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The familiar image of the iconic man of domestication, herd really good example for inclusion in the method of Buddhist teaching. Therefore, the herd has been mentioned several times in the time of the Buddha during his lifetime. The herd has continued to be present also in the methods of teaching the word of the patriarchs, the teacher through the generations, in many national level.
At the Asian agricultural country like India, China, Vietnam, etc ..., over thousands of years, buffalo is familiar image, and help close as an important part in the daily life of farmers.
Buddhism started from India and spread to neighboring countries in Asia, so in the classical tradition as well as in teaching from the Buddha to the latter are visible image buffalo.
The familiar image of the iconic man of domestication, herd really good example for inclusion in the method of Buddhist teaching. Therefore, the herd has been mentioned several times in the time of the Buddha during his lifetime. The herd has continued to be present also in the methods of teaching the word of the patriarchs, the teacher through the generations, in many national level.
* Buffalo prospects such as crazy mind
The process of domestication of buffaloes in order for it from nature aggressive, brutal and cruel as wild animals become gentle, patient, diligent and take recovery in humans is a process not only distinguishable education in the real world application of the empirical world, but also symbolic in terms of teaching and spiritual transformation in the Buddhist world. In that sense, the ignorance of sentient mind, of man with the delusion of buffalo which start from a similar background ignorance. Both are not enlightened as his real heart. They both live under the false mind crazy from countless lifetimes. Both were ignorant bosses dictate without knowing it. But both the nature of capital available super Vietnamese Buddhist or wakefulness. Both can achieve enlightenment and liberation. Both will become a Buddha.
Therefore, in Reviews Mahayana Awakening of Faith, Ma Ming bodhisattva specified sentient beings contain two profound meaning: a truth is true mind is the mind as any birth and death; both the birth and death are false mind is the mind crazy. Buffalo such as false mind crazy. The practice of transforming it like shepherds who herd, which come to birth and death are false mind taming it. Because that, practice certification process is the process of transforming it from outlook to foot, from infertility to birth and death are killing, mother-to-treatment, results from our birth to Buddha. But that process of transforming it, as the basis of the religious body that has cut down the shop, with high and low, with shallow depth.
Depending on the radical and the object, when the Buddha took the body and mind convince the world to do the standard method. Sometimes the Buddha to take the projector pointing through intellectual opinions nature is key. Many of the Kinh Thanh Van Thua of Buddha subduing only legal body and mind by way of the world. Like the following story from the Business Reporter of the Niu Ekottaragama, but later in Reviews Dai Tri Do, Bodhisattva Nagarjuna also recounted in the book 2, chapter 3 Ba Ba Gia explanation. (Please open parenthesis to note about Ba Ba Gia noun. Sanskrit is Bhagavat. Services term is negative by Han Pham Gia Bac, Ba Gia Pham, Ba Gia Ba. Services means the Han language is Huu Duc Huu Thanh Danh, Power Break, The Sun. This is one of 10 brands of the Buddha are: Tathagata, Together, Turn Right Tri, Minh Hanh Further, celestial bodies, the World award, Supreme Si, Article fishing Phu Thien Sphinx , the Blessed Buddha.)
* Buddha teaching: from 11 to herd
The story is that, that year, King Bimbisara (Bimbisara) of Magadha country (Magadha), a country in Central India during the Buddha, the mind has the holders quarter and 500 offerings to Buddhist monk 3 months full retreat. Therefore, the king was required to supply buffalo milk of buffaloes in many countries. At the end of Lent, because he wanted to create conditions for those blessed buffalo breeding, should King Bimbisara had to call all people to have the rearing of buffaloes to the Buddha. When informed of the king, many shepherds said one to another, to meet the Buddha on the occasion they will try to see the Buddha is rumored Setting most knowledgeable, know what, there are true or not. Then they talk together. Many of them say that Samana Gautama was born into the Police to the core, grew up to be learned and mastered everything from quarter-mail Vedic mathematics to astronomical numbers, from philosophy to religion, from education to society, from logic to problem, what he has said. We can not bring these things to test him. The only the shepherds, small and great work that he had not known, the problem can hardly be his. Such decisions, who herd together go to the Truc Lam Monastery, where the Buddhist monk and 500 are settled.
On arrival, the shepherds saw the congregation are numerous letters monk, of the laity, Brahmin, Damage to the core, etc. ... neatly groomed sat in silence. In front was a large congregation, the Court Kim Cang, pure Buddha is situated. Looks, perfect clarity, moral dread brilliant, compassionate look, style themselves as the mountain Meru at the imposing solemnity of the Buddha, who immediately starts herd mind in admiration. They came close, going three laps around the Buddha, as reverently think of India at that time, then sat down at a party together. Then, representatives of the shepherds asked the Buddha:
- Ladies and Samana Gotama, who have little herd of buffaloes achievements to more and more peaceful?
Buddha calmly replied:
- Hey you, there are ten to a herd of buffaloes made ​​much more stable and secure. What are the eleven? