you! " And, when the Buddha to the sermon for false ceiling-Religious-like hearing Marilyn is false Religion based initiating.
Next up, the Buddha taught in terms of maintenance, alms, how to keep Sex-and how to be contentious over the pool. He strongly rejected the post-hope: "anniversary sex is not correct, is not clean. To desire to be pure, and can achieve a happily public feet! " Right at that time, false Religion both A-Pedestal-She (Bhikkhu-dunqiu County code-Wins) and heating elements-title (i.e. He Xiao-Yin) are initiating. Customers are initiating second.
Then the Buddha preaching to a multitude of other disciplines, and then, on the fake Religious Questions-Benefit (i.e., Mr. Ma-Ha-Se) and The-force mahākāśyapa are also initiating. It is the third tranche.
So, in Honor of this Simulator is the first renunciation as a Bhikkhu-dunqiu County, as well as initiating and were quarter-finals results of the A-la-Han dynasty before. So, in my copy of "The Group of five false Religion's Beautiful-Tran-As are covered by the certificate."
Have the teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County to express the place in doubt. Then, there are many other master Buddha Bhikkhu dunqiu County guide-which sometimes France, ask Buddha to the possible amenities, knots and the ethics that they have understood, and the Buddha the only progress. The Buddhist Bhikkhu dunqiu County it decision-please see the Administration maintained that they should proceed to or should stop. They petitioned the Buddha gave them a decision.
Germany The Religious Education Committee. Germany The Religion i.e. Buddha, "" is, and "Good" are exempted. The Buddha promulgated the order to teach that inspired them.
Which are nấy initiating. The Buddha culture and town stubs, so the teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County is initiating. Then, open the glass bows hand obedient, following upon the teaching of German Religious World. Open the left hand both nấy, honorific well according to the teachings of the Religious World and followed the reasons He just taught that austerities.
As for Ding Ning that everyone understood the meaning of the word "Spleen-dunqiu County", so I've missed, is not explained. I also do not doubt that there are people who still have yet to understand.
"Bhikkhu-dunqiu County" (Bikshu) which is Sanskrit, and has three meanings: break-evil-ma, and musician-Khất. As implied by the three meanings, so if "Bhikkhu-dunqiu County" is missing-word Khất singer Break-and evil-ma; But if that evil-they lacked means Claims and Khất-. As such, the word "Spleen-dunqiu County" in the popular sense, and therefore not be translated. This is one of the five types of words should not be translated.
There are five types of words when translating the classics we should not be translated into:
1. abnormal function of Multi session (the wording would imply more meaning then shouldn't translate):
2. respect the property (the word would be used because of the respect that should not be translated);
3. Try the real radio sessions (the words are just the things that this place didn't have that should not be translated);
4. Upon any old sessions (the words used by the old entrance under the discretionary margin should not be translated);
5. the secret sessions (the wording would contain the secret meaning is not to be translated).
So, by having three meanings to words "Bhikkhu-dunqiu County" was preserved in Sanskrit spellings (Bhikshu) and are not translated. Three meanings of the word "Spleen-dunqiu County" is:
1. Break-evil. We have troubles, it's evil. Bhikkhu-dunqiu County was the destruction of evil.
2. Khất-singer (who would). Bhikkhu-dunqiu County were:
The French phrase such God Buddha khất,
Lower actual khất such beings.
(On the client's request, Buddha,
Below, the rice of being.)
The teacher Bhikkhu Buddha-of dunqiu County client uses to make its network-Lily growing, and food of beings is to help beings cultivate rice blessed.
3. Claims-ma. When the e-up about the herd to About life Bhikkhu-dunqiu County, then the venerable Dac-about question: "you must be a college-town staff?" About the mighty e-dạc response: "well, the one-town staff!" The answer he gave the heavenly ma layman are scared; the Bhikkhu-dunqiu County is known as the man who made them feared ghosts.
When the renunciation as Sa-di, they must know the meaning of the words Sa-di and Bhikkhu-dunqiu County. After his appearance, the Bhikkhu-dunqiu County need to know how to destroy evil and how to segment except for negativity. Destroy the evil IE paragraph except negativity. Experiences of each one of us is evil stuff.
Want to know someone is there or not, leaders cultivate you just look to see who's got longer names or didn't know was right. People with names, very angry, who do not cultivate direct! That means that people who have directed against the amendment any concessions to ring them also, under both. One yelled at them, they are also called rings; who hit them, they too are fast ring; nobody even killing them, they still ring is as usual! Because that is the work that we need to be patient, try to endure! In addition to the humiliating rings, we also need to have Lily, should have the ability to perceive.
Bhikkhu-dunqiu County is an expression of the General export. The teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County could "or, leg"-the exception of Tam's Prime witness and or result of A Arhat Foot works. Today that there is not enough time, I think is the right Outcome-Certified dunqiu County Flag to next lecture tomorrow!
There is a Buddha-Dharma school also has four, five years, that until now was to Kim son Pagoda doorstep. this person has had to seek out as many new year find out is Kim son Pagoda. truth is not easy! There are many who also traveled extensively to find learning the Dharma, but could not find a place to study primary footer. So Kim son Pagoda to people should not think that is too simple, too easy. Not easy to do that to be where Kim son Pagoda! All you need to pay special attention to this.

-The Tibetan Capital Corporation: The tremendous collaborative team and official of the Buddhist Church to compose and classic Buddhist home browser.
-Continental Languages: book notes of a talk or cough, deep golden.
-Daoism (or Taoism): religious worship Daode (Lao Tzu) as the Primitive T.j. Lang, Directed by Zhang Han-life initiatives. Lao Tzu advocates that is nothingness, everything is born virtuous, and wants to reach the aim of Taoism is to "purity, vi," meant to keep the heart is clean, quiet in a natural way. The study accordingly called the hermit.
-Allows Profile-borders: methods of speculation rate no. guess what the future by relying on Green-bordered.
-The second redundant: two vehicle; i.e., two French Cultural Radio (instruction on the four noble truths to DAC results A-la-Han), and inherited the Rhinoceros-Flange-or-Buddha (teaches about The Church's French Second-person's Charm; suicide and self enlightenment or sense-Coast results-buds). For the Great-Church or the excess surplus also slapped on second-is redundant.
-The Han dynasty (206BC-AD220):
The Money-Han, also known as the Western Han dynasty (206BC-AD24)-because High--Liu-Bang set up, passed to the-Emperor-lost at the hands of United-Complacency. Count out the Money Han spent 12 years King ruled was 210 years, capital in-An (province of Shaanxi to East, Chinese).
The later Han dynasty or the Eastern Han dynasty (25-220). V-Ray-Xiu killed Wang-rebuild industrial base, Han dynasty and the capital of Lac-region (HA-Nam, China). The later Han is 12 years and King establishment be 196 years a fell of Wei.
-Ching: book explaining the likely evolved in the universe.
What Were King-set of eight Hexagram transform called Monster Bowl; After that, Van-crafted lyrics constantly attempting (guess) to clarify the meaning of the Hexagram, and Chu-do add my Dime. On Confucius to the broad interpretation that off, and called Fergie, i.e. the book mostly talks about the changes. The word "translation" consists of three meanings are unchangeable (unchanged),-(for one another), and transformers (transformers-and/or change).
Single: Hexagram-first Hexagram of the eight Hexagram Monster Bowl (known as Smart, mosaic, glass, Dampers, Expensive, Urgent, Đoài). Qian is the Sun; Hexagram Known typical personality of Pool, Ocean-China-main, and the German-Thai,.
-Nine Five-In, taking advantage of Modern Architecture (9: 5 Dragon flying between heaven, may meet-multiplication):
The nine (9) Hao Yang and Five (5); ocean trenches in the ocean are a major acquisition. Hexagram symbolize the Team known as the diamond Nine-event and Germany's Government-owned College-at the highest position, symbolized the Dragon flying between heaven; This is a dime.
Boasting Nine Dragon statue Team;
Germany Pool-complete circle as the Sun.
Undergraduate-German Team captured the major characters are like heaven and Earth, lucid like the Sun the Moon, artfully arranged everything with the order before the four-season weather, knowing the data fresh in as Devils, picked up and learns to do that It still has to play by, see the Sun has made it clear that although the following should follow as heaven. For undergraduate-human-like, It is more troubling to the gods and demons? (by Chu-men's pole vault, Phan-Boi-Chau, p. 6).
Title Of Experience:
-General: The visualizations, long term, enduring mind not fidget, emphasised a scene. This is the Plan of the hierarchy.
-France: University hull Weekly-Bodhisattva.
-The Buddha Bhikkhu-Lô-Xa-Na (Vairochana Buddha) is Great-Japan-Buddha, was a cardinal of the Pure Flower Organ Radio Links in the East (for the One She of the Buddha).
-Member-cabin: the Sunday Dhamma fullness, completeness, but swiftly. This is the doctrine of angels, teaches an intensive full, taught to move as the Buddha did teach times from Early-admit and to-redundant.
-Loc-wild Park: a garden near the Three-dollar complaint. Also known as Luk-Deer Park, picnic-grounds, loc, smooth-Loc-wild, loc, or deer.
– Satipatthana: the four allowed visualizations of four loads-often, infinitely-lost (line), comb-over,-net:
-Anniversary Incarnation, or body impure.
-In celebration of the Life of, or a life line.
-Understanding of, or A mind infinitely often.
-Anniversary of French, French or egolessness.
-Four Chief Needs (four painstaking forensics Chief):
-The improvement of birth, birth priest (not being of good units are made for birth)
– Of being good, primates (living being-friendly units are made for growth)
-The evil beings, regardless of birth (not the evil beings are made not by birth).
– Of being evil, Ghost kill (evil beings were then made to destroy).
-Four As-Italy (or Iddhipada) four miracles-information:
-Fitness-Italy-Sufficiency: Do want Kabbalah.
-Such-Italy About your notion of Kabbalah.
-Essential-Ton As-Italy-Sufficiency: preserving the idea always energetically, diligently.
-Private-As-Italy-Sufficiency: thoughts on Kabbalah, the rescue leader-LY.
-Active-Type: Credit, Essential-Ton, Recited, Or Hue.
-Five-Force: (Energy): Tin, Glass-, Monuments, Designated, Hue.
Interior Parts-Bodhi (Enlightened Seven-Food Poisoning): Scouts-France,-Ton,-Tells, Except-, Discharge-Intention,-,-.
-Eight Districts (Eight Districts): Chief-Chief Architect-Wednesday-Public Primary-Language, Single-Industry, Chief-Chief Network-Essential-Tons, Chief-, Chief Justice-Making.
-Macho: as big, the staff-phu is the son of coated, covered nam. Great staff-wife is South high molecular level except people of re-engineering, blessed, to be located.

Chapter 1
Stock Outstanding Result
Classical: Buddha quotations: "From eco-conscious way, who made hit, micro-Championship of France, writes Sa. Our second release of technology, often in the world, just pure, four legs, Director of A-la-Han. "
Translation: The Buddha teaches: "These are false words to renunciation, knowledge, insight radio-French-owned Centre-vi, known as Sa-Division. They frequently take over 250 vehicles, carried only four passengers, pure almond primary leg leaders, should be a A-la-Han. "
Teaching strategy:
This is the first chapter of forty-two chapters. This chapter says that UG Sa-privileged evidence may result A-la-Han.
The Buddha teaches: "These are false words to loved ones..." According to the Buddha Dhamma, where the children would like to export the monk must then be the consent of the parents, not like in the United States, for over eighteen years of freedom, to do the work. Previously, because depending upon the customary Buddhist country should in China and A Joint requires the children to clear his ladies Somasundaram with song and permission statement from: "Dear parents, you come out!" called "from fake ones." "Exporting country" means the sacrifice at all, and the names of your network for T-, and permanently ceases to carry the work of the world-continue anymore. "From fake ones to come," that is separate from his parents to leave, go to the place-West of France, where tu, close the T-Protect.
"Renunciation" also means "Very secular"-out of the families of the Earth. Every family has its own troubles, among her children in the charming together back or dispute, causing wood, nothing is really fun, happy at all. As a result, people want to leave the House-and also the home.
Back again:
Sterile due to an equilateral triangle as he set fire to.
(The three realms, not like the fire.)1
So "renunciation" also imply the meaning "out of" world Delta-House-sex, Good-, and-SAC-wide.
"Exporting country" means the "negativity"-escape the negativity. For those who are living with their families are suffering, not happily, so they want to export to. Once you've made the monk to the minus and affliction about Bodhi; like new call "renunciation."
"Knowledge about names." These are false words relative to monk's can get to know their own minds to create logically. You should know:
Birth center, the racial strains in labour law,
French vaccine strains, removal,
(Delivery Centre in France are being,
Removal, destruction of the French!)
In addition, the Centre does not have, and in addition to France, the No. French Centre there is a! If you know that in addition to France, which does not have the mind, you will understand the names of turn-next-accept, and so called "Awakening"-his duty to know. You should know the names of today's old and not the entity, not the Prime Minister. If you understand this plagiarism, you will understand that the names of y-tha-huyễn are run. Names of turn-next-accept the capital is not, that names of y-tha-run is also the author, pause huyễn-no one is really exist at all. Understand like new call "mental consciousness reaches the duty-knowledge about family identity."!
"Understanding Anonymous Method." French micro-Radio news is the French Foot-as with all France is not one that is not. If you understand this leader, i.e. the Foot-the same as all of France but not a song is not what difference from each other, you will understand the real names of the shed-meets-the-able. It's called "understanding Radio France-vi".
"Known as the Sa-keeper." If you can do it-from fake ones to renunciation, knowledge about family identity and French understanding of infinity-micro-you just deserve to bear the title Sa-keeper!
"Sa-keeper" is Sanskrit, and means "need" (diligence, termination); that is:
Need tu 's, hue,
News reference removal, yard, si.
(Diligence, Hui, tu,
End to clean, children, b.)
After export, you should not "diligence tu tham, golf, si; its clean, making, Lily. " If you are getting no where hue, as more and more stupid, then it's called "diligence, tu tu tham how industrious how golf and how industrious the si tu!" And every day, the pitch did not drop its delusion, that's also not Hui, little progress. Gradually, you no longer to study whether she needs to overhaul how actions are maintained, tu, tu Hue to do anymore; and the negativity in your heart for ever-increasing more and more.
Why farm out such fears? That's because the Karma from previous lives too heavily. The newspaper industry is too burdensome then pursue your census, incited you don't play Bodhi mind, inducing you to speculation the wrong of others! From morning to night, you will feel yourself as brains, more than anyone, even a prominent Polish than his master again: "I'm not equaled I go! You see, I know how is a-. One can say that the heavens, under the Sun, just their unique I is you! " These guys have such a perspective will surely fallen!
Had many setbacks and I see in them made by us here, there's even open hands nor open to the right-pointing over her hands together in a haphazard, arbitrary. Open the manual to open the chest, which you leave open the hand before the eye! When open, the ten fingers which are the chụm, and to just short of the front chest wall; but no one on the open hand as your style at all! Renunciation has how many years that even open the hand also don't know how to open, our Buddha also did not know how to pray together, the compression does not know how well lit the incense burn, Phew, it's very pitiful instead! If you do not know yourself to look to see who has longtime austerities, considering the way they open the hand like that which is correct!
During Sa-Di-law, I have told you is not a finger, gloved finger into the hole in the nose. Why have there been? Because you open the open hand that is too high, so a new touch of finger tip! Open the hand will be open at the chest level, rather than through the mouth, not across the nose, and not through the eyes. Open the manual to open the neatly in front of the chest! If only one is picked up so that no misunderstanding, how tu for sure! If according to the time dimension, then you do not understand the amendment to Act just as Leaders only! Tu Dao, definitely not the scandal, was not negligent; by every published a bit is not able to succeed, whatever the "wrong one cup is going one mile" now!
"They, the Sa-, regularly runs over 250 sex." "Regular maintenance release" means that he's always right and precepts practices amendment did not violate. Thus, the study of their precepts be growth.
"Just pure" "" is toward the front that do; and "only" are suspended, stopped. Whether you are doing or not doing anything at all, either in static or dynamic time, you also have to clean, pure, there is little pollution, the stigma of plaque.
"Four foot almond-austerities Chief." "Four-foot bliss Chief Justice" was France Tetrarchy: suffering, Destruction, and Scout. The Sa-Sports French monasteries were diligent Foursome-.
"Should be a A-la-Han, be holy-result."
"A-la-Pinyin" is Sanskrit, and has three meanings. Because the contained to the three meanings of this term should be classified as "abnormal levels session" (words imply more meaning does not translate); and so it still retains the pronunciation in Sanskrit is "A-la-Han (Arhat)." The case kept this Sanskrit spellings calls "the real character transliteration" (literal translation, not Sonic)-i.e., the word is translated to Chinese-based, while the sound remained in the pronunciation of the Sanskrit language.
"A-la-Han" there are three Cloud-meaning cosy and piracy--being.
1. Suicide-hackers (a rival killer). Order A-la-Han is very beneficial, whatever it would be aggressors, the robbers then look to take place to kill criminals. But, like not the he had committed about? Is not! Because the "-t" here is not to kill the enemy in there, which killed four enemy negativity on the inside! Why are they the enemy on the outside? Is because they are aggressors, aggressors suffering criminals take Golf si prepared at the party! Reference Center is a name the aggressors, the golf is a name of the aggressors, and si is also the name of the enemy-that is the name of the enemy should be destroyed. So, that's from A-la-pinyin is "-."
2. -cozy accommodations. "Every Cloud" that is worthy of their donation to the life and person. Order A-la-han has seen fruition is a Holy-who was initiating. A person Arhat A rank, then will be boundless, immeasurable blessings count impossible for animals!
Bhikkhu-dunqiu County is that of A Arhat is the result. As Bhikkhu-sowing successful ones i.e. dunqiu County A-la-, and A-la-Han is the result of work done Bhikkhu-dunqiu County. Therefore, when the Flag-staff, dunqiu County location in Flag-planting dunqiu County who is evil-it will be result-the pirates, who are singer-Cloud is Khất-cozy accommodations, and the announcement of the Radio's magic-being.
3. Disabled-being. What is called "Infinity-" Willow "being," meaning that the birth has ended, no longer the agony of the sire and the dead. However, the birth that the A-la-Han end to be the Contentious paragraph, e-Turned-Electronic Delivery, he still hasn't ended yet, so he was just the A-la-Han Chinese only.
The Sa-250 hold administrative Subjects of the Bhikkhu-dunqiu County (or 348 of the Bhikkhu-dunqiu County) that is making the learning about their World progress, preserving the purity in everything, all the time, that is to make the learning of specific achievements, and practice of four-foot bliss Chief Justice i.e. make learning about Hue feat. When the school About Which Hue is fullness, then took, well, lost. End to clean, children, si, were the fruit of A Arhat.
Results of the A-la-han have all four steps; It is A result of A arhat, Second result A arhat, the fruit of A Arhat and the quarter-finals results of the A-la-Han. Must be Four results of A arhat, the new official cessation of birth!

Classical: "A-la-Han Jia, the crew turned in past lives, life cereal, Galaxy stay."
Translation: "The A-la-Han can, turn, have a long life past the network of mineral and make it land-based security."
Teaching strategy:
"The A-la-Han can, turn." What is called "A-la-Han"? Recently, we spoke to the quarter-finals results of the A-la-Han. Privileged certificate is a result of A Arhat is in on position do not have to learn any more, so called Disabled-students-. Separately from the A-la-Han dynasty from the First-fruits to the T-ball, are in position to have to learn more, call the Owner-. Quarter-finals-results of A Arhat also known as Director-, i.e. accommodation; The second-and Third result, known as the Tu-Leader-a, i.e. positions are also tu; and the First-fruits, known as Ant-Leader-a position, see.
The following section of the Buddhist scriptures, this Fourth Chapter Duodenum Theory teaches that:
"The kidney of the most credit, the most unexpected ideas."
(Be careful, do not believe where his mind; he thought not.)
You need to be especially mindful, don't be so convinced of his ideas. All your ideas are not reliable! Must be the fruit of A arhat, is believed to be in Italy. Only if you were a result of A-la-Han, now, you can trust in our own ideas. Tier Four's Prime has seen Mass-A-la-Chinese are no longer craving-they are all cut to craving and greed.
Based on where to find it to be a Holy people has seen fruition of the fourth acquisition of A Arhat? When the Holy steps leading the four-step, foot never touches the ground-his feet are usually in the ground about three, as this is new from the dead insects or trampled. He is not like the divine Lady, usually a bicycle killed insects and ants on the aisle. He never trampled over and staying at the base; This proves that he has seen the Holy berries! There are degrees of Human Spirit in every quarter-finals-results, which even in the Preliminary annual results-there are likely does; the new biblical teaching that "the A-la-Han can, turn." The Four-A-la-Han wants to place would be able to come right there, and he has the ability to turn the immeasurable chemistry.
While in Taiwan, I had visited him Admiration Professor Ad a-tu were perennial. When I expressed interest in inviting him to America, he pointed to his chest and said he could come at any time he wants! He wants to be reached; and he himself knows he has to, but people still don't know anything. Only those who have opened a new label that can be seen is that he has to.
The Four-A-la-Han is not the only capable of shifting the spirit but also shifted all the humiliation of him to anywhere as well. They do not need to buy tickets, but traveled in the air; So said: "maybe, turn." The A-la-han have turned eighteen, and these chemical transformations is both unexpected as summer residences.
"There are long-term mineral to both network life existence." "Lives of the Mineral" IE School of communication-radio, and also the existence of reincarnation--; that is the longest period away, unable to calculate countable. The Four-A-la-Chinese want to live how long is no obstacle at all. When the body disintegrates, old barren, then they can exchange one body to another. Because he can change his body in a very easy way, saying that he "had a lasting network life both past mineral."
A privileged witness of the Saints Four-results of A Arhat are gaining the freedom of labour issues. They truly are freedom-to live, continue to live; want to die, then any time may also have died. He wants to stop, then go to die; want to die sit, then sit that died; want to die off, then die away; want to die in bed, then dies in sleep! He's very liberal, no one can rule all. Thus says the Lord "have permanent network life to lives of the mineral" and are termed "-"-no sire which did not die!
"And as the heaven and Earth where they are available." The A-la-Chinese reside in any place, then God-God and the divine beings-both kindness and all the life of the Church; that is the meaning of the phrase "head-Galaxy-do rúng with heaven and Earth where the space security." Where do the police head also comes with a Pool, dragons, and eight of them were regularly. Every place has a A-la-an Han, then that place is very peaceful, not the type of crash as wind gust, wind, rain and storms, earthquakes, tsunami, levee breaks ... happens. That's because the Good-God Escort-French and always supported the order A-la-Chinese make everything related to him are lucky.
However, Lam at the A-la-Chinese encounter unfortunate story. That's the "touch-base"-the effects of karma that he has caused in the past. Occasionally the condition can also occur. Because if the austerities in multiply-add is not the fullness at the outcome--will have to endure many hardships, difficult. So says:
Phuc tu Tu Hui quải real close, he strayed,
Tu tu TU gift Arhat real application of religious silver.
(Tu tu Phuoc hue, that is as well as elephant trunks worn Sedum;
Tu tu Phuoc hue without the other is not, the Arhat little donation.)
There are many when the A-la-Chinese rice to eat, take turns real khất coast no one donation at all! That's because people at the venue in the only know tu tu Phuoc hue said, not once were the fruit of A arhat, no joy, very few donation of him!
The "Galaxy Space" can also be interpreted in another way: either order A-la-what is the most recent election, the Han of the Almighty shall make heaven and Earth been shaken, rocked!
The above is a brief explanation of the words "A-la-Han."
Classical: "En-na-function. A-na-ling, general life idols in the cuu Thien, A-la-Han. "
Translation: "Things are A-na-function. When you order A-na-common networking functions, the spirit will rise on the 19th, and be result-the A-la-Han. "
Teaching strategy:
"Things are A-na-function." Position that ranks Four-balls A prime witness Arhat is second-degree (does not work); about a Third tier-the fruit A-na-jaw (Anagamin), degrees of Holy witness is fruition Tuesday, remains in the position property (have to learn more). Second tier-result-da-ham has the six items--or the beginning of the Exercise-about, and still keep the minus three-product pitches or last longer. Once the three minus one--or the end, he will win T-A-la-Han, a A-na-function. The ranks are not three Holy writings--or the end of time, is called As-da-ham.
"When tier A-na-common networking functions, the spirit will top the pool nineteenth and were result-the A-la-Han." Ghost spirit, if made, i.e. in the plot, called warm-body; also if in the ocean, then known as the ghost-spirit, soul, or spirit-names. Because of the high A-na-not be contentious, so when his life ended, the spirit of the Lord will rise up out of the pool the nineteenth.
From the Sun-God-King to count upwards to the Unconscious-mind-celestial; then the Sun is Invisible-this complaint is at the top of the Sun is the nineteenth. On the nineteenth degree Sun A-na-jaw will show A result-acquisition Arhat. So his name means Ềbất laiỂ (no return). He could no longer back the human-consuming anymore! There is talk about the A-na-ham, a prime witness Church ranks third position results found for A-la-Han.
Just then, when heard is where an arhat, A level head, where there is no accident, then there are more people being willing disbelief-they doubt that where an arhat A level head might not be peaceful, uneventful! I cannot answer this question for you; but, now I will recite some of the induction occurred in the life of the Venerable Upper-Van Damage-in China.
There was, during the second Sino-Japanese war, when Venerable Naughty-van in South pagoda flowers (near Guangdong province-East), the Japanese military planes bombing raids for the area. They dropped a few bombs but none exploded!
Someone said that it was not a coincidence; but, if the other people happen to also have to meet the same chance! If an accident does happen to you, then so what? And if saying that "accidentally" means having to throw bombs at Japanese series, then why another does not have the chance like that! Why the accident had just happened in the South Temple only?
Once, when Venerable-Naughty-van transferring in Qixia Temple in the province of van, van-men, where she carved lotus flowers. why in places he does not come back with no shower phenomenon blossomed on the trees like that? For example, on the leaves, the leaves of vegetables grow in the place where it is visible icons of Buddhas. However, the establishment still does not recognize the strong touch power then, and still keep that there is the most benign omen!
Again, when the Venerable-Damaged-van in South-Chinese Pagoda, a dead Cypress has several hundred years divide life flashes back and bounce fresh buds very good deer. That result is a can not think tennis, similar to the case of ferrets whiter (white-Ho-ly) to apply rules-y with him.
All these events is the case as summer residences. The thing is, right now things happen are not aware of the issue at all; wait until the Venerable crossings Park-Van Damage-and then, nấy are complimentary, stating that the Venerable-upper Saint who has seen the fruit, is what the United States--slapped again! Phew! The life is like at all-when good touch ahead then to lost; lost it back to regret, repent. People are foolish creatures, oddly!
Currently, in the United States, I want the living Buddha, Bo-slaps, A-la-Chinese lived, as well as A-na-da,-and-da-done. Who can stop except greed, then who's going to get. Who would not be the except greed and craving-these guys have little prospect at all-I ran out of the way, does not help anything. "All due form."-do you want to do, how to do Devil Devil Buddha, the Buddha do, want to do, how to people who do animal birth, how animal birth-everything depends on the way you want to!
You do not see The Real French atmosphere often Glass Anniversary Best (Ten Not-There is A notion of mind)! In the future, as long as a thousand years, maybe there will be a lot of people have viewed this book which was food poisoning! It is the story of the future. So far, yet would anyone initiating or not!

Classical: "Vi-da-ham. Wednesday-da-ham, one the most nominal power, Prime News A-la-Han. Tu-vi-da stuff. Tu-da-done, jian'an, A birth certificate Interior Arhat. Aịi sex, fake trailers, such as the limbs, for detail. "
Translation: "Da-lower-jaw. High-momentum while a once over, and once again the result was A-la-Han. Low is the Tu-da-done. Degrees of Tu-da-complete with seven times seven times more death and birth certificates are the fruit of A Arhat. Paragraph except the craving as well as severed limbs, not back. "
Teaching strategy:
"Lower than average--da-ham." Tier Ii of Saint-the fruit is called As-da-ham. "--Da-ham" (Sakridagamin) is Sanskrit and means "most" (once again). This is the order Amendments place Saint-. "High-momentum while a once over, and once again the result was A-la-Han." What is called "hybrid"? By degrees--the momentum while coming to the pool once, and to the people again. So that is also known as "the most complete, most"-once over the pool and once again the buried workers.
UG-da-ham has the minus six one-or of the fitness world. What is called "--or"? "Capitalism" is the thought, idea; and also the distinction. If just one "invest" only, no text "or" attached, the thought is also pure, clean. Once you use Lily's position to differentiate, then called--or.
"--Or" i.e. about black, no longer awake, lucid anymore. Do not, should keep thinking about things not clear, transparent. Just as the names of variables-next-accept the result. For example, the night you see pieces of rope, but does not recognize so you think: "Oh! It's snakes! "-this is called design-Leanne-accept. Why did the idea of the string is the snake? Because you rely on the shape of the rope which raises the birth names of turn-next-accept. The string that is the name y-tha-run. When you observe carefully and know that it is the rope made from hemp and not a snake, then here are the names of the Member--.
The Exercise-about nine one-or. The second tier-the only results are six items--or the first. Order T-segment is finished except for the results of three products--or rest. The exception are the six items--or the world's first Second-Prime-A-la-Han; If not the six items--or this is not proving to be the second-effect.
As such, tier--the momentum while coming-about-once and again's home-time again; so he called the State-bred. After some time back, he proved A result-acquisition-la-Han, put an end to contentious.
"Low is Tu-da-done." Degrees of Tu-da-complete the witness to be Site-results, the first results of A Arhat. "Tu-da-done" (Srotaapanna) is Sanskrit and means in-store (on the line), save (enter on line), or the Reverse-flow (upstream). "In-store" i.e. "in Saint France-" Leanne-join the line of French-owned Saint. "Fun-save" means "against divine Lady Lu-Chen-save"-the Green line-the ceiling of the divine Lady. Table of contents-the ceiling is a good, sound, smell, taste, and feel.
Preliminary evidence-instant is already the opinion are-or. We all have-or and-or-are being fooled by the saw (saw) as well as by the idea (investment). Two main things "or" (dead end) which govern the people that became Lake map, Mexican plum. So, if you want to bust the myth-Chief must subtract two things "or" this-or have to be the end and--or should also be subtracted is reduced! What is called "Ant-or"? "Ant-or" means "for starting scenes craving"-every sighting of the object being desire and love. "--Or" mean "about racist theory boot"-intoxicated, do not understand the moral, bouncing baby do differentiate.
"Ant" is meant to see, see. You see things and they fascinate, temptation. Because intoxicated so you run by Bourn, Bourn was unshakable. Due to being agitated by Bourn should you being greedy heart and love. Has greed all will have-before, and loved, wouldn't let go. Because the accept-ahead and could not let go, should you not be Quotable Saint. If you wanted to be Holy, you need to subtract the idea-or! How many architectural products-or? There are eighty-eight products! If the end is eighty-eight products from idea-or this, then there were the first results of A-la-Han and be Tu-da-done. Degrees of Tu-da-complete the prokaryote-results.
What is called "Save"? "" That is to attend, participate, and also implies "gain." Therefore, "the Save" meant to be attending the Saint, are joining the ranks of the Saints.
"Da Tu Ranks completely with seven-times-birth and death were seven times more results for A-la-Han." Order Saint proved to be Record-results have to undergo seven engenders and seven died--seven being killed anymore. After having spent seven being Prince, he will win the four-A-la-Han and cease being death.
Seven contentious sessions were split up as follows:
-In one upper-upper-limit, steps--taking the athletes completed the da-except take, romantic, si, and he had to undergo two new digital exclusion paragraph being done.
-In one of the upper-middle-sex, he experienced a birth;
-In one upper-House of Sex-sex, he experienced a birth;
-In one middle-of-the box, he experienced a birth;
-In the Chinese-Central and Central-of-sexes, he experienced a birth;
-In the platform-upper, lower, middle, and lower-of-sexes, he went through a contentious session.
So a total of seven contentious session. After spending seven times the sire and seven died as a result, new Tu-da-level can demonstrate A result acquisition Arhat. Were the fruit of A Arhat is ending The contentious passage-Prince.
The sequence above is based upon the very natural that lists only. Meet peculiar, like the austerities of exceptional people, is not certain. The people there are special-the austerities they can from Site-direct were the four-A-la-Han. The case of the body-form Sir Jiujiang-Ma-La-The birth certificate that is Prime-T-A-la-Han. To sequencing results should be certified, not fixed.
But that idea-or and-or in-there are many, many like that, but in short, the ones that make people crazy for the main island about craving! Aịi and the human desire to dominate which nấy into insanity, mesmerizing black-knows is wrong, but still want to, and know for sure is true then to protest, held to follow! Humans are creatures downright bizarre Oh knows that it is not possible, that the given base made by being, in spite of being wrong doesn't dissuade and render; also known as the well, it insists on not doing even though Conservatives do. Generally never be heard! Why? Because the two words "love" and "dominant" and make the crazy go nuts on the island!
"Except for the craving as well as severed limbs, not again." If it is possible to stop except greed and greed, the achievement will be Direct results! The exception requested and craving, like off both arms and legs so – once the limbs were left out of the body is not able to use it anymore. Amorous heart craving once its up and then it must also be identical, such as severed limbs such-absolutely not taking back any more! You need to have a definitive determination like that; a clerk should hesitate, delaying or avoiding the problem; No, what you also encounter the trouble!
If you feel uncertain-to the minus craving and hesitated, not wanting to proceed; do not want the exception to tuna to craving, like to the minus-so called "human need for results," meaning effeminate, adamantly, no names of assertive. The names "in your result" as the Chief Justice has no foot Lily; so, to at requiring the finality that they hesitated, not decided yet! There are many people against any dằng also retracts to this retracting all the back and forth, think think, all she wanted to wish the other end, there's a bit of unintentional or philosophy would visibly at all! Thus, it is not the Samyutta tu, for example the austerities at all!
The order Directed the gas "will have to have the pool, foot pedal land" and have to wear a tight guillotine as iron nail "; There are the transept were!

Chapter 2
The Sheer Sexual Sphere
(Except Desire, Stop Expecting)
Classical: Buddha quotations: "the educational section, expertise-Eliminator, self consciousness, enlightenment, Buddha achieved penetration Loads-en France. Infinite Prime Base cabinet, won the Department of bridges, real estate management, System Center, the Heron. In celebration of the partnership, African champion champion tu phi, inappropriate schools of the free world, worshippers. Genus list. "
Translation: The Buddha teaches: "this renunciation as Sa-the subjects of sex, love, get to know his mind power, gaining moral enlightenment and Buddha's profound France Won. In addition, no non-prime property. mind is not bound by it, nor should the link. They don't think they do, such amendment, not experiencing the result-that the ultimate natural high again. It's called the Leader! "

Teaching strategy:
This is the second chapter. This chapter says that the outcome-that the privileged ranks of Sa-certified modules "infinite, infinity."
The Buddha teaches: "this renunciation as Sa-education piece Irish subject, past tense!" Those who want to escape from the House T-about and be Sa-alike, need to do? Need to remove sexual greed! In the previous chapter that says: "unless the craving as well as severed limbs, not again."
Now, as do about craving no longer exists, the Sa-Division would "get to know his sources," clear lenses are a-free your mind.
"Profound moral reach of the French Enlightenment and Won." The Sa – understanding the Buddhist moral penetration of jacket; and that's the micro-Radio France – don't do that there must be no (anonymous vi nhi won the real vi).
"They are in a privileged basis." On the inner surface, the Sa-keeper did not find there was something to gain "privileged position-infinite Heron" ("no" and the "gain" is not available). "There is no bridge facility." as for external, foreign objects, then he is not expecting anything. "Prime" i.e. not In the French Department of micro-Radio, that "there is also the" non-en France! No:
Tri the minimum time of troubles,
Radio-radio-media requirements of unique favor!
(The little known, little impurities,
Reach "not" all ticket runs out!)
Reach the realm "in the prime basis, there is no bridge facility," then "mentality does not bind it" anymore. Now, they are not necessarily always said was his need to cultivate; but from time to time he also used the austerities and "should not." He did not make, and expressly does not create, expressly did not cause the data industry.
"They don't think, don't do it." At this time, steps Sa-Division no longer expect any notion at all, that only a pure mindfulness. By even a hope also no longer, so called "think", and because of a lie is picked up without, so called "not done."
"No, no." Now, what to do they have done, by level he has to; so, nothing to learn, so called "." He has achieved the Act's express, have findings acquisition-the Prime evidence should not, back again; so called "proof."
"Do not go through the result-that the nature to be ultimate fetish." The Sa – not necessarily sequentially through the fruition of the head, The Voice, The Helpfulness, The Prefecture. Hoát the course pass the, and-the results they achieve the sublime.
It's called the what? "It's called." A Sa-Prime subjects is like that!

Chapter 3
Charity Cut Past Usage
(Cut Off Craving, Flushing Away Greed)
Classical: Buddha quotations: "The range of children played, except for the Solomon Amendment taro, French Director-life, reduced the financial advice, Student Centre, the Japanese player khất added, most of lower life span kidneys, re-Hy! Enable stupid fake charity workers, education international data. "
Translation: The Buddha teaches: "These are removing hair Beard as the ranks of Sa, a French Director receives waiver of worldly, qualifying only real khất used, between lunch under the trees at night, and caution, not wishing for more. The craving to make people stupid! "by the international
Teaching strategy:
This is the third chapter of forty-two chapters; The Italian representative is happy to praise-da foe WINS. If you can practice The almond-da foe wins this, then you can be Directed to results.
The Buddha teaches: it is the word of the Buddha says; He said what? He said: "the shave off beard hair, who is a monk and beard shaved, hair all to Sa-level subjects, i.e. the renunciation, the Director receives France." "French Director receives" means people who use tu to Leaders and hold life to austerities in accordance with French Leaders.
The French Director education amendment must "abandon worldly wealth," did not desire the riches of the world. There are a number of people joined the Bank hold life-money (about not hitting the money). It is very good; and so is "give up worldly wealth". All the disputes that occur on the Earth which is because of the money, wealth. Please view: the country to war with other countries, involving a dispute with kia, whose aggressiveness with person-all just because of favorable private.
The Sa-alike can abandon any property in life, do not desire any valuable objects of the world, and "real khất just got enough." Every day, they carry the custard come true and sufficient khất just no. "Real Khất" i.e. holding the custard come asking for food. "Just got enough" means no stomach is sufficient and complete meals and then only, not greed, not eating much.
"In between days, lunch under the trees at night." Every day steps Sa-only subjects ate a lunch only; and up to then the rest under a tree, but not in the three nights under the same tree.
"And caution, do not wish even more." He must be careful, conservative manner, should seek further. In addition to these things, don't ask something else again.
"The craving to make stupid human being health." The foolish of people such as dust, weeds growing in mind, obscuring reason. "Network" means the shroud; and "sleeper cell" that is stupid-ass means people are surrounded by dense curtain, coated fins, similar to the Sun with clouds obscured. Then, what makes people become dense, dark, do not understand the work? That's craving! The pleasing sexual craving and make the human mind becomes more dense, mesmerizing black!
You say that you are not foolish? If not foolish, why gender life then that is it! If not, then why keep doing the thing not to do? All such as being happy about craving Dim reason! Because you do not have a profound look over about craving, can not let go of desire, so that you don't get in. You get a profound insight, thoroughly, and can let go of everything, all you will gain confidence in (Ant, zoom down, self). Now, once you get in, you'll find no such troubles, such as negligent sad brain, and everything is fine, everything alone will – in General is the "everything's okay!" (all are pretty quiet at all!).

Chapter 4
Evil Charity Smart Elf
(Goodness, Evil Quibble)
Classical: Buddha quotations: "beings of the violation, Heron, of the violation committed. HA range class of the? Dear tam, the quarter-finals, Italy. Dear tam author:,,. Password: extremities, loss of hope, the evil Amphibian, y. Italy: Delta, nhuế (khuể), si. As the the the real Holy Aịc, The evil Town. list problems only, a list of the Happy. "
Translation: The Buddha teaches: "being retrieved ten jobs thing also took ten evil deeds. What are the ten? Body, the mouth has four, Italy has three. Three relatives of suicide, sexual situations. There were four mouth is saying the two tongues, say, lie and say spin. Italy have three of jealousy, anger and foolish. Ten things not to Scripture, called The Wicked. If end is what was then called The Happy. "
Teaching strategy:
The Wednesday lecture about "good evil names of champions." The difference between doing good and doing evil, which is as simple as being hand-all of which are based in the decision.
The Buddha teaches: "being retrieved ten jobs thing also took ten evil deeds." There are ten works that beings can accomplish. But that can do so, but if done wrong, what's going to become the evil; to do so, saying it was good.
"What's ten?" Ten tasks is what? "The body has three mouths, four, three." Ten tasks consist of three things trigger from the fuselage, four the trigger word of mouth and the trigger from Italy.
"The body had three assassins,,." Three things about oneself is what? It is close to being, burglary and lewd. What is "close"? Is killed, ending the lives of living things, ending network names of beings. What is "moral"? "Any excess movement, list of Scout," that is not for that, it's called stealing. Without the permission of the owners that you arbitrarily take their belongings, so is theft. "Hibiscus" i.e. the lewd behavior between males and females.
"There were four Mouth." Four of the of the mouth is what? "As the two tongues, say, lie and say spin." The "two tongues" or "says two-way blades" isn't the second blade, which means that people say these two words in reverse order as the Delta Account had massively's talk about Justice For the Fourth Quarter, against whom he tips of Zhang Tam-like two-headed snake. "Speak evil words" i.e. clapperclaw, cursed, or defamatory, libellous of others. "Telling lies" i.e. lying, says aren't true. "Said lyrics spin" i.e. saying nonsense. The words of the silver balloon, apparently filled with the surroundings deviant tri Ta comments, incorrectly, dirty abuse, are called his spin.
"Italy have three. " Three things about Italy is the what? "The jealousy, anger and foolish." "Jealousy" i.e. he hated. The mind jealousy is often unwilling to let others be good, whatever shows what a nice time to give someone else the twins birth to jealousy, jealousy. "Anger" includes both haughty and fell onto her, hatred, malicious, cruel, violent. "Foolish" is delusion, duffer, irrespective of the reasons clearly.
"Ten things", the work on, not with Scripture, not to charity, called "The Happy Evil" or "Ten evil."
"If the ends are the same thing", if halting, suspension is ten the evil, then called " The Happy" or "the ten". Thus, the ten Elements: Not close to being, no stealing, no adultery, no jealousy, no anger, not stupid, not say, do not say double blade, do not say spin and do not lie.

Chapter 5
Flexible Weight Transfer Contempt
(Moved Into Heavy Fog)
Classical: Buddha quotations: "possession of them too, any children himself, broken news States of mind, such as hybrid offences, Deputy customs rules, into the deep promo. Human weaknesses in owner too, to interact, take non-evil, guilt, depression, self like prime targets, raising displacement organic Khan United! "
Translation: The Buddha teaches: "People have much bugs which are not themselves, leave the other mind suddenly stop, then charged with off setting the body, as the water flows to the sea, the Castle gradually became extensive. If there was an error getting the evil self heal, change of error, then the offence will naturally destroy, as diseases that are sweating, the disease gradually relieved! "
Teaching strategy:
This text passage is the fifth chapter. Representing Italy this chapter suggest that if we trót mistake, then we are free to change to become a new man more perfectly. There was an error which is not subject to this page, then the Sin will forever exist; Conversely, if monk in the repair of faults, the crime will dissipate without anymore.
The Buddha teaches: "People have much bugs which are not themselves ..." "Many things" IE include all faults, mistakes. If you foul that no repentance, again intentionally concealed so that others don't see or don't know anything, then it is called "real estate foreign children's self knowledge"-not know repent.
"Leave the other Center came to an end." You may not know is that you need to repent, repent. You make your conversion Center suspended abruptly; as a result, i.e., you do not have good faith editing mistakes.
"The crime of the lead to the body, as the water pours on the sea long ago came to the sweeping." If you terminate your conversion center pane, then the overwhelming guilt to you, they will like the stream of water is flowing down to the sea – gradually, small errors will be big errors, severe crimes, misdemeanors and light becomes also the heavy industry; for so called "long descending into further."
"If the fault self express error, change the evil done good." Assuming that the offender, if he or she was tasked with knowing the Confessor, rehabilitates, the guilt attached to dissipate. Serious sins to as large as the Sun, called the "modern Christian heritage." Your sins but the large pool, but if you can repent the Sin will dissipate without anymore. You need to repent, to defuse the threat of criminal enterprises and to realize his mistakes. Then, you must change the batteries fresh and happy happy working in the. Be like, "the guilty will naturally destroy." If you can fix your mistakes to become a new man, then all my sins will dissipate, just "as diseases that are sweating, the disease gradually relieved." it's the same as when you are sick for a hot sauce that both people are sweating, from low down and you are recovered!

Chapter 6
Patient Evil Unconscious Golf
(Wicked Fast And Without Resentment)
Classical: Buddha quotations: "evil humanity, try a hybrid fake disturbance, infinite self, i.e. for all airport, Belgium, evil evil hybrid autonomous children's spending."
Translation: The Buddha teaches: "when the wicked hear the philanthropist and intentionally to interfere, he let himself stop end rather angry. Who brought evil to the will to receive evil. "
Teaching strategy:
This is the sixth chapter; Italian representative said that donation can be won, while the wicked are unlikely to win. In the previous chapter, the Buddha advises people to make a stop to remove evil, do heal, and change the bad habits, idiosyncrasy to damage people perfect. But le, because that many people were worried that if they do then the wicked to harassed; the Buddha has preached the Bible.
The Buddha teaches: "when the wicked hear the philanthropist and intend to interfere." Suppose there is an evil heart banquet heard you are working, and the Honda Center, he visits to cause trouble for you. "Turbulence" that is interfering, creating confusion. Wicked mind could come to a friendly practices to sabotage the ballot.
"He let himself stop." Now, you need to calm themselves, restrain yourself, to keep calm, do so they also don't be nervous. "Not so angry." You should not being free of resentment, don't blame yelled at, don't talk about the mistakes of the wicked.
"Bringing evil to the will to receive evil." These guys came to annoying, destructive, causing inconvenience to you will just trade yourself taking the trouble, and self-destructive, making it difficult for ourselves.
For such as have broken mirrors and mirror in a very ugly face; then the other very ugly appearance was merely the mirror image of the soi mirror, rather than the nature of the mirror is ugly. This example shows that despite the wicked wicked, bad things, then the evil also belong to them and to ruin themselves. If you do not pay any attention to them, then there will be no stories at all. But if you begin to care for them, then what? You will become the accomplice, the same faction with them, and will also turn into evil people their identical!

Chapter 7
Complete Evil Themselves
(See Evil In Evil)
Classical: Buddha quotations: "humanistic capital Owned corn, since Congress, galvanized position. He even asymmetrical. Demeaning, just write: ỀTử of a 24-song, States, electronic processes to load any Ho? "writes:" the wedding. "
Buddha quotations: "Death Metal plated, Bem kim real load; automatic electronic electronic body scale drawings hold Hy. Du responded, more general picture, free custom radio, the kidneys of the evil virus! ' "
Translation: The Buddha teaches: who heard the Buddha holds religious and benevolent representative is happy to practice, and he deliberately to yelled at such silent Buddha Buddha. response.
When the other yelled at, Buddha asked: "he who offer holiday, the other does not; 24 's got back he reasonable? "
Take that: "Go back!"
The Buddha said: "Now he yelled at Him but did not get, he took on the painter himself said so massively as the candidate wines, like the ball to follow, ultimately there is avoided. Be careful, do not do evil! "
Teaching strategy:
This is the seventh chapter. In the previous chapter that brings evil to others i.e. himself in trade, so that now the Buddha cited all an example to prove it.
The Buddha teaches: "someone hearing the Buddha holds religious and benevolent representative is happy to practice, and he deliberately to yelled at." There are guys who heard that the Buddha was an order and preserve, almond's still great austerities, so try to front Him that insults.
"Buddha's silent, no response." Although the other person hears cancel stock, the Buddha was just silent, not speak up, don't say anything at all energies.
"When the other yelled at her, waiting to finish only, not yelled at again, He asked: ' he who offer holiday, the other does not; 24 's got back he reasonable? ' "He treated everyone with polite, courteous, but if they do not embrace the polite says, the polite thing that he return?
"Take that: ' Go back! ' "The insults He answered:" that! Of course it is right back to me. If the enemy does not express the behave and my glasses, then I withdraw it. "
"He said: ' Now he yelled at Us, but We don't get. ' Now he yelled at Us, but we do not accept the charge of yelled at. He insults Us, we remain ' as ' property; He also insults such as impassive, as does. We absolutely do not oscillate by his insults. We do not accept the insults, that he take it on the go. And, like i.e. He brought to his art. He canceled the grip wasn't right. Painter due to his cause all to back him. He will start against such talk, and that's because he committed to trade!
The painter's will follow him as well as wine, as the ball does in the final, still can't avoid. Echo the repercussions on the ball, then always keep up with parties, the accelerator is also like-will wear his College until the end. He in no way is evading the consequences of canceling stock. So, be careful, do not do evil! It is hoped that all people are not working ... "

Chapter 8
Free Thóa Ceiling Tiles
(Sowing The Wind Storm)
Classical: Buddha quotations: "evil malicious multiply Sage, du thóa, thóa children's Angel line release completely real Christian song commemorates the fallen; against the ceiling ceiling Feng Yang, a Belgian magazine Hampshire real accomplishment celebrated; his unexpected cancellation, all destroyed. "
Translation: The Buddha teaches: "hurt the Sage, as the upturn sky splash pads, saliva is not to return that fall to himself; or as the antithesis of such scattered dust, winds and other places return to Venice-nice graphic, but innocuous all kill ourselves. "
Teaching strategy:
This is the eighth chapter. In this chapter, the Buddha taught us not to be evil, do not harm others. Because of the damage, i.e. damage, despised others i.e. scorn themselves, and worse in others i.e. currency handling yourself.
The Buddha teaches: "hurt the Sage, as the upturn sky splash pieces." "Wicked" i.e. people who do evil things, worse. "Nice" is the Sage from with Germany. When the evil guys have no moral to harm Sage ranks ethically, then any other order or face up into the sky where water pieces. "The pieces do not go to heaven." Saliva sprayed out couch certainly would not rise to heaven at all. This implies that the wicked cannot do harm are degrees of Sage. "That back down to yourself." In medium pieces flush is back from from falling hit the right side of the spray. Wicked search hundreds of thousands of vehicles designed to assassinate the Hien, however, ended up out of his or her own. This, in tandem with the existence of Justice and truth, of equity and common sense, therefore, harm to others is not possible!
"Or like wind-scattered backwards." "Against the wind" that is in contrast with the wind, as opposed to the direction the wind is blowing. If the wind is blowing toward the day standing that throws the dust, then "no dust to other parts, not flying to the front, which go back to Venice." Grasp the dust across all wind lashed back and stick her mẩy filled pitcher.
"The Sage does not hurt, but his removal all artists." We must not cancel the with stock or assassinate high Sage. Are you Diane people harm but ended up shortchanging themselves out, sowing for others is also self sow for yourselves; in the future, you will have to bear the resulting alert!

Chapter 9
Oppose Corporate Citizenship Act
(To Meet)
Classical: Buddha quotations: "Uncle, AI, Directed all nan. Its releases to serve, even moral. "
Translation: The Buddha teaches: "Dear friends, School, then all the Leaders are difficult to meet. Keep, churches, the other Leaders. "
Teaching strategy:
In the ninth chapter, the Buddha taught the austerities that they need Pediatric Ềvăn Pediatric, Pediatric, chứngỂ; to listen divine meaning and pondered, pondered and then engineering practice, and practice was finished, a prime witness. A clerk should only speak alone or just listen to the Dharma, which is not applied to the body. To practice, practical application, significant new!
So, the Buddha teaches: ỀHọc, affection. How can call is Ềhọc rộngỂ? ỀHọc rộngỂ IE know much out wide. Sun-fake A-Nan writers who first Ềđa, as that is the head of Ềnghe more out wide, and can also be termed Ềbác vănỂ (large). However, if only a purely, not a review of what has been learned, is not able to comprehend the potential moral inside. If merely based on memory capacity, good memory, maybe in the canonical example làu which detailed consideration and such austerities as things learned, then the useless!
ỀMến ĐạoỂ news is talking about those who cultivate, aware that true Leaders are noble, but doesn't understand that the self is Director of mind and not far from the left to the Center, so that every direction out to search. But that they have devotion, but for tracing off is not correct, and the like may never reach Director Ềthì encounter difficulty in their search for ... outside the Center certainly will not understand and will not meet. Don't get covered, they will also not understand, because direct the run just as far more!
ỀGiữ releases, Worship Leader, how can Ềgiữ ... called chíỂ? ỀGiữ chíỂ IE does not run good, don't go looking outside. No:
Client requirements, any client requirements;
Inner sphere, no foreign players.
(In itself, a clerk in person;
Search inside the box, do not find out.)
Inside, the celebration of the anniversary celebration, should recite to lucid, reciting mantras are towards the Center, Bodhi, do not demand a list nor gain. There are income requirements listing requirements Center Ềgiữ chíỂ.
What is Ềthờ ĐạoỂ? Ềthờ ĐạoỂ IE respected and maintained. So, Ềgiữ, ĐạoỂ Church anniversary celebration that is not far from the left to the Center, who regarded the anniversary celebration of their source, are aware of the psychological self self; and expressly does not go to the bridge, looking outside.
The other Leaders may be great. If you have like monasteries, it would naturally be achieved very great!

Chapter 10
The Wedding Planning Experiments Well
(Welcome To The Wedding Bell All Be Blessed)
Chinese language: ỀĐổ, Assistant Director, lab personnel: chi hoan Phuc, the wedding didn't even greater.
Sa-consulting disciplines: Gospel ỀThử take pools? can
Buddha quotations: ỀThí as it is the most read Christian 's, Britannica, the distribution of hybrid capital bombard range, except; try some as trying. Sharon Heron as may read.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀThấy tu DAO alms which tells the help Festival will be blessed also.
There are master 's-keeper asked: ỀPhước's end may reasonable?
The Buddha answers: ỀVí like a torch, though there are several hundred thousand people have nấy torch to split the Primer get fire to cook and dispel the darkness, then the other torches remained the same. He also may like that!
Teaching strategy:
The tenth chapter is available on the merit of the tells. Know yourself and then tells people all benefit, and blessed will immensely.
The Buddha teaches: ỀThấy tu DAO alms box, if visible to others happy practice alms, which tells the help Festival will be great blessings can Have three types of alms as member countries, France and won the lt-Lab:
1) Member countries as alms. ỀTài thíỂ also known as Ềtư-birth-countries. How can called Ềtư-birth-thíỂ? That's the nature of alms to help others. On the property and the financial resources available. Your content is the property of inside include the capacity of the body like head, eyes, brain, bone marrow, skin, blood, flesh, tendons, bones etc.; and the alms your Cabinet is called the Ềnội countries which may become candidates for foreign ... outside of that is gold, silver, Board, country, the Citadel, spouses, children, etc.; and the alms foreign member known as Ềngoại may delegate.
If you have the gold then could Bell gold; There are silver silver alms; that Board then alms Board; No country could make the country for others; There are stronghold alms stronghold for others; Yes, the husband or wife can alms husband or wife to others; and having children might also be alms its children to others. It comes as foreign countries. If you can give others the head, eyes, brain, bone marrow, skin, blood, flesh, tendons, bones ... of myself, then that is the internal laboratory.
The above is talking about member countries.
2) France laboratory of alms. ỀPháp thíỂ i.e. preaching the three module-To-hue, bring the Dhamma out alms, giving to others is a myriad of benefits.
3)-Lieutenant pilot is alms without fear. When someone meets the tribulation or have anything to fear, that you can do with less anguish because of fear for them, then it is second-lieutenant pilot.
To see others happy practice alms which you may rejoice and praise, encourage them, then you will be blessed great quotes. The foolish would probably say: Ềồ! I stand out alms, while others just tells supporters, only that he is a tremendous message, message expiration, my blessings take? can Because that is the stupid thought went into how the new rave thẩn should undertake the following:
There are master 's-keeper asked: ỀBạch Germany XLVII He's all at an affordable price? He's got to lose? can the talk was the stand-out alms shall be blessed, he tells Gina that is very large; the joy of the alms is still there or is the other guys won gone?
The Buddha answers: ỀVí like a torch, though there are several hundred thousand people have nấy torch to split the bait taken. For example, the unique rockets had only a primer, which is available to the hundreds of thousands of people, the same split of prey taken fire for cooking and dispel the darkness. ănỂ ỀNấu may use this fire is to group the kitchen which cooked food. ỀXua tan tốiỂ Satoko i.e. taking fire as the lights to illuminate the dark spot dark.
ỀThì other torches remained the same. The main torch's flame is still intact as it was originally, expressly not be overshadowed or suppressed. He also like to make another!
This example implies that the tu Dao Hanh by practicing alms, then in the future can still win certification results. ỀNấu ănỂ is a an example, refer to the DAC findings. ỀXua tan tốiỂ ball that is clear of all delights or tam Karma Karma karma, Oh and a noxious affliction Oh cause.
So, thanks to the happy monks alms that you can get results, end except three-course, and those who have supported, tells you were the fruit taste, end except to be tam-Karma Oh no who are not part of this merit at all.

Chapter 11
The Sanskrit Candidates Turn Won
(The Rise Of The German In The Alms A Formula)
Chinese language ỀPhạn: evil Department, personnel: as for the Sanskrit elements. Sanskrit, Sanskrit Thien Nhan as Wu hold real-world. Sanskrit language and gender, as the most universal da real Tu-Sanskrit-done. Sanskrit Vedic technology, Tu van-done, as most Sanskrit--da-ham. Sanskrit-āgama Thien van da, like most Sanskrit A-na-function. Most Sanskrit A-na-memory function, as most Sanskrit A-la-Han. The Sanskrit Arhat A memory, like most Buddhist Sanskrit-Sanskrit-Flange pine-Flange breasts ...-tam Buddhist Sanskrit, most real world as Chu Thien tam Buddhist Sanskrit how inhibitors lettered. Buddha, as the most Innocent, Sanskrit, fake Anonymous Anonymous information, may Evidence.
Translation: the Buddha teaches:
ỀĐãi a hundred people are evil, not by an offer of good eating. An offer of thousands of good eating, not by a person offer maintenance Service-about food. Favors a thousand people who maintain Active-ate, not by a a Tu-da-perfect dress. Donation a hundred thousand * Tu-da-perfect, not by a consultant-da-ham. Donation a thousand thousand individuals-da, not by a a A-na-cooking function. Donation a a A-na-ham, not by a a A-la-Chinese food. Donation Arhat A memory, not a high-Flange-eating. Donation of a hundred degrees of breast Flanges-Chi-Buddha, not by a Third Generation German schools of Buddhism. Donation a thousand German memory T The Headless Buddha, not in a Sterile deity, Infinity, Infinity, Infinity Show may break.
Teaching strategy:
This is the eleventh chapter of the Bible; Italian University compare the fields of more joy (joy) to the life of the poor more than the donation (as well as alms).
The Buddha teaches: ỀĐãi a hundred people are evil, not by a friendly offer may break.
In the previous chapters, we have referred about poor alms. Happy to practice alms, then it is important to know how the alms. Because if grown blessed without knowing how, improper cultivation method, or do not understand anything about France to plant the crop, there is not that blessed!
So say if you really object to another Bell there will be joy filled blessings greater than filling of alms to a hundred bad ones.
Why is that? Because if you abuse a hundred people are evil, after feasting and then they also know as the evil story. As a result, it turned out that the evil that causes them to have the help of you, and you automatically become the accomplice, helping them do the talking. However, if you abuse a good dress, alms of rice water for her, after her belly again and then no go to work well. The donation that he made to be, can say that thanks to the help of that achievement. Thus, Ềđãi a hundred people are not evil by favors a good ănỂ!
ỀĐãi a friendly offer by not by thousands of people who maintain Active-ate. ănỂ Ềđãi may, including all coastal alms Oh food, drinks, Board, money, and the head, eyes, brain, bone marrow. If you give birth to your network out alms to help others work, then the work that they do is because of you that the achievements. Conversely, if you are Leanne Bell network to assist wicked works bad, you just make up the guilt. So, you have an offer of thousands of good eating (the good news is that good, not evil), then the create will fail in the alms for the maintenance of five-wide.
ỀĐãi a great wall keeping people Active-ate, not by a a Tu-da-perfect eat. can here, Ềngười maintained Active-giớiỂ i.e., who attributed the Security maintenance, Tam-medical Team-and austerities The Happy. the alms food for ten thousand people maintain Active-does not grow with the donation of food to a patron who has seen Record-results of Tu-da-done.
ỀCúng looks a hundred thousand * Tu-da-perfect, not by a consultant-da-you can eat donation to feed a million people's Saints Articles-result-da-perfect, not by a human Saints Second-result-da-ham, because in the First row's Bible-does not know the background of the Second-row. The First-fruits of broke is biased-or, also the Second-then broke the six one-or-(this has been mentioned in the first chapter). So, real physics Ii for donation-findings--da-ham, the German company rather than A donation to da-Tu-result-done.
ỀCúng it looks a thousand thousand individuals-da-ham, not by a a A-na-can food donation. for ten million of Second-rank-da-, the ranks of Saints who have the finished products of six except--or of the world-not by a patron who T-A-na-function. Order T-A-na-is the Holy order who has the most products except cooked--or of a privileged witness, world-third position results in A-la-Han.
ỀCúng looks a * A-na-ham, not by a a A-la-eating Chinese food for donation can ... a hundred million people as Saints T-A-n-ham, the Germans created will not equal merit a tier A-la-Han.
ỀCúng it looks ten Arhat A memory, not a high-Flange-eating. can A Arhat also known as bar-Van, that is, the Holy order who have been listening to the sounds, the voice of the Buddha that Satori. Flanges-Chi-also known as Altaf-Sensory or independent. Asif-who's Holy Sight thanks to the Coast's Duodenum amendment have Fo head which was food poisoning. In life there is no Buddha made, ranks Saint thanks to contemplate all the realms of the universe is impermanent, and huyễn, which are called independent. So, if you have a donation of food to a the A-la-Han, is a Mural by quadratic-Chi-Buddha.
ỀCúng looks a hundred degrees of breast Flanges-Chi-Buddha, not by a Third Generation German schools of Buddhism during the Centuries can be PhậtỂ ỀTam; i.e. the Buddha in three of past life, the present and the future. If you have a donation to any of a Buddha does merit also are larger than the German donation for the whole ten billion Buddha-Chi-Flange elevation.
But Ềcúng it looks a thousand anti-Germany T-The schools of Buddhism, not by a Radio Based Christian Radio, Radio, Radio, Show your donation can eat plant for a hundred billion Germany T The Lettered, then can not equal a false Spirit reached the Ềkhông realm, not headNo, not may.
ỀVô niệmỂ literally think without thinking; Ềvô trụỂ means in which does not stay; Ềvô tuỂ tu means without amendment; Ềvô chứngỂ means the evidence without proof. It was Bourn in fruition-Church Records-add. The ỀVô hypothesis, Loads, Loads, Loads of this ChứngỂ is France-trunk-singer; He can Bat In General appears, and has a capacity for Ềbách about last PhậtỂ Oh do Buddhas in a hundred in the world.
Us donation, you need to know about the ethical donation as well as the benefits gained from the donation for each component. Therefore, we should close the Elements-tri-to learn. Close your Aịc-tri-mode will be injected with tainted Mo tri Ta comments, did close Good-tri-mode, it is the Chief Justice's Office Chief. If you have a donation for the wicked will cause sin, also good for a donation, it will be Germany. Those are the things we need to know!
The General Bowl (Eight General Status Of The Leader). Here are eight Prime Ministers since a State Christmas Buddha birth until they enter the kill; and The Leader was one of eight generals.
According to the Mahayana Started Again, the eight Generals Into is: 1) 's birthday being from the heavens – capacity; 2) In thai; 3) fetal Head; 4) Export control; 5) renunciation; 6) Into; 7) Zhuan Falun; 8) Entering Nirvana.
Christian-Tendai, The General Bowl is: 1) Flat performance – heavenly; 2) Avalanche control; 3) birth; 4) renunciation; 5 ma); 6) Into; 7) Zhuan Falun; 8) Entering Nirvana.
Chapter 12
Ba Nan Tu Promotion
(Yet The Hard To Recommend Tu)
Language: Chinese: ỀNhân hữu twenty nan: 1) bring alms nan; 2) Hao nan Director School quarter; 3 network) all nan Zi; 4) Dac Buddhist Park of nan; 5) Being Buddhist values that nan; 6) Patient, patient sex, nan; 7) good real nan bridge; 8) disgrace Was real roof nan; 9) Owner nan Lin disadvantageous; 10) Exposed the critical mind; 11) Your study saves nan; 12) Except kill fell onto her nan; 13) Real contempt nan scholar; 14) equal administrative nan; 15) Real market non-nan; 16) Friendly Society-tri-spokes form; Opinion Leaders 17 Leanne nan University); nan's plat 18); nan property 19 Police Stations); 20 media award) may.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀNgười Gets the twenties: 1) possessions that alms are hard; 2) Hao you that learning is difficult; all the network 3 dead body) was hard; 4) Buddhist Scriptures is difficult; 5) Being met with Buddhism is hard; 6) Breaking, breaking is hard; 7) Found that such requirements would be difficult; 8) humiliated that such anger is hard; 9) powerful that no abuse is difficult; 10) Met that endless mind is difficult; 11) School, studied hard; 12) Up except the names of fallen beam is difficult; 13) Such disdainful yet is difficult; 14) who practice equality is difficult; 15) did not say the Africans are hard; 16) Having been in good-tri-mode is difficult; 17) Learn, see family identity is difficult; chemical coast 18) degrees who are hard; 19) Found that there is hard; 20 Skillful means are hardly know). can
Teaching strategy:
In the twelfth chapter, the Buddha teaches: we have ỀNgười the twenties. as all people are encountering the twenties. What is ỀkhóỂ? ỀKhóỂ that is not easy. The above is not difficult. Not much news was hard work, against Italy, adversity is left horizontal context, confusing, and not easy to get out. Easy IE alone well, smoothly. The advantage of giving us feeling good. comfort. So, is this two things that humans do not easily achieved.
1) Firstly, Ềbần and that alms is also difficult.
If you are wealthy, affluent, happily practice alms is easy, because you have the slightly reduced consumption is not worth being covered. However, if you do not have the money of which can still be alms, then that is the vacuum Bell. Do things that anyone can do, then there is nothing incredible, especially at all. So, if you can do things that other guys don't do, you are the people who made them. ỀXuất chúngỂ means better, more dominant people.
Talk about your hard Ềbần that claims this thíỂ, we can mention the case: at the time of the Buddha Sakyamuni are also at the scene, the person has a poor effort. Though poor, he also has a wife. The family operated with the couple and their life is extremely difficult, WarBirds. They only have a small hut has xiêu to be twisted to reside; In addition, they have no food, no clothes as well. Because of the poverty, they work on day off begging for a living.
Go begging is not a hard work at all; but the problem of this is that they have no clothes to wear! They have only one unique user cloths wrapped around people like themselves to cover the loincloth only. The two share a loincloth, you try to think, how did that even the other? They have to take turns Oh bửa now my husband out begging, the husband shall walk cloths for food, would be then brought on and then the couple share with each other; minutes later my wife came begging, my wife's her cloths are also on that go. People at home don't have anything to wear; only people outside begging for new cloth is to cover themselves, and would be available to it, and then the two together eat together. They are so transient that live through the day. You see, poor to the extent that he is able to say what is up-to-date, but poor?!
Life's a pratyekabuddha, and as mentioned in the previous chapter, the pratyekabuddha comes Off-network-information, know the life story of the past. After a couple of people were poor, and learned that this life of poverty that they have to share a block like that is because in the past in the past that they do not take alms, the pratyekabuddha thought: ỀTa are the couple who discovered Him salvation prayer can!, two people by giving them a chance to cultivate joy. That is, with designs copied a Bhikkhu-dunqiu County, He hugged custard came before the House of the poor couple's costume to the coast.
Who dares to see Abbot to coastal culture, that they have nothing at all Oh no longer drink food, without clothing, in the home only every other archives as cloths! The husband then the wife: ỀChúng one should play little mind alms to requested. Why do married couples themselves leave poverty this? I think it is time you don't take alms, that so new now is poverty as a special day. We should gather alms, their juice can
My wife was surprised to ask again: ỀBố countries? We have something to alms? can
Her husband responded: ỀChúng is still a canvas. The donation makes the Abbot cloths may.
Hot famous wife sharply up: ỀÔng it is absurd! We only bring her cloths, he tells himself, dunqiu County Flag-like along the road, how did that go out khất? There's cloths are also able to take turns covering the body, if the loan and then, how that may live?
The husband calmly advised his wife: ỀĐúng, this is not easy. But don't worry we only think for himself anymore; for alms for her cloths master Bhikkhu-dunqiu County; If not out begging, here are starving only; what where the thought of praise for much? He said, the teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County still waiting outside other may behold.
She was the wife to the husband says must also, sigh, ỀThôi said, she wants the alms alms may!
And then they decided to pass through window cloths to donation for teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County. The teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County, which was the pratyekabuddha has seen results, soaking her cloths and carried to Germany-Buddha, Buddha's donation transfer development and transparency that: ỀKính white German XLVII You've turned this cloths are gracefully from a very poor family. This is their only asset, but they gave alms to be children.
Germany Buddha-Romanian Conflict over her cloths and tell the masses: the ỀQuý instead! This merit is tremendous. In the House can get a sheet of cloth, which they bring donation for teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County, which as a pratyekabuddha ... They will enjoy the immeasurable joy, the future will be great blessings can, the National-United water is also present in the French-German Association, Buddha-. Listen to through the national-United ỀTrong thought: our country is poor so that no rice to eat, dress-up; While it is private, then the food up, like, how that worthy to reign for ever? Country can-United Auto Show disgrace, people bring to the couple to spend a lot of rice, flour, food and raiment.
The poor couple is entitled blessed quote right away oh just alms his only asset, the twins have been full of everything. After that, the couple spend to Bai Buddha Buddha. ant sermon for them to hear; and he just said was finished, both of whom were immediately proved to be A fruit-A-la-Han.
So, poor despicable that can make-instance is difficult. If the equivalent time in trouble you can make-it is a new delegate, is truly mind-experiment. And if the more difficult the more you try to make, to become even more valuable. For example, we cannot tolerate the clapperclaw, but if someone yelled at you can swear that the rings are fast, you are. So, even though we cannot endure the beating, but when the other guys, you should be patient and think: Ềừ! This is a Good goal to form-tri-down Karma it, help yourself get rid of hot line. This is a Good-tri-rare form! can anyone Bourn would come to, you must also be recognized. Critics, did not speak well of you, is in good form-your-bottom. A clerk should listen people praise her, is glad to hissing problems children are given sweets; also decry, one sentence is seen bitter, miserable than is corrosive, Huang liên1. Should not have such attitude!
The Buddha tells of the twenties, the human side would have to only the two's only; certainly much more than that. When the hard times come, if you can solve the easy way i.e. did you really understand the Dharma.
2) ỀHào you that learning is difficult. ỀHào rich i.e dime, meaning wealth, much money at all. ỀQuýỂ is your religion, meaning high, big power. Those who have money have more power, then of course their lives very happily, and not suffering like poor couple just had a unique block just tell it.
The wealthy nobles usually had a lot of clothes to change, a lot of money to spend, and there are a lot of people rich and famous friends. Like you said they are the austerities, the study leader, then the truth is too hard! Why? Because they're enjoying a life well and felt very comfortable, very freely. They inhabit the splendid buildings such as the castle of the Kings, and eat all the stuff of American sorghum, the most luxurious foods, the most expensive that most people do not buy. So, wish them good tu Dao is not easy.
3 close all network ỀBỏ) die hard ỀBỏ mạngỂ body that can ... doesn't want to live any more. However, even if you do not want to live any more, just not sure you could die soon. For example, there are many people who want to die should take sleeping pills to commit suicide, but because not enough dosage should remain alive. That was the case want to die but not be dead yet. If you want to skip the network itself is able to quit immediately, like death is sure to die was based, was not called.
The difficulties this can also be explained in another way. If you want to die then, of course, and also to be satisfied, also was going to die. However, for whatever you desire to live afraid of dying, all the way to preserve the family mostly prolong, escape from death, it is also impossible to accomplish! Humans, who then must die; No person would be Ềtrẻ not chếtỂ not giàỂ Ềsống or both nostalgic. Very naturally there cannot be true, Buddha taught himself all the network Ềbỏ is the new die hard ... you can
4) ỀĐược find Buddhist Scriptures is difficult. can you do so that is listening and watching books as far as simple, easy. It is sometimes not easy. There are the shelves says:
Even micro-penetration immeasurable magical powers,
BA Thien van KIEP slat tao Satori.
Architectural metal maintenance life fall Prime Office.
Pray as true-bred.
(Subliminal Buddha Dharma is for color.
Hundreds of thousands of lives and might be difficult,
The date to hear, see, life
Praying out As true-bred sense.)
Do you think watching, seeing the Buddha's Scriptures is not easy, yet carries herself well back very hard. That's why, this life we had was herself, only to be met with Buddhist scriptures and Buddhist lectures Oh it's not that easy! The larva is also thanks to the immeasurable lives before we have grown to be great good one!
5) ỀSanh met with are difficult. can be born at the time that He made is not easy. Although the Buddha entered Nirvana, but the Dharma still exists, so we can still learn the Buddha and austerities. So fortunately for us.
6) from sexual lust, ỀNhịn is difficult to sex can be sharp here ... that is the emotional things and desire between men and women. It's not easy that restrain me good, because usually, people's life are married women that is nature. Fast is good, yet, seeing the world landscape, animals get rings breaking Oh those are very difficult. You can control a couple of times, but then you can't restrain floats further and become insane. Therefore, to be good exercise, quitting is desire, is not easy.
7) ỀThấy good that there is also expecting to see the difficulty. very nice without the bridge, not desire, is not easy. Whatever unconventional saw something beautiful is nấy are being greed, wanting to possess; so see good stuff that was not difficult.
8) ỀBị humiliation that such anger is difficult. can divide people, for example, verbal yelled at, or gratuitously humiliate you. Then, you are hard to ballast, there being anger, or viewed as not what happens. But that is not easy to ignore, but if you do, you have to pass the test.
9) ỀCó of power that abuses are hard to make world's lựcỂ ỀCó ... Yes. For example, there are the guys that do want to murder is murder, even the right to kill innocent people; It's called the Ềỷ that rape people. you can trust his own power and indiscriminate murder, abuse of power. The rights abuses is not based on power to entrapment, bullying other people. Have power that does not count for world series right Oh no Amir, he respected people, suppress or kill others a massively difficult task is done. However, it's hard to do that, what you are made of!
10) ỀGặp work that countless difficult. can either get what you should Ềvô tâmỂ that conduct, deal. When there is something going on, you should not rejoice over the embarrassment, he; that make up an improvised charm, depending on the deal. Stories gone, done deal, should not expect any more; that is:
The future code, the past still rule.
(Getting to the deal, then calm.)
So called Ềvô tâmỂ Oh no mind accept without ambitions, who thought.
11) ỀHọc wide, much research is difficult to be schools i.e. rộngỂ ỀHọc. more broadly understood; and Ềnghiên nhiềuỂ analysis i.e., self-study, detailed lookups. This is not easily done.
12) ỀDẹp except the names of fallen off is difficult. can people who are falling off the arrogant complacency, routines are massively about Ềcái., can be ended unless the kindly kills off fall practice arrogant, nor is it easy to do.
13) ỀChẳng disdainful yet is difficult. can this is something that people in need to know above all: Don't be despised people have yet to learn the Dharma. If despised them, i.e. Ềkhinh offenders are often people who have yet to learn. not for people who can understand the Dharma, you should use the lecture media traditions and experience, but should not have to despise or indecent attitude with them.
In the Dhamma of the Buddha has outlined four things not to be despised, treated. The Buddha is still often referred to these things; so that's the what? That is:
a small Flame), shalt not despise (tuy State undefeated, they are). For low spots, you will not be belittled, not putting. But that was only a small fire spots, you must also be very careful; because whatever you record, everything can be destroyed at any time!
b) small Dragon, shalt not despise (long but minor, they are undefeated). Although very small dragon you do not be flouted, by Dragon with Kabbalah evolved, which is turning the big.
c) The King, though shalt not despise (undefeated Prince, though they are). Prince is the King, the Crown-Prince of the Kingdom-United. Although the United quantum-young age, you are not to be belittled, since in the future, United-will be succeeded as Emperor-God.
d) Sa-small subjects, shalt not despise (Sa-keeper but undefeated, they are). Although the Sa-aged subjects, you are also not considered, because the future Sa-keeper would be known as the Buddha.
So, Ềchẳng disdainful not họcỂ i.e. not despise, disregard those who have yet to learn the Dharma; and, of course, is that it is very difficult to make.
14) psychotherapy ỀThực equality is difficult. can wish for his mind probably the practice of compassion and equality is not easy, but you should still try to proceed.
15) ỀChẳng said the Africa's difficult. can the majority of life were like a talk, whispering stories to sexual harassment of others; so, do not speak the phi is a difficult task.
A disciple of mine saying before his then him not talk the Africans, but after the injection is a bad habit to infection. However, he did the enlightenment very quickly, so I believe that he now no longer speak the Africa anymore!
16) ỀGặp charity-tri-mode is difficult. can be meet Friendly tier-tri-mode is not easy. You look at the Study Guide that view: the majority of the people you meet are the Central Government, "picture map Lake. Degrees of Goodness-tri-mode is not a map, not just, not to let you have up the lost.
The amendment to certain Leaders to hear Friendly tier-tri-mode. If the results are not proof that you are not subject to directions of Charity-tri-mode, just wanted to make according to the names of his own mind, i.e. did you make mistakes and what is fallen, against ma. Therefore, you must close the Elements-tri-and listen to the Pope. However, hard to get Good ranks-tri-mode.
17) ỀHọc, see the names of the Leaders can be difficult to Study is could ... Ềminh mind tánhỂ comments (understood, see names) is not easy. So, if a student Leader that can understand and see the names of themselves i.e. have done things very hard to do so.
18) Asif ỀTùy plat who is hardly Known component can be customized depending on the coast ... which made saving the beings, education is not easy.
19) ỀThấy scene without action is difficult. can trouble any realm If you don't get her realm, but on the contrary, can transfer the realm, i.e. you have to do a thing.
20) ỀKhéo know the media is difficult. can recognize any media disciplines appropriate to chemical education being is not easy.

Chapter 13
The Student Leaders Network
(Ask About Network Objects & Director)
Chinese: ỀDĩ Sa-HA Buddhism's consulting expertise: Prime coast Tri-Board Student Leadership Network-press release may periodically?
Buddha quotations: ỀTịnh mind, releases, press releases and Conference capabilities. Countries such as ma, the scene past minh; the Prime Minister, On request, radio-may.
Translation: a Sa-human ỀDo subjects: what the Buddha asked charm that is Tri-about-the ultimate network and superior grips? can
The Buddha teaches: ỀTịnh mind, releases, it may be the ultimate superior grips. Such as cleaning the mirror, rub the remaining throughout the dirty looks brighter; end to greed, no longer wanting, all will be able to Student Network-acquisition

Teaching strategy:
The tenth chapter three says about people how to win Tri-about-news network is the ability to know the lives of many lives. The Buddha taught us to be allowed off-net pay? To be fair, to understand a way through them!
A Sa-keeper asked Buddha. ỀBạch Germany XLVII By that favored are Tri-about-the ultimate network and superior grips? Thanks to the charming staff, to find out how austerities, and disciplines should be scheduled to DAC is About-Network-Info? At the same time, we must adhere thoroughly to be moral Zhen works? can
The Buddha teaches: ỀTịnh mind, releases, it may be the ultimate superior grips. can the Buddha answered the master Sa-ỀCác subjects: that he needs to make his mind becomes pure and must maintain its Somasundaram. What prayer the Passover celebration was set to hold his prayer becomes the thing. There should some day be discovered to have swallowed lyrics, seen as a significant example: ỀTôi withdrawal pledge is back! can act like IE doesn't ', who ' doesn't live up to its aspirations, even. If he is able to clean, purify, but mind the derogatory reduced any prospect of dark fantasy, massively, massively, and resolutely maintain its Somasundaram, then naturally he would be covered by the grips away. and can be on the other foot in the Supreme Leader similar to what? Now that the Buddha gave an example.
ỀVí and wipe the mirror, clean dirty throughout the rest seem brighter. you can when you clean the mirror, every wipe dust on the surface of the mirror, the mirror of beauty. Looks bright POPs is Off-Network lifetime learning capacity massively.
Similarly, once you Ềdứt greed, no longer wanting, all will be able to Student Network-acquisition If you can end up in celebration of sex and no longer requires Oh reached cầuỂ base Ềvô realm Oh you will win is About-information network.
So we, the people of tu, definitively ceases, magazine no longer hope. If you can stop to clean all the good ideas, anniversary magazine, tu also traditions success very quickly. But if the mind all is good idea, notion, in still abound in the yard, of course, you can't always traditions convent Samyutta.
We cultivate learning the Dharma, the first and foremost is to stop giving free education all the craving. And then have to stop very greed for Oh no wishing anything at all. That desire is suffering. Whether you are expecting something, if not satisfied that you will endure suffering Ềcầu real đắcỂ mean that line because that was not. So, people need to pay attention to this point.
Tu tu is what? Austerities IE end to quit all pretensions and ideals of themselves. Do like IE is really ornate. Once the names of jealousy, hindrances, for, your, si has been cleared, you'll win About-network-info.

Chapter 14
Sometimes The Greater Good
(Asked About The Names Of Good And Great)
Chinese: ỀHà Sa-Buddhist Affairs subject: fake friendly behavior? Fake College dark Galaxy? can
Buddha quotations: ỀHành, its legs. Fake contracts Act data release may ...
Translation: a ỀĐiều Sa-what is Buddhism: question subjects of good? What is the Max you can?
The Buddha teaches: ỀThực acts and holds true, it is. Legal and ethical criteria, is also great.
Teaching strategy:
Chapter fourteen lecture made it clear that there is nothing better than the primary leg action, and this amendment is (best). ỀĐạiỂ that is the true moral influence. This is exactly what a great (the largest).
A Sa-ỀĐiều subjects: what is Buddhism questions good? What a great evening? – can be a visiting physician and a consulting Sa Buddha that: German ỀBạch World-religion! What is the best, most rewarding? What is most important, greatest and should do best? can
The Buddha teaches: ỀThực acts and holds true, as Buddha; Laid master can answer – does that ỀNếu he could cultivate under Dharma primary leg then it is the best thing. Don't be so shock pagan subjects scheduled. What is Dharma primary legs? It's not selfish, indifferent citizen, without bias, regardless of the person. We should not have a selfless and welfare loc privacy. The most recent election, we all should practice Bo-slapping, as the benefit for beings. Whatever you understand what is like to lecture to others and to understand, and if you benefit is also looking forward to others like themselves. Not selfish and does the pursuit of useful for myself Oh it's a good, good thing is one way.
ỀThực acts, holds thậtỂ legs i.e. preserving the truth, rather than keep the France fiction, not truth. Austerities, to understand the truth. Do not understand the truth, not the true surface Ềgiữ. can keep the honesty is best.
ỀChí and fit, is. your prayer can be even When and whom you're austerities can coalesce into one, you'll witness are results of Saints. You can watch the fruit A-la-Chinese or Portuguese practices-slaps. It's a great way!

Chapter 15
Sometimes The Smart Power
(Asked About The Power & Light)
Chinese: ỀHà Sa-Buddhist Affairs subject: multi-faceted? He assumed a may?
Buddha quotations: ỀNhẫn humiliation to any evil forces, and tried, and joined an event. Patient evil unknown, all human religions. Construction removal, Ha Tinh vi, infinite dark UE. Organic natural, such as kim Il-Sung, member owned, real radio, real radio, real estate. DAC-setting, Coalition unit may wedding.
Translate to: ỀCái subject: Sa-the most powerful Buddha to ask what? What's the brightest? can
The Buddha teaches: ỀNhẫn humiliation, because such bringing the evil heart, to be added an event. The patient, who was not the humiliation of all evil away. Dirty texture in the removal of all, clean dirty stains, it is bright. Since when do not have heaven and Earth to this day, many things in ten, there is nothing there to see, not what is not known, there is nothing there to hear. Be-setting can be dubbed as a result.
Teaching strategy:
This is the fifteenth chapter. This chapter tells us that rings the humiliation is the most powerful. Patient humiliation can except kill off any infection and helps the understanding of the US was more thorough.
A Sa-ỀCái subjects: the most powerful Buddha to ask what? What's in a can? I Sa-keeper are sometimes questioned the Buddha: ỀBạch Germany XLVII What's more, the most powerful of them all? And, what's the most creative, the most favoured location may have?
For troubleshooting, the Buddha teaches: ỀNhẫn humiliate strongest can If you can endure the insults, you are the most powerful; If not humiliating concessions are then no power. Power of the rings humiliation is boundless, endless; Why? ỀVì not bring evil heart may the power of the ring, the humiliation is something good, or evil sewing mảy. By it's full strength Wednesday, containing evil, should never be the same.
Troubleshooting performance problems, needs WINS.
(Software can more than hard, can win strong.)
Flexibility may be tough regime; and tender, make concessions to win wayward spouses. I ask you: why do your teeth fall out? The answer is: because of the hard teeth! Then, why the tongue does not fall? Because the tongue is soft! Whether you have spent several hundred years, you just get around the tooth loss, but have one blade loss at all. That is because the tongue which is soft, said ring. So, ring the humiliation is the strongest!
ỀLại added an event. you can even further, thanks to the ring before you humiliate should be a peaceful, healthy and lucid.
ỀKẻ rings evil does humiliation. The German names of patience then surely does not do evil; so was the revered life. you can If you do not do evil, for you are people in high regard.
Once the dirty Ềcấu in removal of all, the selfish, self, take,, si, the cell infection in mind, features sex no longer, then the mind will clean dirty stains. can you ever become so pure a bit misleading, Bhikkhu, or contaminated structures in mind as well. Only unique to a pure mind exists at Ềđó, and the brightest is massively. you can If you can purge all portrayed in the mind, then that is the most informed, have hue.
ỀTừ when no heaven and Earth to this day, many things in ten, there is nothing there to see, not what is not known, there is nothing like hearing. Since may not coming up for until now, for all the things in ten, then you don't have anything that is not foundNo, something that did not know. So is harmless so far from her past, things happen you are unknown, and none of what you have not heard at all.
ỀĐược-setting can be called shining way. can why can that be? Because you have the most gain-setting. This is considered the primary leg, the leg position and reducing superfluous legs to be Chief!

Chapter 16
Discharge of Privileged Act of charity
(Quit craving All Dac)
Language: Chinese: ỀNhân v craving, no fake Director Ant; countries such as its location, Marine corporal Roman Catholic, they multiply the l, possession pour fake photos. Employees of the Centre, the old craving her manic, try real ants. The most current subjects are equally flush Sa-craving; craving structure, make visible, Director Hy ... can
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀNgười hug hold do not craving to see, such as the water has left hand grab the slang stir up, causing the people to watch are not visible in their shadow. Person's life than be craving scrambling, making the weapon configurations in mind, should not see. Sa-the subjects he must quit, craving discharge dirty craving out you can see covered! can
Teaching strategy:
Sixteenth chapter talks about the mentality of our people. ỀNước tâmỂ (cards) slang capital of, but if you stir up the water is no longer in anymore. As such, the slang for? Is The Leader! Is not slang for? Was craving! The free sex and craving cause stumbling, making us unable to comment, do not see the names of minh TAM DAO is not proving to be the fruit. Preliminary evidence-A-la-Chinese is reaching the Ant, which is seen to be Directed.
The Buddha teaches: ỀNgười hug hold heart craving ...This can be the Trainers for the teaching method of the listener that it's hard to tell, because the majority of Western people regardless what are also mentions of charity (love), referred to. Especially the adherents of various denominations also says: ỀGiáo-love me and I love Islam-democracy! can between them and their chủỂ-Ềgiáo no homophobia relationship as between men and women. Even, there are many female practitioners also dare to say that they were married, married with Ềgiáo-chủỂ; It is those guys not understand anything about the Act!
Those who keep holding to craving, remember only envious thoughts toward love and desire, the Ềchẳng see. can if you cultivate Dao but does not understand, it will on the one hand, a clergyman present ruin the austerities of himself Oh advise you to stop giving do feel craving your craving to rise!
ỀVí as water was slang in the back taking hand stirred up. "greed is also part of sex, occupation, you may not be; like what? Like the water has left the fetch your derogatory hand stirred up, making the opaque way. If it is because of the water's got sandy soil, mud, dust. If absolutely no water in the sand and mud, you can stir things, not be opaque! The sand and the mud here symbolize something? Represents love and sex, Oh love and desire such as dust, dirt in the water. When greed and taking your education to raise the start-up, just like you get the cloudy water, stir the hand Ềkhiến who came to watch were not found to be balls of họỂ. All the banks had not seen her shadow reflecting on the water; Why? Because water has been stirred opaque! Why you don't see covered? Because sexual craving and make it become obtuse, dark!
ỀNgười death due to craving scrambling, making the weapon configurations in mind, should not see. make from morning to night, they only think of love and desire Oh the idea of impure, impure. Due to greed and charity groups scrambling, dominant, so they do not think of anything else except for love and sex. In their minds, the weapon configurations led to carve Ềnước huệỂ location (where water lily) Oh they no longer qualified, no longer be location; and so they did not understand. Have you dated plying austerities that were the fruit taste, see, is why? Because you are still happy and craving sex! If there is no mind craving you will be extremely fast.
Thus the Buddha recommended: ỀSa-the subjects he must discharge off craving. can here Sa-Division is composed of all the Flag-dunqiu County and Bhikkhu-Sangha dunqiu County today. All of us should end up in love and greed. End up craving is not meant to be announced: ỀTôi very hated females. Every encounter is that I'm hot, chase them away right! you can not like that! So then how? To Ềnhìn that is not seen, heard that as such you may hear! don't necessarily hate them; However, the American people, because they do, run the Center, or were they governed.
In the Ềxả up the bỏỂ Ềxả may, craving means alms, loan. For example, you have the money in alms once for one and then IE you do not have it anymore Oh did you flush away the money. Dirty ỀCấu craving out you can see covered! can when craving and book Oh the dirty filth oh is no longer available, you can see, the results are certified.

Chapter 17
Ta haunted hybrid
(light To Dark, Tan)
Chinese: ỀPhù fake Director Ant language: Buddha, as maintained in the Interior proved distance; Meiji news, independent coalition of children. Opinion Leaders study the ignorance that kill children, proving there may often tells.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀNgười see the Moral doctrine such as torch go into a dark room, darkness immediately vanish, only to light. Directed study that found it to be the truth, the ignorance, then light will usually be longer.
Teaching strategy:
The seventeenth chapter shows that ignorance is not possible before. It does not have-whatever name so ignorance is gone is gone. Once you see the Leaders-champion will dissipate.
The Buddha teaches: ỀNgười see the doctrine as Director torch go into a dark room. see also the Moral doctrine is not any other bunch of burning torch on the hands that go into a dark room, dark; making Ềbóng up instantly vanish, leaving a bright light may survive The ... the firelight radiating from a bunch of torch. The symbolic torch bundle for the hue of man, and the implication that if we have the lily will break are null-intelligent. Infinity-proving that is dark, dark room. If you have found the dark room will become unlit; so say the remaining Ềchỉ light can
ỀHọc Direct see the truth that ignorance, ready light will often Lead learners may also which could see the truth, their countless instantly disappear. Every infinite Ming hui location-the disappearance will forever exist!

Chapter 18
No Obligation Class Concepts
(The Concept And Everything Which Is Not)
Chinese: ỂNgô language: French, radio, radio release in celebration of the anniversary of operation, radio scripts, languages, languages, tu tu tu champion. The author considers access, assuming the far. The Director, language, information Department of false statements, intangible, more generous unemployment tu du may.
Translation: the Buddha taught: for France of the Ta is to think, think without thinking; do, do without; that said, saying without saying; tu, tu, without amendment. Guys know that near the end it away; the definitive language of all, there's been reaction; to one cup start lost in the moment can
The eighteenth chapter talks about the correlation between the existence with the existence of the notion and austerities.
The Buddha teaches: ỀPháp of One's thinking, thinking that the Buddha did not teach that you can think of.: ỀGiáo France, my thoughts in terms of the need to not have a thought at all, even the thought ' don't think ' did not exist anymore. So, our Method is called ' thought, to think without thinking ' may result.
ỀLà do, do without. can The Dhamma, austerities also use ' anonymous ' Director application 1. Austerities, you should not have. To order as not executive order; even the word ' Act ' in the ' no ' is also not austerities as well.
ỀLà said, saying without saying. you can Say i.e. dress, said. A clerk should accept the previous language of inscriptions. Again, to keep both the thought and the notion of not in words.
ỀLà tu, tu tu tu for that then When ... the radio's Director, uses ' ' Oh tu that there is such evidence, the evidence. Tu, the song does not have an idea about ' tu ' Leaders. These things should be! Like IE doesn't have any prior permission; all prior approvals are becoming ' not ', and even the ' no ' is also to make the not always!
ỀKẻ know it. If you can understand this leader, i.e. you're near the Lead, how far away from there as well.
ỀNgười about it. If you can not understand and still love black on this ethically, you left in a very remote Director.
As such, the consideration is how? So I'm sure you know, it's the definitive language Ềđường. Can Be said also of verbal expression, which means not conclude the Italy Dang! HếtỂ ỀĐường definitive language IE can not use words to describe the magic; should say:
The Director, language,
The administrative seat of the kill.
(End of the road,
Kill the buried heart.)
The energy and the severed speaking out the who's suspended. What the mind wants to think the idea to also no longer partake, everything is empty.
ỀChẳng be anything binding, by things is also the duty of the Foot-like. can if you reach this realm, you will see that the River, mountains, land, and all life like a thousand mood swings are the duty of the Leg-like. Now, you will no longer be bound by things anymore.
ỀSai take a glass, all lost in the moment can for these practices, if you are vulnerable or a stray hair, Demi insider knowledge in a short time, only to be lost soon, look no further. Thus, the need to break yourself of all accept before they can achieve this realm!

Chapter 19
Essential Prosthetic Hall
(A Review Of Both The Real And The Fake)
Language: Chinese: ỀQuán Angel, extraordinary notion; a world, extraordinary notion; a visual component, the Bodhi; as the knowledge, the disabled may co. tells Director.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀQuán heaven and Earth, are not usually; World Cafe, thought is not usually; a spirit-sense i.e., Bodhi; to understand how prime time may very quickly.
Teaching strategy:
During the nineteenth, the Buddha taught us to contemplate moral idealist design Ềnhất (all are due), may and should be gotten rid of all the insincere, just keep honest. Sun is in the land, we took cover, "under our support. For the divine Lady, the heavens and the Earth are Ềthường, indestructible. fact, may heaven and Earth is also the old Ềthay innovation, may not be constant, immutable.
The Buddha teaches: ỀQuán heaven and Earth, are not uncommon. observers may heavens and the Earth, you will find that the heaven and Earth have when cold, hot, cold, hot, when you go to Whoa Oh and the circulation of the four seasons spring, summer, fall, winter. On the ground, there are mountains, there are the River; and both the mountain and the River are also mutual variations, displaced, rather than fixed. These phenomena could speak French by birth, rather than France despite being out in the Center. Hence, the Buddha teaches us to please consider the impermanence of the heavens and the Earth.
ỀQuán world, think not. ỀThếỂ Ềthiên means you can save may vary, i.e., change of shift. ỀGiớiỂ means Ềphương, i.e. can the direction and position. That and Oh the time and place of birth are also massively have removal, and also not as often, indestructible. So, the Buddha teaches us to think about the impermanence of the world.
ỀQuán component-is. can you make the visualizations component names of enlightenment, with its bright Oh Ming Ling Lee's own sense of sadism is massively.
ỀHiểu is like a prime time extremely quickly so if you can possibly ... of research like that, aware of this, known as the, then will Lead a rapid acquisition. As you understand this leader should be elected. If this is not moral leadership is not able to do is win!

Chapter 20
The Express Fall Failure Does Not
(Figuring Out What "It" Which Is Not)
Language: Chinese: ỀĐương recite the four central body self-possession, it is anatta; falling up it loads, such as huyễn can.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀNên thought of four in Hull, each order it, no one is ' it ' at all. The ' we ' didn't have it just as huyễn as the chemical can
Teaching strategy:
Chapter twenty of the University is that everyone should take four to a review body, lane almost intimate sense is just as huyễn as fake, good, not really.
The Buddha teaches: ỀNên thought of four great. may we should think about four in hull. In our body, which due to the four elements of Earth, water, fire, and wind (air) associated with that shape. In our body, the solid part is in the land element (the Grand), wet as belonging to the elements of water (Aqua), warmth is in the element of fire (fire), infinite breath out and the movement as belonging to the elements of wind or gas (modern style).
ỀMỗi order of its elements can be a ... four great is its name Oh elements will have their name nấy elements. However, Ềkhông has the ' I ' or ' me ' ... can this body that says that If is Ềtôi, can you please review whether its name is ỀđầuỂ, Oh; foot called ỀchânỂ; the eye is called ỀmắtỂ; tai called ỀtaiỂ; the nose is called ỀmũiỂ; the tongue is called ỀlưỡiỂ; the mouth is called Ềmiệng, can be reached from the start ... every body parts come with it. The Department does have the name of the diocese, so you say, ỀtôiỂ is? It would be called ỀtôiỂ? There is no place called ỀtôiỂ at all! As such, there is a place called Ềtôi, which can then why do you accept before entering the ỀtôiỂ? Why is the value the ỀtôiỂ like that? Throughout the body as something called Ềtôi, which may not be what is ỀtôiỂ the other end!
ỀCái ' we ' were not there, then it is just as huyễn as the goods can because there is the Ềtôi, this body should be like an illusion or a temporary chemical variables, rather than real. Either-a (visualizations) or-a (one object), all of which are fictional, are all chemically huyễn. If false, it is understood as huyễn as, all you will be reducing their non-ethical, pseudo-, and-. When the head of the moral is, you will know that the body, which is broken, not the real thing!
-Four: four great quality in the interim agreement as a human being and the universe: 1) (the land of hard substance p); 2) Aqua (water Oh liquid); 3) Fire (fire Oh heat); and 4) Feng (wind Oh gases, the unshakable).
-Triple (three each visualizations): 1) Don't (look out things are not real names of real people, not capital, the French Prime Minister); 2) Assume a (considering that everything zhucheng, France has evolved are temporary, impermanent fake at all); 3-one act-or) (to a privileged Centre for đạoỒ not necessarily massively perhaps, not fake. it is possible the heart of Buddhism).

Chapter 21
List The Sites To Create
(Fame Harm People)
Language: Chinese: ỀNhân depending on sex, such Kudos; display reputation before, stems of Hy issues. Join the children's school, usually illegal, countersigned plunge. Countries such as the burned incense, while Humanities sandalwood genus bin information, fire close Hy, nhi in late May.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀNgười under that bridge-Kudos, when the clear accents of repute have died! Take for example the fifth study in common, then only the tired countersigned. Such as incense, but the smell of scent but when incense was across the fire out, then fire himself harm things attached may follow.
Teaching strategy:
Greater Italy Chapter twenty-one is teach people life understands that bridges the reputation, fame, then these are not benefits at all but also harmful.
The Buddha teaches: ỀNgười according to sex, who runs the sentiment and desire of their own which bridge the Kudos ...Can EAP ỀTruy danhỂ i.e., pursue, desire to be a good, fragrant. However, the clear accents of repute Ềkhi dead body and then can be reached until ..., the list hidden, then they are also elderly and; that are already old, death is imminent. So, the list advantage did not make sense at all!
ỀTham Thursday, for example, in the list usually studied, only weary countersigned. abusers can immerse minor fame of secular and not good practice to the Management results, then just ease your suffering and wasted the body only.
ỀVí like burning incense, aromatic smell are however, but when incense was across the fire out, then fire instant body harm things follow. may your example of burning a piece of incense. Although you smell the fragrance spread, but after burning incense, lụn, the pale embers still smoldering in the ash can be flames and burnt dead. So saying Ềthứ fire body damage plants by sauỂ Oh the danger is chực behind and may be about to happen.

Chapter 22
A Good Hostess Line
(Amount Of Sexual Identity And Bring Misery)
Language: Chinese: ỀTài — yeah, read any discharge, an admitted executioner as owners suite, from the most detailed student United States san thỉ useful guidelines, children's sand damage may cost.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀĐối with your money and identity, it is not removed; for as little a stick on the blade, there's enough for a delicious meal, the child fault with all the graphic ones get licking tongues. can
Teaching strategy:
Chapter twenty-second Assistant made it clear that the money and sex, but had little flavor, but the harm of them very tremendous. So, people have to be favoured as a kid person zany sweetness.
The Buddha teaches: ỀĐối with your money and identity, one must not abandon this world can be. There are two minor harm so many monasteries; It's your money and identity. Those who Act without amendment the discharge of the reforms would take into account the discharge exercise cannot be removed, it will take. If you take an eager, then definitely impossible achievement-outcome. Most of the dead were not able to give your money and identity; similar to what?
To this, the Buddha gives an example: ỀVí as there is little a stick on the blade, there's enough for a delicious meal, the child fault with all the graphic ones get licking tongues. may assume there is a knife and blade sharp is a little Suite, there is enough to eat for breakfast. The boy looks seen on the blade then the twins licking take. Here, ỀmậtỂ is the instance for your money and identity. The powerful wife of the ignorance, the Member is not participating, the child of the other zany voracious little sticky sweet on the blade, in danger of being cut off the tongue.
So, for your money, and we need to have full insight and to learn to let go, then get your self in.

Chapter 23
Hell Even Warriors
(The Family Is Worse Than Penitentiary)
Language: Chinese: ỀNhân the warriors such as property damage, TSE, penitentiary. Penitentiary detailed Crown property, the Warriors won far more cups. Sex problems, starting with the. But the retained information, password tiger conservation Center is committed. The United States itself, that means writing Nich. A prime lens, try Tran La-may Han.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀNgười his wife and son's and homes than binding penitentiary. Penitentiary is also the release of his wife does a thought far apart; be not afraid, sexual identity and sex appeal? Although the painter's mouth, where lobster is also doomed. Because self wallowing where muddy so called divine qualities; beyond the Gates is the Arhat level came may.
Teaching strategy:
Chapter twenty-three said the dead buried in the family and in their own homes. Buried the still miserable rather than in prison again; Therefore, people should stay away from this situation, at the same time, need to be aware of the benefits of it.
The Buddha teaches: ỀNgười's wife and children homes than binding penitentiary. his wife and son ỀBị buộcỂ can be clear that is was the wife (husband), children, making the object. People are also bound by their homes. So says the arrest carried on poles on yoke which carries all day wearing shackles.
Families such as the wooden cangue bottled up on the neck, there is nothing to be salvaged. (Vintage, which is one of the penalties for the offense). There is not any other family is wearing which in antiquity. Of you present here also has a few residents who got married and lost. They want to pool that does not reach the ground, also down there, because they were Ềkhóa chânỂ at home. Due to my wife (husband) bound should work well entanglement, difficult. Children such as the cuffs, particular things to wear in the wrist. People who have children otherwise would be cuffed both hands again, making any movements are awkward, inconvenient. The parents like to wear leg shackles. There are three yoke that those families have to wear.
With his wife and son and the House-bound, more claustrophobic is imprisoned again. There are homes that are not let go be i.e. be confining homes. So his wife and son, and the House is also a confinement jail life.
However, Ềlao (hell) is the release of his wife and son, not a thought far left with the sole prison ... also at expiration and was released from prison, but these guys have families, not to far from leaving his wife and children. Whether they are thinking about family left anymore, nor is it free! For instance many people said: ỀTôi want to come! I want monk to make the renunciation! renunciation right away, but say alone like to do? It did not pass because they did not have ambitions left, just sing the clam clam for fun so come on!
Same-sex ỀHá sexual identity not afraid embroiled his wife and son were the sole ... and homes this binding not concerned that he would be emotional, charismatic identity and love or dominant. ỀDầu has a graphic that's where lobster mouth, also doomed. can But that the danger otherwise would fall into the Tiger Grotto, but they are willing to bear, would rather be Tiger eat meat only.
ỀVì self wallowing where muddy, so called because they can gag order. embarks on muddy place, Orange self exiled fallen yourself, should be called the Ềhạng gag. can ỀVượt through this pass is the Arhat level off. can pass? It's the Ềcửa ảiỂ sex, erotic, beauty, and Ềcửa ảiỂ of families and homes. If you could pass this pass trót finalist, i.e. did you Ềquá quanỂ Oh has won the reward challenge and commitment go into wow tier A-la-Chinese release, no longer your infection structures, or are the degrees of human spirit is about to witness are the fruit-!

Chapter 24
Good Karma Sex Guide
(Sexual Identity Either Way)
Chinese language education: Ềái d even kicks off:. Genus shades, great loads. The most useful đồng hỷ District proved to universal binary, use natural human limb, tells potential fake Act. can
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀTrong the craving, nothing ominous in SAC. Do not appetite to tremendous beauty. Fortunately, the only one it only. If there are two things like that are all over the world that no one can overhaul may be Leaders!
Teaching strategy:
Chapter twenty-four talks about sexual psychology. The exception was the bawdy heart will show A result-acquisition-la-Han; Alas, not so that the exception is it! These are defects that all beings are contracted. In the Grave Mausoleum has taught that:
"Who Hasn't any exception, invincible."
(Please no explicit exception, Chen lao;)
So, if it doesn't end up lewd mind you will not be any evidence the fruit-the A-la-Han.
The Buddha teaches: ỀTrong the craving, nothing ominous in SAC ... Ềái can be dụcỂ, i.e. love and desire. Sexual identity who is lewd. In all, there is nothing ominous in females.
ỀLòng keen tremendous beauty there. can Follow your desire for this beauty? The Ềđại of this phápỂ stuff, nothing stronger than it Oh nothing can pass from the large range of colors. ỀMay, alone it only. If there are two things like that are all over the world no one can overhaul is all. can Also sew their sexual identity is the only one! Assuming that there is one more minor anymore harm interests also, likewise, never reach such a being would Act amendment to this world any more! Only one thing's that have seen the benefit-harm, if there are two things that soon people will suffer them Ềnuốt chửngỂ of all, and no one did austerities anymore! Have you seen that scary or not?
On Ềsắc, you can also have cases of women being fooled by the beauty of the women, and men intoxicated by the beauty of men Oh are both male and female homosexuality. Men who have sex with men's homophobia and the woman related to homophobia with the woman. It's called the Ềbị mêỂ base craving love and desire were massively dominant, make me black!
Quarter-finals (four of beings in the world-from the land where (the homeless), species in unreal, for up to six-lettered warning nature):
1) sexuality (sexual desire, heart). Beings in the world-much to the heterosexual sex scene, desire.
2) Colour (go to beauty). Beings in the realm of sex-sex, erotic scene for much of the soft colors, beautiful daughter, son's desire.
3) (do like to eat). Beings in the world-much to the delicious food, desire.
4) lewd (feel free to explicit material). Beings in the world-much to the possible contamination of touching, in front of the girls, desire.

Chapter 25
Exercise Stake Body
(Sexual Fire Burning)
Chinese language education: information Ềái: girls, you like good, fun children's styles, all players can read the burned property.
Translation: the Buddha taught: amorous ỀNgười craving for them as the torch travelled back in the wind, all will make the fire accident in May.
Teaching strategy:
This is the second chapter forty-five, Italy explains why we need to alienate craving.
The Buddha teaches: amorous ỀNgười craving for them like torch going upwind. can people who relax by desire, greed and man only knew run by emotion and heart, then others would bundle them torch against the wind, Ềtất will make the fire '. How can be sure who's also fire burns the hand. Burning hands anyway as well as small talk, just afraid that can trade risks are the accelerator charred at all! So, in this situation, it is best to keep her things recede!.

Chapter 26
Tian Ma With Buddha
(Tian Ma Harassed Buddha)
Chinese natural Jade-Buddha-Hien female sexual problems, resulting from the Buddha's mind.
Buddha quotations: ỀCách nang them UE, hybrid range Netherland Atrium? Past! N real may.
Angel-God's Ethical problems, glass dũ. Buddha Monk, Prime News Award micro-da-perfect results.
Translation: Celestial-Hien Ngoc-female for Buddha, which attempted to sabotage the will of the Lord. The Buddha said: ỀNhững leather bags containing map unclean, you came here to do? Go now! One such use may.
God-God as more respected, and it asks the Buddha about Italy. The Buddha preaching, talking instant as-God is the fruit of Tu-da-done.
Teaching strategy:
Emperor-God is God, and also the Ma-Wang Three-week (Papiyan). Ma-wait until the Buddha's coming into relief, and he mobilized his large canine dependent ma Oh i.e. whole force-so annoying. However, the Buddha never move, oscillate. Chapter twenty-six shows that the Buddha did not Ma-Wang tempt or cause, but also inspired to be Ma-Wang, Ma-led United to become the legal guardian for Buddha anymore!
ỀThiên-God of the Emerald Buddha, consecrated women attempt to sabotage the will of the NgàiỂ. Ma-Wang from the realms of heaven brought the Emerald Buddha's offering three-female. ỀNgọc-nữỂ mean? It was the beautiful daughter, heavenly love as jade. The Prime Minister of all of the American girl-the Prince to an employee at the time that even on the pool nor anyone. Use of the Ma-Wang is to make Buddhist initiation notion, and that destroying the will and aspiration of tu son.
The Buddha teaches: ỀNhững leather bags containing map unclean, ye come here do? can this sentence can be applied to both men and women, including those who are handsome men and beautiful women pretty; by not only women are wicked and males is not! The Buddha taught that the human body there is a skin bag for all things unclean, dirty. Layer of skin covering our bodies such as a skin bag, pouch or the leather abukuma. The leather bag is for what? Also nothing much except for manure and urine! You think, what is beauty?
For example, you just look past the superficial is the other young guys very handsome; but Nice is not respected some more fake-A-Nan. For more general warning A-Nan so beautiful, handsome daughter of Ma-Sign-Age has just met him is being requested to homophobia. When she came to Buddha, Buddha asked: ỀNgươi love A-Nan at a certain point She can master ỀMũi answers? ' is very beautiful, beautiful eyes, beautiful disaster, both may also face more beautiful.
The Buddha said ' ỀĐược! You like the tip of him then we will cut off his nose to his ear, good for you then, we cut off his ear for thee, like the eyes of him then we hook the eye he does for you. As a result, you can bring what's about! can
She objected to: ỀKhông! Thus, there may be!
So, look for the emotional homophobia among male and female mean? Nice article although ostensibly General go away anymore, so just a leather bag for the unclean things fishy foul Oh containing would be classified, would be the urine ... To add nine holes on the body are constantly excreted out the dirty, impure. The eyes are ghèn, ears, nose, ear, nose, mouth water, saliva, urine and stool and left. You think it, there would be clean? Hence, the Buddha called the eco-leather bag was stinking up all the filthy filth.
The Buddha teaches: ỀNgươi gives the stuff to do? Go now! It is not in use anywhere! Ye lick left this place, we did not need to; When n can be carried girl-ghost-tribute to the Buddha, just seeing her this three female Buddha-based visualizations: ỀChao Oh my! When ye old age, the Lord will not know how much is the fine lines and wrinkles; really a beautiful example. Old age come ye will give butts, leather silver haired ugly, unsightly infinity! can Buddha just visualizations, then face General ma-female suddenly transform according to the right as the visualizations. When you see yourself with old shapes, the ma-female noticed indeed not mean anything and are taken as shame. Therefore, they slightly go elsewhere: ỀHãy go now! We don't take you anywhere! can
Thus, the Prophet-God more and more respected. Now, see the Dao-Buddhist's solidly like, T.i-ma as being even more respect that Buddha and the Buddha asked, about Italy, petitioned the Buddha sermon. The Buddha preaching, talking instant as-God is the fruit of Tu-da-done. Buddha sermon to listen-ghost-Ghost and immediately proved to be a result of Tu-da-complete results of first p A-la-Han.

Chapter 27
Previous Directors Win Championship
(Before Acquisition)
Language: Chinese: ỀPhù en Direct, rustic, tourism at games saved on the amphibian Executive exposure, children, human capital, real estate, price basis differential neural demons of gastroesophageal fan, Heron immortalized failed; NGO Bao tried, decide to enter the Mediterranean Sea. School Information Management, real estate, sexually deviant behavior or our Department of radio interference microwave, effort; Wu said human trials, all DAC tells Leaders. can
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀNgười acts as a tree, as the line goes. If it was on both sides, there was one such Holy Devil taken by rescuing, not swirling water as well, also not be rotting, we liked that this tree will out to sea. If Leaders who are sexually fascinated, for example, is the wooden railway vạy harassed, back effort tu Radio France-vi; We guarantee that all people will be able to win.
Teaching strategy:
In chapter twenty-seven, the Buddha set up an example to explain why the learner needs to stay away from things that can cause obstructions.
So, in this chapter, Ềhai on the bờỂ news? Here, Ềhai on the bờỂ represents the sentiment and desire. Emotion and desire are classified into two types of opinion (the sentiment and desire to raise the start of the show and think) and ignorance (the sentiment and desire to raise the start-up from the ignorance). Sex opinion i.e. permission before birth, and for the Ềbờ side. sexual ignorance can be the first Nirvana, and is for the Ềbờ to make the other party.
In addition, the tree is Ềbị picked lấyỂ is example for guys that are wrapped in metal cylinders; While the Ềbị demon spirit, can be example for those who are covered by metal opinion.
Ềbị whirlpool lạiỂ keeps water tree alludes to the lazy, late, which has become, in contrast to the effort. Ềbị nátỂ directory tree represents the contrast with France Won. There are many austerities as unable to foot of the Chief Justice, frankly remember thinking to foot-like, though they always want the effort but ended up being rotten. They like being in puddles of water beneath the swirling but still massively swirl around one spot, just turn the turning point and then back to the old place. Likewise, they return to the starting point and could not come to France Won. It does not reach the micro-Radio France should it engenders accept Prime Minister; and that is the blessed, the hue of their fullness. People in this situation is not any other wood rotting. They all are fallen, not to be on the other side of Nirvana, does not cease to be flow through. That's because they were sex make love black, suffered the failure of craving and architectural metal fins designed, harassed.
If you have to vacuum the memory Foot primary-like effort and austerities, understand that a French-owned capital is micro-Radio, and alluring sex, dominant, then for sure you will win. That is the essential meaning of the articles in this chapter.
The Buddha teaches: ỀNgười acts as a tree under water, according to the line that the Buddha also drifting. Comparing the tu with plank drifting downstream.
ỀNếu it was on the banks of this tree can be assumed ... There are rocks in the banks hold back either. ỀTấp on either side of the bờỂ that is stuck, was stopped again. ỀChẳng was on either side of the bờỂ that is still drifting lềnh afloat, is not entangled or trapped in the banks at all. This tree such as tu, not being bound by love, pull the attachment. And if a tree's Ềchẳng is one of such mythological demons were taken by hampering or obscures, swirling water, such as water rolled stopped and taken, nor were rotting, disintegrates; We guarantee that this tree will out to sea, will drift out to sea also.
ỀNgười Study Guide if sexual love is massively enlarged exercise and such massively is the tà vạy harassed, there was ignorance, lazy, cause stumbling, to judicial amendment effort infinity-micro-learning fervor, according to Radio France-vi; We guarantee that all people will win. We ensure that people like that will also be elected.

Chapter 28
the mountains and Desert Code
(Do not Follow the concept of NgựaỂ ỀCon)
Chinese language ỀThận credit card figures:: lure, lure the impossibility. The kidneys of the identity data, the new Accelerator being. DAC A-la-di, which has become the most trusted, Han noted may.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀPhải caution, do not believe in his mind; He's unbelievable. To be cautious, do not close good; sexual identity birth all intimacy. Were A-la-Han dynasty and may believe he can make.
Teaching strategy:
In chapter twenty-eight, the Buddha said that the ỀýỂ of our people is like a horse difficult, while compatriots. In addition, with regard to either ỀsắcỂ or best male p male — Oh you are so shunned; zero, you just order in the procession itself.
From past lives of immeasurable so far, beings we so accustomed alive let down emotionally and his desire to offer six-day kind of vicious round of samsara. Due to ignorance, craving and the port fin should always be we not be Quotable results-the A-la-Han. Therefore, we should not trust his ideas. We have to be conservative, don't be careless. We have to be absolutely cautious manner, so immersed and chromosome also do not believe in your ideas!
The Buddha teaches: ỀPhải caution, do not believe Italy. you should not be listening to your ideas, do not trust what you think. You need to very careful Oh shalt not believe in the concept and his mind! His Ềý can't believe. Who in your mind may not reliably, can not be trusted.
* Ềphải caution, do not close good; sexual identity closely all living being ... can you please keep in mind that you must be very careful, don't ever love lust. If you love good, along with the Prime Minister as a Ềhợp, you can start there will be disaster.
ỀChứng is A new, Arhat can be aware he may witness as long as you are ... be result-the A-la-Han. end cleaning is the negativity of the see (ants) and the think (), then you can count on your ideas a little bit Oh but should only believe less is less, but not much information can be!

Chapter 29
The Chief Enemy-One Colour
(Primary Base Color Visualizations Win)
Chinese: ỀThận language of Buddhism: the American public, the Heron language. Its primary data center, language: ' falling Sa-Division, such as the u.s., directly linked, from the United States ' aging cell Idea supposing model, supposing an imitation, like, fake degrees, such birth pheasants escape destruction, evil may immediately.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀHãy caution, do not look at women, don't talk with them. If you have to talk to them, who Is the Chief Justice who remember thinking: ' Sha-keeper lived in box life directly, are as such shower is mud made unclean. ' Thought old people like me, who like her sister, little guys like me, the boy as a child; then a contentious new loyalty concept shall be destroyed.
Teaching strategy:
This is the second chapter fifty-nine. This chapter clearly says that prevents these mistakes can happen, men need to stay away from women, and at the same time, women also need to stay away from men. It is the Ềsanh, kill the evil can take to please the craving and usage.
People such as Lotus flowers (this comparison can be applied to both men and women) Oh the shower but grows in the mud but not rusty sludge that is not contaminated with the smell of mud. If you do feel free to think like that then every book, every idea in the foot would become Chief Justice, straight; and like that is you have to provide for themselves (self gain).
Nam should view senior women as mothers, and girls, you should see the older man as his father. When a male encounters a female aged Trac street people, or more than a few years, then take a look at them as she, if the loss is seen as younger girls, and if people then viewed as her children, too, and so a rescue spokesman. You play a mental escape them IE you have compassion, to the benefit of others (favor tha). So, you have just made to his advantage while able to do good for others. When the two acts and taking advantage of this anniversary, the Samyutta excuse evil will naturally dissipate and expectations just low down.
The Buddha teaches: ỀHãy caution, do not look at women, don't talk to them. can this is how men treat women. How to treat a man you can reverse: ỀHãy caution, do not look at male, don't speak with them! can you be talking together with others. Do not told jokes, even say also can not be!
ỀNếu have to talk to them, take heart: I remember thinking toward the ranks of the Sa-keeper lived in box life directly, they must like the Lotus there are mud as unclean. can in case you have something to tell others to do the factions? Now, you need to keep public honesty, doesn't mind entangled little flaps! Men should think: ỀTa is a Sha-keeper, a Bhikkhu-dunqiu County ...YOU CAN; also, female, said: ỀTa is a Bhikkhu-dunqiu County ni ...Can either be male or female, we all are living in the fourth year of his evil weapon box is bad. Although the evil weapon Ềngũ that this can is impure, we need to be like the Lotus. Both men and women can be compared with the Lotus Lotus but none grows somewhat parallel between muddy being unclean make mud near the mud that no rusty sludge.
ỀTưởng old people like. can you think of that: ỀNhững women age older as her mother; the old man than himself is also her father.
ỀNgười as large as she. women who make over several years, then let's see them as his sister; and for those who are older than the actor himself a bit, then let's see them as his brother.
ỀKẻ is like children. can then younger look like girls. It's a look that men should have for females. Women should look like for men? They should think: younger people ỀĐối me then I watch as his brother may result.
ỀĐứa baby as I can see. children under ten years old as her children.
ỀRồi birth of kindness. you can either father, mother, brothers, sister, brother, or your sister, you should have thought to saving them, so they get rid of part of the brain, the happily.
The new concept ỀThì kills bad. Can Be like that you could end up being the evil mind, xằng graffiti, and especially the good idea of good.
Active weapon (in Venice in the Ta-BA): lives of the weapon (the realm of the weapon), weapon (opinion, knowing the weapon box), afflictions directly (the delights of sex, the weapon box), being directly under, the weapon (weapon box life).

Chapter 30
Joint Fire Training Cups
(Recede Fire)
Language: Chinese: ỀPhù of false Leaders, such as fire, accused lai tu to refugees. Current staff Director, knowledge communications can all read.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀNgười acts just like hay, to be avoided. The order Directed that the positive all should stay away from May.
Teaching strategy:
This is the thirtieth chapter; greater Italy recommended that life education should be withdrawn, don't be sexual fire burned. Here, the Ềcỏ khôỂ example for something? Green love Oh love Friday Samyutta with six radical Oh might like hay; While the army picket the ceiling as data fire phừng fire phừng. When you have reached the Ềtâm realm and are lost, can it make sense to order the almond against enemy Ềviễn ly (recede) can! What is called Ềtâm, which quênỂ? That is:
-One interior States of mind, heart, holiday Championship
One foreign States, the invisible image.
(In the other one, who, considering there,
In addition, the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister dares not.)
It also no longer Oh really is not, is empty. Even the outside well are no longer a Bourn. Mind does not, no. Neither police nor the Center have been forgotten. Eyes see all things, but among them are there. This is the time that you no longer have green flat ceiling and dominates or controls.
The Buddha teaches: ỀNgười tu Dao ...You can say that Ềngười tu ĐạoỂ is composed of the Bhikkhu-dunqiu County flag-dunqiu County, Favor-she-principles and Advantages-she-di Oh all those monks studied and practiced. The amendment to the Act Ềcũng Hay-like, to be avoided. can here implies that the problem of other such women would dry firewood and fire (or fire with straw). Dry firewood, as well as dry grass hay and then massively so only a small fire can also catch fire and fire phừng up! So, every fire and then you must stay away, do not close it.
Gag the tu, to the Passover celebration, you should stay away from. What is ỀLửa? Here, ỀlửaỂ is the example of desire and love, and also the emotional desire to the realm of Lu Chen. The army is also based in the Mainland, the ceiling on the State of the scene. All six units (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) to six (the colors, sounds, scents, flavors, exposure, France) makes humans settled charm black, love to Ềsống say die mộngỂ!
So Ềngười tu Led to see the positive all to stay away from People who can should Act amendment. recede desire. If you can Ềthấy that is not seen, heard that as not listening, as IE has Bourn:
With a good inorganic body shape,
The ceiling of audiologist considers any mind.
(The eyes, do not,
Clean ears, banquet or not talk.)
Then the time you do not need to order the almond Ềviễn lyỂ. If you are on contact with police ceilings without being wrecked infected alright; But if it does not do so, you need to strictly be happy lyỂ tu Ềviễn Oh recede fire exercise!

Chapter 31
Center For Citizenship Education Except
(Calm Mind, Desire End)
Language: Chinese: ỀHữu human porn free sex real, just fire the audio. Buddha lead paragraph States: ' the sound of weak writing, such as the mind. As the only company actively with Cao-Cao, Tung assumed it. Real audio clips just beings, Dutch Center useful? 'ỂPhật vi: shelf presentation
ỀDục being the most mass,
the thought of being.
The duplicity, President
Africa good Yifei. can
Buddha quotations: a Buddhist mahākāśyapa shelves ỀThử. may
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀCó who worry do lewd no end yet, want to sound clips. Then Buddha said: ' The disallowed by the mind. The situation of the CAO; If the CAO, the song really well. Deviant mind, such snippets of Sonic? 'CAN
The Buddha because he said the shelf post:
ỀDục being from Italy,
Note because the thought of birth.
Both of the mind calm,
Africa — as well as the crew.
The Buddha teaches: ỀBài shelf is due to mahākāśyapa Buddha can talk.
Teaching strategy:
Chapter thirty-one made it clear that the paragraph except the desire to be carried out from the Center. Want to know about the Ềđoạn method, you may need to be aware that the desire which had emerged from the mind of birth, which the Center due to the thought that there is.
According to you, the thought of us as they arise, so other things being out together, bouncing, or sire due to a factor all that bouncing engenders? You need to find out if the thought is in, out, or in between in and out; and they belong to the past, the present, or the future.
You find this way of thought, the thought will eventually become President, calm, no self. Once thought was calm the mind your mind also becomes calm. Italian Center was calm, the desire is also deposited. When the desire for calm and then, you will see the good and the French are more like silhouette in the mirror. If you like mirror image in the mirror is not reality Oh Ho all titles such as foam floating on the water, that the bubble is broken huyễn. So, schools of Buddhism have developed transfer kiosks, exhibit transfer life TV media traditions this thing so people can follow it without subduing his mind before.
The Buddha teaches: ỀCó who worry do lewd no end to be sought, the person can be infected With audio., could not stop being lewd mind though in just a moment. Because his education severely, hurt like that, who's left to think how to solve. Who's out? He wants to cut off South!
Then Buddha said: ỀĐoạn not sound in the mind. As the Buddha said to him: ỀÔng said he wanted to cut off the South, but it is still not equal to sever his own fantasy mind. can
ỀTâm as the-Cao-Cao, if the stay is the song my all. can the Mind as an example of a worker of the CAO. The CAO is the person that either do nothing then y also do the Oh as a ỀsupervisorỂ man. If the only cause, then the guys under him work also is working at all.
ỀTà, audio clips of such mind? can Because of the prospect of starting to raise the idea on this issue, should have such a behavior. If the do not run good idea, namely that there is no support, then things this behavior will cease. So Ềkẻ song-the nghỉỂ are implying that all good ideas come to an end. The Buddha questions: ỀNếu he does not prevent this lustful mind break, then cut off the South what effect? Measures is absolutely useless! can
ỀPhật because it says the shelf. Buddha's can be well there that said let him listen to a shelf: ỀDục being from Italy. The lustful thoughts which originated from the Italian mentality, due to his Italian engenders. Note because the thought of birth. Also noted are from where? Italy is due to prevailing engenders. Both of the mind calm. Africa — also Africa. When both of his mind gap who desire deposition were massively and contain enough harmful things tri Ta Ant also has ceased its Oh then there will be no sharp things and behaviors are also not there psychologically behavior sexual behavior are mantras Ohhh no longer can.
Buddha: ỀBài this shelf is because Buddha mahākāśyapa. mahākāśyapa Buddha Himself may have said this shelf post.

Chapter 32
Claims Not Falling Down
(No Longer In The ỀNgãỂ, Out Of Fear)
Language: Chinese: ỀNhân ulmoides craving, beings priority priority being assigned. Weak separation process, HA HA promotion announcement? can
Translation: the Buddha taught: it is ỀNgười because the craving that being anxious, fearing that being fear. If the far left are craving, then what's to worry, what's to be afraid of?
Teaching strategy:
This is the fifth chapter thirty-two; great idea to explain why humans have feelings of anxiety and fear. That is why have a craving and taking exercise should we expect engenders fear and fear. If the cut is craving, we will no longer feel anxiety and fear.
From past lives of immeasurable so far, because we get up the four great General of myself and believe Ềlục ảnhỂ coast ceiling (ceiling six silhouette scenes) was the Prime Minister of his mind, and engenders good, took passage, not wanting to let go of them. The bouncing baby know the hassle, fuss. Once trouble, trouble ensues, then the endless anxiety and negativity will raise, and all fear also rebelled.
A look at four-, you will realize that this body is due to the four-combined into, but which does not have a ỀngãỂ or ỀtôiỂnào. If the bare Ềlục ảnhỂ coast observers again, you will see that there is also no, not available. Once you have learned this mind is impermanent and can cut heart craving, all hooked up anxiety, fear of you will naturally dissipate.
The Buddha teaches: ỀNgười ta because of craving that being anxious, fearing that being afraid can love, and because there is ... desire for so you have to be worried Oh no anxiety, no troubles. From the anxiety and negativity will come through the fear.
So, far from Ềnếu are craving, then what's to worry, what's to fear? you can If you can cut off or converted are love and sex, then what prevents you from having to nơm nớp AG, bulging anymore anyway? Very surprised not at all! If people have anxiety and fear are just as they are about and not be let go!

Chapter 33
Smart Minds Break Ma
(# Hue And Discernment Break Them)
Language: Chinese: ỀPhù vi's Director for data, such as employee delegate van. Quải saw off, Italy or awful problems, or selling off the rotten children, or children from death, or defeat movement. Sa-subjects, but the current persistent States of mind, essential drainage became captain, foreground, break them, novelty-may result.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀNgười acts as a person fighting for ever; take off armor, or no end of problems, or half way and then back and forth, or fight to the death, or defeat but about.
UG Sa-Directed disciplines to keep sustainable loyalty and effort surfing to, for example, fear of dogs before, breaking down the criminals ma, Stephen-may result.
Teaching strategy:
This is the fifth chapter thirty-three. In this chapter, the Buddha used the example to show us clearly that people should Act amendment Amendment to three subjects, Which are countless pirated, Hue and a pleasing one evening school effort.
For example is there a lot of things, a multitude of bad habits, idiosyncrasy and frivolous Friday ỀhoặcỂ Oh Ant-or,-or,-sa or Oh accumulated from infinity. If you can keep in mind to the most specialized courses, you referred to as Ềmột. can if you have a lot of false claims, a lot of bad habits, relationships and ỀhoặcỂ parties challenged oh what's referred to as Ềmuôn. can if you can practice life happier and purityotherwise, you would the soldiers equipped with armour and hats.
Also, if you could held determination, not awful problems, i.e. you get the effort comes from-. If you are able, courageous and strong, not half way back, i.e. you have To-date. Have To-force then withdrew from the middle of the road, not half way back. Again, if you are not afraid of identical messages scribbly Bourn in front, don't be afraid to hang ha s a number of enemy in front, waiting for a chance to attack you, you will not be killed after the fighting Thursday as a massively Hue-force.
To link the three To the world's power, Hue together, all will end unless the parties are challenged and false habits are from infinity. Numerous fictional bad habits, idiosyncrasy as Ềchúng ma maỂ Ềchúng can destory the ... will be proof-results. Quotable-result i.e. Ềchiến won spin vềỂ way!
The Buddha teaches: ỀNgười acts as a fight with men who may can, if you ... committed austerities like you would a person have to fight, with all the great adversary. Here implies that the fictional bad habits habits, idiosyncrasy, false,,, si, of itself, also committed go as the fight against the enemy force million.
He Ềmang borders may soon out the door., as well as people who have been fitted with armor and a metal Cone, ready to fight, do not tremble.
He Ềhoặc no awful problems. as If the you are not dead, seems weak Ohhh awesome that is fearless.
ỀHoặc half way and then back and forth. you may also order is at once and frustrated, not conducting austerities anymore Oh aborted halfway through.
ỀHoặc fight to the death. can be when fighting with the fictional gas and ma, you have to give up his defeat, Oh austerities.
ỀHoặc triumphant that you probably can ... be back in glory.
ỀBậc Sa-Directed disciplines to keep sustainable loyalty. Durable solid Center releases, shalt not abort halfway through, and tons of surfing to, courageous and strong commitment, only taking and not be deterred. There's fear of dogs before, breaking down the criminals ma, Stephen-may result. If you aren't awesome large enemy in front, determined to defeat the gang of Ghosts, then naturally Quotable-results.

Chapter 34
High Handle Lead Acquisition
(Kept Moderate All Dac)
Classical: Sa-Buddhist subjects banquet mahākāśyapa proceedings Di-bi bar exams, Teachers, educational emergency foreign corruption.
Buddhist information write: ỀNhữ area in the home, describes the micro-enterprise For HA ỀAịi can be written by men? s portable. can
Buddha quotations: Sumit postponed as HA? ỀBất tells Ming can be written For may.
As ỀHuyền HA? ỀThanh can be written For very Hy. can
ỀCấp postponed the acquisition as HA? ỀChư universal sound can be written For the wedding may ...
Buddha quotations: ỀSa-Heron Act subjects. Weak minds to love, to win the wedding. Such weak Leaders, the terrible news eco-packs; weak stems, Italy's new birth the brain; the birth of weak brain, news rots Hy; States into signing confessions, all joined the wedding. Pure's birthday at peace, despite failing to make the wedding.
Translation: Yes master Sa-Mon night chanting the Buddha's religious Heritage mahākāśyapa, his voice sounded sad, remorseful want backwards.
The Buddha asked the master: he ỀTrước at home ever do? can
Take that: ỀThưa, like a broken man may.
The Buddha asked: ỀDây loose Flock? can Answer that: ỀThưa, then there is no more at echoes may be.
ỀDây forums saoỂ the stress?, ỀThưa saith may sound fragments may ...
ỀChùng, stretch fit about? you can Take that: ỀThưa, the audio may.
The Buddha teaches: ỀBậc Sa-Directed subjects also. Mind, if keeping the extent may be evidence. For, if the rushing family fatigue; the tubular fuselage fatigue if Italian birth experiences; Note If the negativity being associated backwards; the setbacks were guilty all add up. Only the purity, the peace, the new Director may not take!
Teaching strategy:
Chapter thirty-four talks about methods of learning. The learner needs to subduing the body and mind in a manner skilful; do not let the body and mind are overwhelmed or too doldrums, indolence.
The institution also said that whatever progress to much faster, more flexible access rot soon! When the tu, you shouldn't be distracted or forget, but at the same time don't be reluctant to squeeze himself religious. Be like that then it is perfectly Ethical practices; with no Moral achievement results. Just because you don't know how the public, should not hurry it slowly. No:
Willow Willow emergency ice beam.
Real estate, financial, critical success.
(Tight, loose, then slack off, stretch,
Don't slack off shaky.)
As example, if string onto the wire tightly, it will stretch too susceptible to definitive, if loose wire is tied to sag down. Austerities are similar, not folded nor slow the new amendment was successful.
There the master Sa-Mon night chanting of Buddhist religious Legacy mahākāśyapa. An evening with a Sa-Mon Sat chanting religious Heritage to be handed down from the time of the Buddha mahākāśyapa. When I chant the Bible's accent sounded sad, remorseful, like backwards. The master's voice sounded very bi, men's brains and surroundings full of stress, confusion. I feel very shame and regret envious I didn't want austerities. He has turned rotten, just wants to retreat.
The Buddha asked the master: he ỀTrước at home ever do? When he was at home with his family, what is likely to be the? can
Take that, Mr. Sha-Mon replied: Buddha ỀThưa, like a broken man. The love theme music to a broken man. It is work that you can.
The Buddha asked: ỀDây loose Flock? can the Buddha and asked him: what ỀNhư is that he knows about pure forums anyway? So if the string tie loose, SAG,? you can Take that: ỀThưa, then there is no more at echoes may Solomon for the Master ... just white with Buddha: ỀBạch Germany XLVII Then a broken not slang. If the SAG rope, the man sounded harsher opaque, no echoes, not. Males do not speak up, there is also music.
ỀDây suppression of stretch? can the Buddha asked: ỀVậy if the string was forced to stretch too? you can Take that: ỀThưa, then the audio fragments of Bach can be Sa-Master subjects ... with the German ỀBạch: the Buddha XLVII Then, string will be off and the music may no longer available.
ỀChùng, stretch fit out? can the Buddha said: ỀNếu string does not stretch rolling, but in the relative prices between stretch and slack? you can Take that: ỀThưa, then the audio around the white subjects can be Sa-Master ... the Buddha thought: ỀBạch Germany XLVII Then, the solo instruments up to ren echoes réo rắt, plenty around, listening to the great may! "
The Buddha teaches: Sa-Directed subjects also. degrees of expertise can be Sa-Oh who diligently, conscientiously study To tu, Hui and wants an end to clean, children, students, Leaders are also massively si look like.
ỀTâm, if keeping the extent may be evidence. also if you are not in a hurry rushing nor stagnation, let go of the lung Yi launched, you might be into. Don't be impatient and don't be lazy, you can win.
ỀĐối with, if the rushing family. also during the overhaul, if impatient rush will make the body tired. Whatever you impatiently, tempers, anger, then the relative are prone to tired. ỀThân if fatigue, then the twins birth negativity. body once can have fatigue, weakness, the notion of you being unhappiness, boredom. Ềý if the impurities of birth attached backwards. Whatever beings suffering can be bouncing, it will easily lead to rotten frustrated mood, wants to back down, to fulfill, not energetically austerities. ỀHành has all the setbacks more crimes. you can Take your backwards, not effort anymore, the crime of your company will certainly increase and can be heavy, even more severe.
ỀChỉ has the purity, the peace, the new Leaders don't take that. can you just keep his heart always pure, serene, still, you will be covered by the certificate!

Chapter 35
Net Profile Minh
(Wash Dirty Configuration, Only Looks Brighter)
Language: Chinese: ỀNhư Division staff, only the gas, gas news channels; Learn more about Director's administrative structure, i.e., pure Hy ... can
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀNhư iron man removes waste and then made into a gadget, the gadget is good; a student Leader abandons the infection adjacent almond construction purity may result.
Teaching strategy:
This is the fifth chapter thirty-five. In this chapter, the Buddha teaches: ỀNhư iron man removes waste and then made into a gadget, the gadget is essential. can the iron by fusing raw iron and then decanting filter to remove scum. When the iron is no longer bringing the dregs forged or cast any widgets that are also perfect at all. If you do not weed out waste in the factory, map out the press won't have good qualities.
Similarly, Ềngười learn from the adjacent abandoned contaminated construction happy purity. may all of us, who led the study, austerities, need to remove every dirty thought unclean, out of mind. Once all the infected cell, the stigma of plaque were excluded, then you will get pure Centre, in the morning. If no infection construction except for the reduction, the pure heart will not manifest; just like the scum in the iron if not removed can then work out the essential items of good way. However, if the filter is clean, the iron is no longer waste, it will work out to be the objects with good qualities.
Everyone may be the leader, and one who is also the Director of dùngỂ Ềđồ. However, if you don't mind reducing automobile pollution exclusion, you will not be able ỀchởỂ (load), the Leader was. So, if you want to give your results-achievements, then first of all, you have to stop excluding construction, wash all dirty plaque in mind!
Here, Ềcấu nhiễmỂ i.e. the desire in the mind, especially the idea of identity. Do not put a stop to sexual pleasing news is that infected; exclude lewd lap and that is no longer infectious structures. When the component is no longer contaminated purity, clean Oh the happiness that you are both pure monk. ỀHạnhỂ i.e. Ềhạnh, make administrative practices. If contaminated structures in the mind is not excluding the reduction would not accomplish the purity of the austerities. Do lewd trying is the stigma of UE, and also the second largest desire. In addition, its usage, and the arrogant, facilities, or structures were also infected with the mind. Except for the minor infection profile this is the austerities will Samyutta with relief. Now, you will be able Ềtrở to cộiỂ (reflecting the duty to revert) and recovered the mind of his inherent purity.

Chapter 36
Development Of Switched Plans Thang
(The Enemy Wins)
Language: Chinese: ỀNhân ly Prime Evil's behavior, nan; a prime symbol of celebration, past American news male nan; a prime symbol of male, Green was based spokes stuff done; Mainland China-based spokes character, tools; up being China, Buddha the nan; Directed enlightenment, Buddha directly author nan; Register DAC hung, who credits nan; who signed the credit mania, Bodhi mind nan; up playing Bodhi mind, countless monasteries demonstrate may nan.
Translation: the Buddha taught: 1) ỀNgười out of evil, being that hard; 2) has been made, the female body is male relatives was difficult; 3) have been southern relatives, six full alignment is difficult; 4 flat) six was enough, was born in the center of the country is difficult; 5) was born in the center of the country, met the Buddha's birth was difficult; 6) met the Buddha's birth, to meet the amendment ranks is difficult; 7) have been met, the belief being that hard; 8) have confidence in labour, to play mind Bodhi is difficult; 9) who has Bodhi, which reaches to infinity, infinity is also difficult.
Teaching strategy:
Chapter thirty six spoke about the difficulties such as hard to bring body, hard to be the center of the country, it's hard to see which Charity rank-tri-mode, it's hard to see that the Buddha was born, etc.
The Buddha teaches:
1. ỀNgười from the evil leader, made the difficult. can T evil (three lines) that is hell, ngạ demons and animals being. Get rid of lines and are being done is not easy!
When the Buddha is based, he has once raised a question to the disciples together pondered. What questions? One day, the Buddha caught a handful of ground up and then asked Chu disciples: ỀCác he let Him know: the land of the Palm's much or many places on the Earth? He should have to answer the question of who can own.
All of the Buddha's disciples are a: ỀBạch Germany XLVII Naturally is in the Palm of the Buddha is less than the land on a geological event can be!, manifest, where nothing worthwhile to wonder?
Now, new Buddha told them his disciple ỀSố: beings able to escape the evil trio leader Oh hell, ngạ demons, animals being massively and is making a come back little land held as well in hand; and the beings still vicious in a three-way and not take the body as much as the sandy soil in the timescale may!
This demonstrates that three-way to escape the evil person is not easy.
2. ỀĐã is made, the female body is the body difficult. can be as difficult, however, made man (instead of one) is more difficult than more! But, it is said, from the standpoint of those who want to do the male only Oh because they want to wear male relatives but not yet satisfied so for that hard. Then, to close female friends have trouble? Also hard not least! Whether you prefer to do the best, then you also hardly sure that you will be satisfied, because it is impossible to say for sure!
As the man or the woman is that you have no right to decide or choose. It is not a conversation that she wants to be. So, this is not easy!
3. intimate ỀĐã, suppose you were to man or woman then; six full alignment is difficult. can I don't want to just talk about the Ềđược namỂ body only, because also the desire to bring the other close female friends that! If you get the body you want with sex Oh guys like do man himself, bring men like women who are carrying a female torso Oh i.e. you were not satisfied mind options found that hard anymore. However, as that would be six full installations, complete, neither is easy.
Six one news is the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. There are many who still bear body but died or not. There are guys who, as the deaf, ears is damaged. Or there's the stuffy nostril, nasal ventilation, which should not. The tongue is to taste and say, but there are people who do not speak or don't know the taste is due to the massively damaged blade alignment. Those who are paralyzed, hidden property busts, immobility or move, i.e. their trunk base disintegrates. Or the one Italy suffered disintegrates Oh they can't think and do not understand anything. There is the example of the case of the six units are not yet fully complete.
Six air bases are common integrity, very easy going. There are six new apartment with complete, full hard, very hard.
4. ỀSáu unit has sufficient, complete, no defect Oh eyes an ears, Oh that was born in the center of the country is difficult. can an instance has the same shape eyes and the eye is shaped like the ears, or lips, looks like the eye is your eyes look like lips oh so is disproportionatelyno balance. Or there is the case of one Ềdọn nhàỂ to stay together Oh eye, ear, nose, and mouth are not separated but reunited for a spot as a company wants to do business! Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, which concentrate on one spot together, you see something like that unsightly Lam khôngỂ Song le, there is no other way!
There are six fully justifies and which also was born in the center of the country is the hard part.
In Chinese, the people living in the four northern border around the country as the Female man, North America (West), East-West, heritage velvet. People in the South is called Ềman tửỂ (the savage, profanity), in the North, is called ỀmạchỂ (all), in the East is called Ềdi, also in the West, it is called Ềnhung nhânỂ (the barbarians). That's according to the Division of the Chinese, and the region is considered the lower terrain Ềbiên. can be contentious in northern border is very easy; but to be born in the heart of the Centre of the country is not easy! Like to be born in the heart of the story is not easy. Thus was born in places in the central region of the country is difficult.
5. ỀĐã being in the center of the country, to meet with Buddhist is difficult. can that was born right in the Centre of the country, which is also aimed at containing the Buddha's birth is not easy.
6. ỀĐã met with Buddha, are experiencing high-imitation is the ỀBậc giảỂ can be difficult.-IE Friendly tier-tri-mode. If you were born at the time of the Buddha head, having been born there are Buddhas, but was happy to get Good ranks-tri-thứcỒ who had Led and Directed the upcoming amendment yourself can also order. This is not easy at all, so, Ềđược met Senior ranks-let's make that hard.
7. ỀĐã met, trigger signal is difficult. can already meet and understand the Dharma, was overrun during the monastic disciplines and Leaders, that if you can run the trust again is not easy. It is possible that you have met, but you don't mind not being faithful, austerities. If there is no Center signal delivery has met with Leaders admitting Oh by meeting and then you still don't trust you like have never met.
8. ỀĐã who trust boots, Bodhi mind is difficult. can whether you being willing to trust, which wants French Ềy tu hànhỂ is still not easy. Because that just alone! There are many who believe the Dharma, but when did they take care of austerities, they don't want to. Don't say anything else, just an internal rule, quit smoking, which Lam also do not change! Remove the injured that United did not lay charges should not quit wow vows!
A! Being run again is tough, but even you have had credit consciousness and then, wanting to play mind Bodhi back harder than Oh you can't Ềy France may tu.
9. ỀĐã plays mind Bodhi, are null and the champion may tu. assuming you have found Bodhi mind. Trigger Bodhi mind is bothersome, but keep as you have done already. However, reaching a realm is no longer anything to order, nothing to prove, Ềsở work of preventive measures, the real-life climate change hữuỂ (things to do are done, no longer having to rollover again) is more and more difficult!
ỀVô tu chứngỂ tu radio news is, has demonstrated the DAC and then; so, without further amendment Oh like well fed and didn't need to eat more, or is your bedroom, then you don't need to sleep more.
Why tu tu Ềvô the Securities Act innocent? can It i.e. reached the invisible-(no longer anything to learn), were Four-A-la-Han. This is explained in view of the minor-redundant.
Under the gaze of the endlessly-tu Ềvô chứngỂ, which means were Buddha-fruit, and then:
Infinite possibilities for Senate Leadership, Buddhism
Down loads being available.
(Above is no longer directed to Buddha,
Under such beings to.)
It was Bourn Ềvô tu loads, these can be and the more difficult to reach.
So, with regard to the issue, if you don't understand the Dharma does not say what to do, but if you understand the Dharma, are rushing effort the austerities!

Chapter 37
Recite The Moral Myopia
(Remember Thinking Is Close To The Leader)
Language: Chinese: ỀPhật clutch Christian celebration of breasts, maize corn, all DAC Management results. In the opinion, normally however description of corn, corn, corn sex, real estate general consensus was also religious.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀPhật in Our way a few thousand miles but remember thinking of It, all will witness covered by the outcome; also in the right sidebar to the left, but is usually seen, but none of US Census health ended will not be covered by the acquisition.
Teaching strategy:
Chapter thirty-seven says that if you would wholeheartedly believes in the precepts of Buddha, though you have in the way of Buddha to how far organisation also still like being in front of him; If you do not believe and do not hold lifetime precepts of Buddha, then the oil has to be constantly in front of Buddha, you will not see the Buddha, for example, to be French! This is similar to the teachings of Germany Held the Record of his ỀNếu: Lily 's, though in a One to ten thousand eight thousand miles of road that remain the same are in next to him. But if he doesn't believe Him, but he's always on the side of Us that such separation Is the ten thousand eight thousand miles the road!, that was great And also the intent of this chapter.
The Buddha teaches: ỀPhật-Tu is One of several thousand miles and still remember thinking of It, all will Act as certification-may result. the Buddha taught that disciples of ỀNhững ourselves in the way We are far, far away the few thousand miles way, if they can always remember, never forget thinking about the law of Oneand, if maintained properly according to the law, then they will show are result-in the can.
ỀCòn in at the right side to the left, the disciples kept his side, although often seen but not y, my gender is ended will not be Leaders said. Although they always get It, but if they're not well as precepts of One set out that tu, do not readily show was also religious.
Part of this literature shows that if you do well according to the teachings of the Buddha and austerities in accordance with Dharma, you are the first-foot Buddha's primary e-Oh you will often see the Buddha, often to study Buddhism. By contrast, if you do not hold lifetime precepts, you also missed the chance to forward sewing as usual!
Erstwhile, two foreign-Flag as he masters dunqiu County Three-la-complaint (Varanasi) want to defend to Amnesty-cult (Shravasti) saw the Buddha. both walking and have to pass the long chasms. Along the way, they feel very thirsty; for that there is no way to go further. When they are about to die of thirst, then suddenly found in the front, there is a little standing water in a human skull! A Flag-raising dunqiu County shooting took the skulls and carry up to drink, and then give other teachers. The teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County because of standing water that is found in the skull, moreover, in many countries the Tomb to toss, maggots, beetles should be denied, do not drink.
He first asked then-Spleen dunqiu County: ỀTại copy I don't drink! Watch out for is that you can die of thirst!
The teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County kia a: ỀVì in the precepts of the Lord Buddha had taught not to drink the water there are steering wheel thrown, maggots bugs. I would rather be killed for drinking water never do things that this worm maggots! I would like to follow their precepts austerities. can
The teacher Bhikkhu first dunqiu County-said: ỀThầy it is silly! He is about to die of thirst and Oh if I drink water, can also meet Buddha; did not drink, then he will have to die of thirst. The teacher must know a little flexibility, should not such bigotry! can See say so that other teachers still insist is not good to drink, drink then-the first Bhikkhu dunqiu County has water residue; and when you keep going, I feel so much better in person.
The teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County Monday, who refuses to drink the water, fuel-thirsty died along the way. Thanks to dedicated maintenance should limit after his death, he was delivering up the pool the executioner-and has the full approval of the Prime Minister of the heaven (Angels). From heaven the executioner, he walked Buddha and Buddha architectural cult sermon to listen. Now, he is elected French Net Label and be result-.
Meanwhile, the teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County drinking water in his skull three days later to be Property of water-protection. The teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County died of thirst, then be cult of Buddhist architecture teacher evening died and then been result-. Three minutes later, the teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County did not die of thirst also arrived and to question cult Buddha Buddhist master architect: ỀÔng ... come from? How many people went to him? He goes the way of peace both in may?
The teacher Bhikkhu-ỀBạch with other Buddhist dunqiu County: the German ladies XLVII The Three foreign-la-complaint to. The road to this very remoteness; along the road have to pass a place entirely without drinking water. Later on, finding little water remaining in a skull, and he drank a little pause. While the amendment to go with their children as seen in country's tombs have thrown, maggots, beetles are not good to drink, so that died of thirst. The larvae are also by him no good with the Buddha should die without new meet Buddha!, he's also bigotry too. Please accept in advance of him too! can
Other teachers say, the Buddha called the teacher Bhikkhu-dunqiu County died of thirst for other teachers to meet and teach: ỀChính in the day that he was by birth a checking up the Sun and enjoying the life of a very long network of human nature. He came to France-Festival of Ta, and it was the sermon for him to hear. Now he has proven to be results-! He's cooking, he States, he really is silly! He does not keep the precepts of Buddha, but he was having One that does meet. That's because he's not the real thing, not the mind, not strictly maintained precepts! can
Through this project can see that whether you are in front of the Buddha or not, if you always follow austerities precepts of Buddha, i.e. have you seen Buddhas. Conversely, if you are not Buddhist's precepts in medicine that it has no convent next to the Buddha or any other did met the Buddha!

Chapter 38
Being That Owners Kill
(There Being All That Kill)
The Buddha advised Sa-: ỀNhân in late may?
For writing: the Japanese may ỀSổ.
Buddha quotations: ỀTử the Prophet may.
Offers the most problem Sa-ỀNhân: in late may?
For writing: real ỀPhạn ... can
Buddha quotations: ỀTử the Prophet may.
Offers the most problem Sa-ỀNhân: in late may?
For writing: ỀHô cleaning ... can
Buddha quotations: ỀThiện tai! Tu tri tells Leaders ... can
The Buddha asked the Sa-ỀMạng: people can?
Take that: ỀThưa, in the next few days can
The Buddha teaches: ỀÔng not understand Ethics! can
To ask a Sa-others: ỀMạng who is also how long?
Address: ỀThưa, during a meal. you can
The Buddha teaches: ỀÔng not understand also.
To ask a Sa-others: ỀMạng who is also how long?
Address: ỀThưa, in may a breath.
The Buddha teaches: ỀLành instead! He understands and can Act!
Teaching strategy:
The Buddha asked the Sa-ỀMạng: who is? can here, Buddha intentionally put out a response problem. The Buddha did not need to ask other people about this issue, and also not because he does not know should need to ask the master Sa-Division to get a clear answer. In fact, by knowing that no one knew the names of the human network can last for how long, so the new Buddha intend to ask Mr. Sa-ỀMạng: who was? He said that people can live how long?
Take that, Mr. Sha-white sport with the Buddha, saying, ỀThưa, in a few days. As long as a few minutes is going to be dead. No matter where life may very well!
The Buddha taught, the Buddha tells the master Sa-ỀÔng that this subject is not understood. He is yet to understand the Moral! can
The Buddha asked a Sa-other subjects: ỀMạng men Beings how long human network can be long? a?
Take that, Mr. Sha-white subjects with Buddhism: ỀThưa, during a meal. you can literally eat out in time by finishing a feast, being human network can no longer!
The Buddha taught. The Buddha told him: ỀÔng not understand. can He still does not understand the Guide!
The Buddha asked a Sa-others: ỀMạng who is? can in time how long does human life ends?
Take that, Mr. Sa-will this Buddha replies: ỀThưa, within a breath of human networks can be Tho ... only a breath away loads!
Buddha's teachings, the Buddha tells the band Sa 's: ỀLành instead! Very good place! He has to understand and Act so he can articulate them. be Direct!
Erstwhile, at Home-have a foreign religious leader. Pagan sects often cultivate various types of asceticism; as the Citadel of Taurus-(of beef), hold the crane operator-(of the dogs), who then retrieved the ashes smeared all over her mẩy, the nail bed bed ...They cultivate the tutelage of anuttarayoga, self flagellation in all forms. By contrast, the Buddhist Bhikkhu dunqiu County scheduled it-looks Srinivas, and they don't have to practice the same suffering.
Thus, the last time he asked the disciples of the Buddha: ỀTrẫm believes that although the pagan faction tu much suffering like that, they are still the exception is greed to lust. Bhikkhu-dunqiu County physicians arbitrarily like that, how that paragraph except that are lewd and affliction? Certainly the master can't do the subtraction can be!
Have a taste of France-the King answered that: ỀXin Stands-down tell invoke a prisoner to death and incarcerated in prison, and thou ỀTrẫm give you a bowl of oil. You must carry this oil Bowl with both hands and go across the street. While going, if thou disturb one drops out of the bowl, I will give thee out executions; also if you don't spill a drop of oil at all, then when you go back, I will be thy death and the forgiveness of sins will be released next May.-lower Platform, let some of us females to males singing on the road that will carry the oil Bowl Sin Eater have to go through. Wait until the prisoner is notable dead end other crimes, Stands-down look at the oil Bowl. If the oil had been poured, then, of course, is that he must be killed. However, if a single drop of oil, nor to pour, then Mounts-lower ask he see what along the way, try to see him respond may.
The King then do so. The King called for a prisoner who has been sentenced to ỀHôm being present and thy House: the will was executed, but this Threw for thee a chance could be guilty of death. How the process? I'll give you a bowl of oil; and you have to carry the bowl of oil on their hands that come March through the streets. If you don't let a single drop of oil out of the par, then return, you will be exonerated. Also if you do pour a drop of oil, then at the back, I will comply with the judgment that the execution of the ye! So you go try out.!CAN
The prisoners on the orders of King. After he went off the road and back, his oil Bowl is still intact, not spilling a drop!
The King brought him ask: ỀKhi go on the street, you've seen what? can
The row a: ỀTôi not see anything other than the oil Bowl! Me my ticket on engraved bat watching oil, keep the oil away from the comparisons out. Except for the oil in this bowl, I did not see nor hear anything. you can
The King asked the French to: ỀNhư that is implying what? can
The monk responds: ỀNgười row's such as the Sa-level home goalkeeper Oh by notice of birth death is the more important issue, at all, so they don't have time to look into ideas. They only think about birth and death, similar to the other row so massively if negligence is determined to out a drop of oil or a bit of negativity, they must be killed. The Sa-home goalkeeper also oh why they may be the exception to be lewd? Because they see the problem being killed is important! Why is the layman might not end up happy amorous sexual identity? Because they could not understand the problem of birth, not knowing that electronic delivery is a great job. Therefore, they are not the exception may be lustful heart.
Why do you Act without amendment the exception being lustful mind? Because you are not aware that the primary footer the impermanence of the birth will happen. If you know the names of my impermanent probably urgent manner for contentious issues, you will certainly not have the time to run the good idea about good sex, nor time to bring forth negativity about he issue!

Chapter 39
The Foreign Teacher Loads Wrong
(The Commandments Which Doesn't Distinguish)
Classical Buddhist languages: ỀHọc, Director: Buddha's language preferences, the choice of units. Countries such as China, the real editor of the omen, Wu Jing Heron may.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀNgười School of Buddhism, the Buddha is said to be so again. Such as eating, there are sweet; our classics too. can
Teaching strategy:
Chapter thirty-nine taught that we should believe and hold life all Buddhist scriptures. we should not distinguish Great excess Primary excess-or wood cutting-(Presto) or (slow), or from the Minister an important measure of any business and would not matter. A clerk who engenders so much racist!
All the classics because the Buddha preached in General were not out of the right stuff and giáo2-giáo3. The right-are speaking out is because of the Real-life. Because of the new Flowering of Buddhist religious preaching should be Entitled to. If talking about the right-a meticulously detailed, it will display food-religion; so, the right time and in fact just one!
People learn the Dharma should not distinguish Great-admit, Sub-. So, while in Los Angeles told the Polish Flag from the Prince of dunqiu County-that: ỀTrong Dharma which has no distinction between General-and Sub-. There's over is because of the Buddha-the Buddha some teacher-bigotry, not want to foot the Chief Buddhist scholar, divides into to the U.s., became the real Buddha's disciple may taste the main intention ... of this chapter.
The Buddha teaches: ỀNgười School of Buddhism, the Buddha is said to be so again. All of you, those who study Buddhism, all must trust and follow the Scriptures, the Buddha Dhamma sermon by that issue, do so with care.
Such as eating, there are sweet; our classics too. The molasses in the middle of the sweet on the side of sweet as well; the outside and inside are the same sweet taste, just like your teacher. The classics do We preach is true ' laboratory, giving permission to display a real ' Oh because plant – which proclaimed the right to religion and established the right to manifest religious education teacher-Made goods to massively beings, which all established Buddhist Leader! All of this may lead.

Chapter 40
Acts In Mind
(To Practice)
Language: Chinese: ỀSa-Taoist disciplines, such as ma, burdock, but ethical, illegal Act. Director, Center for ethical use of prefabricated HA? can
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀBậc Sa-ethical subjects don't like Buffalo pulled INDICUM, however acts but again did not comply. If the mind is nothing ethical? can
Teaching strategy:
Chapter forty stated that the amendment is not the center of the form. If not involved in, only the parade outside, then we will just as Buffalo pulled smoothly on any ground water tables massively around the mills, miết her to pull back and forth, never leaving the House, ground rice.
The Buddha teaches: ỀBậc Sa-ethical subjects don't like Buffalo pulled tennis grind. can the teacher Bhikkhu-Taoist monastery-upper dunqiu County Championship should not be same as Buffalo pulled the tennis grind Oh for the grinding House rú lullabies to pull back and forth, around the side walk and stay involved, there's going to be to the outside.
ỀTuy eco-ethical but didn't mind religious. you can But that's external you austerities under Oh our Buddhist, chanting, keep Notes, but inside, your heart does not do well and not paying attention to the poor.
What are the Islam Center ỀNếu acts. you can If your heart truly wants to order, if you can order a Director does run good idea, and if you can always stay in the States, you need something to be ethical? In this case, you do not cultivate Moral mind!
Here implies that you have been offering mind. If in you no longer raised expectations the best ideas start exercise again, the concerns have been subduing it. Also if you go run the excellent idea of hope, despite the outward bravado, gentle, honest, but the inside is not honest, best story ideas every hope Center Foundation; the appearance though there are nice things is not helpful at all!
So, austerities should focus in mind. Offering the mind were the fruit taste very quickly. If you don't mind offering, for initiating the expected idea of sexual identity, you like Buffalo pulled tennis grind Oh for marching on the millstone that drags to pull back, but runs best hard cannot escape, did not escape the grind!

Chapter 41
Online Educational Excellence
(Straight End Except Desire)
Language: Chinese: ỀPhù en Direct, such as extra intensive action, burdock, Middle Guinea. The envelope, feeling a real friendly problem description. Export capability has become stagnant, glass bowl. Sa-contemporary subjects in a sexual relation exist, even stagnant, users in mind, its long line Hy. can
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀNgười acts such as Buffalo bore heavy going in deep mud. Fatigue strength of Buffalo, did not dare to look at left; out of place then muddy the message. UG Sa-keeper must contemplate muddy than sex. To consider the Act to be the sole line.
Teaching strategy:
In the forties of this fad, the Buddha taught us to use the hub directly to the tu religious and moral thoughts. In each, we should take the ring exit their target sex. love and desire is muddy; We need to get out of the mud puddles.
The Buddha teaches: ỀNgười acts, all, the monastery, such as Buffalo bore heavy going in deep mud. can on his back was full of very heavy objects, to have to wade through very deep mud puddles, water buffalo gets bogged down, doesn't pull the pins out of this leg is drawn up by every wow then the other leg sunk down; pull the other leg, two legs are back with more in depth!
ỀTrâu fatigue strength, not daring to look to the left at Buffalo as extremely tired ... tired to weary, so much so that it does not dare to look at both sides.
ỀRa of place then muddy the message. can only come when you have to wade through mud hauling, new Buffalo seemed disengaged, slightly relaxed.
ỀBậc Sa, the Sa-home goalkeeper Oh Bhikkhu dunqiu County flag-dunqiu County ni Oh must contemplate sex than muddy mud puddles can be compared to ... muddy, feel sexual desire and the sexual identity of prospects is harmful, less scary! So, Ềphải users in mind, is a pleasing one, only an upright mind to think about and the new amendment to the Act can escape the inevitable suffering, anguish can be bogged down.

Chapter 42
Meet The As Huyễn
(To Understand The Life Of Fictional Huyễn)
Language: Chinese: ỀNgô the United most of the genera, such as beyond the ceiling; the Leo ngõa as security costs; the complete information element serves as a Ginkgo-currency; the great heaven as one hectare; the A-nậu marine maintenance and updates you can.
Translation: the Buddha taught: ỀTa view the United, virtually dust through the loophole; view gold as precious turquoise tile brick break; see the dress with silk like fabric; see the heavenly world, such as a particle ha; view the lake water A-nậu oil DAB.
Teaching strategy:
Chapter forty-two, the last chapter, the Buddha stated that the equality of all observers in France and shattered all previous approvals of beings. One hundred years in the time employees we just a day and a night in the pool the donation-Benefit; one lives in the world we had just a day and a night in a negative world-Touch only. So, all of which are huyễn, not the real thing.
The Buddha teaches: ỀTa view the United, virtually dust through the loophole. can ỀVươngỂ be-United's sole, of a country. ỀHầuỂ, Ềchư, or hầuỂ, was the King of a small country (vassal). Compared with the base-the Chu-Hou had less to lose an Oh-God, as well as the total-and the vassals such as The head. In General, there are very high status, right to you. However, Buddha view status-Client and-most are like dust in the holes so Oh are worth anything, and also there is nothing worthwhile to accept in advance, so only the grains of dust in the gap!
ỀXem gold, precious gems like tile brick break. can the Buddha looking for things of gold, silver, jade, as well as with tiles. For him, the Board was not the first fragments of the tile House!
ỀXem dress made of rough fabrics such as silk ... can The Silk handmade costume is the most beautiful clothing, while the Buddha was only considered rough piece of fabric torn off, there is nothing worthwhile to accept in advance!
ỀXem represents the natural world as a whole can be considered Buddha. astronomical heavenly kingdoms in the world greater by a ha! (Ha ha-is the left's l-very small size and only the left Lac district fillings or the roasted-na).
Nậu ỀXem A-lake water as oil DAB may foot. water in the Lake A-nậu (Anavatapa), which is a lot, But the Buddha saw it with little oil enough to DAB away rather much.
The moral is yet to recommend that we give permission in advance. You don't so something is also said to be important, and being requested to accept before a worthy too. Every good before, can not let go, it will not be covered by the achievements-results!
Chinese: ỀThị capacitors and chemistry subjects such as media; the Senate Infinite romantic white needle-like Inheritance; the Buddhist Leader as with flower; the Meditation such as the Tu-di; the Nirvana as the President shall stay; the class of weapon as the long Island District; the equally as-foot venue; the Hung Hoa as the four rustic period. can
Translation: ỀXem media subjects as piles of Board present; see Senate Infinite dream-like Golden silk Waste; view the Buddha as the United Front; see Meditation as head of Tu-di; see Nirvana as the day and night are available; see the island and district six dragon dance; see the Best places – such as equality; view the four-season plants such as may.
Teaching strategy:
ỀXem media subjects as piles of Board present. may all the widgets on the life are made of furniture. Furniture and precious material is seven; Gold, silver, glass, Crystal, far from CU, leash, agates.
In the Polar world-Lost ground, both with gold's net. When Bo-slapped as the Buddha Maitreya, our land will turn into Yuri. At present, the Earth of ours is made of soil, rock, so it's tough. For all the universe, if you see them as well, they will be good, and if you think they are bad, they will also be subject to concerns that transform. Everything is Ềduy mind hiệnỂ property from its base in massively yourself turned out; Therefore, you do not let yourself be enchanted by a false-or damaged.
What is false, unreal expectations? All the exterior General (Foreign Minister) were damaged, only a name of yourself is really true! So, don't be so disappointed chânỂ Ềchấp me Oh do not cling to the theory that temporarily forget the honest!
Division of media i.e. France-Mon T-Admit because He lettered sets, including France's media Kavin, text-Sound-, Portuguese-slapped. If being austerities under the disciplines would be proof the fruit-, its pilot Plant Ềvi Buddha Buddha. QuyềnỂ massively because of the Franco-Plant which proclaimed the right to education, taking temporary teaching as to lead to the true Dhamma, cabbage and drain. So, You see the media disciplines like a pile of Board was turned out.
The French Senate ỀXem dream of Infinite Excess gold-silk-like. Invisible upper can be true-it is Redundant, and is also the moral stuff available in the names of beings. By just staying in and not out of mind being, so says:
ỀViên meet Bodhi, which won the prime basis. may
Once the Bodhi has fullness, the enlightenment was perfect, then what is no longer available. Hence, the Buddha considered Infinitely-Redundant like gold and silver, silk is in Vedic astrology. The gold and silver in the mine are all fake, are huyễn.
ỀXem Buddha as United ahead. can all be mentioned in the Lead because that means that Buddhism was first class. If there is no divine Lady of Buddhism Led to become useless; Hence called micro-ỀVô. ỀVô-the Infinite range of French can-run diệtỂ Oh no being run which did not have the President kills Oh nor truth, like flowers spotted in vain. Thus, Buddha view Buddha Directed otherwise would Ềkhông hoaỂ, spotted in mid-air.
ỀXem Meditation as head of Tu-Tu-di. promote Mountain can move on the surface of the sea and no waves wind can unshakable to it. The fourth amendment required Meditation Ềbất force độngỂ mount Tu-di. In fact, the mountain of Tu-di is not a true solution to privileged documents; It is not an example for comparison only. When the results were true, you will see everything is there!
The Buddha said: ỀTa media watch as piles of Board present. make for the Buddha, the Ềvi Pilot Plant media traditions, giving permission to display a ThựcỂ like a mixture of the Board being turned out.
The French Senate ỀXem dream of Infinite Excess gold-silk-like. can the Buddha view France-Senate infinite scraps like a dream seen gold, silver, Board.
ỀXem Buddha as the United Front of Buddha Buddha visualizations can be ... well as light ahead, not some­thing is real at all.
ỀXem Meditation as head of Tu-di. Buddha Meditation can be considered as the mountain of Tu-di standing in the water, not waggle, staggered.
ỀXem Nirvana as the day and night are available. the Buddha can see traditions Nirvana like all day and all night, awake, don't sleep well.
ỀXem the island and district six dragon dance performance. can for the Buddha, the insanity and considerable finances like a glider six dancing dragons. When you have crazy Island, Mainland-based (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) then run under the realm of Lu-Chen (colour, sound, scent, taste, tactile, France). Now, six units like the six dragons are lucky dance winding way.
ỀXem equality as One-foot Buddha. disciplines can be treated equally like-foot site Oh the foundation of honesty.
ỀXem the four-season plants such as Xinghua. can the Buddha hung Hoa Dharma, Dharma Ocean zoom, just like the trees in the four seasons. In the spring, the buds of trees. Into the summer, the trees grow, grow up; through the autumn leaves fall; and the winters and sometimes shoots inert tree leaves. Therefore, the flourishing of Dharma also has, in its time.
The Buddha preaching as if to teach people not to accept the first at something. That means that every available euro basis, could not reach the scene about not Ềnhân, France khôngỂ. That means that no man of class and method are not massively with their look, there are people, Yes.
Want to show your results Saint row acquisition, you need to see the French and which are not. Not seen, not seen in France, the first of the who and the advance into France is not available. They both sat acceptance before does not exist i.e. you have to break all the executive departments, understand the moral of the emptiness of all things. So, who's not and it also is not. If you do not see the person is not, can not demonstrate such spirit and was found to be otherwise is not able to reach our location every human spirit!
The Buddha taught this program aims to teach us to give up all hope, accept the first. If you let go of all that will achieve your self at the foot of the Chief Justice. To achieve the primary footer in IE achieve primary leg freedom. Get the freedom, Chief of foot you want to live, to live, to die, to die. Come, go freely; to access arbitrary. freedom of action, freedom in all things, completely bound. This is the primary foot freedom rather than artificially free stuff!

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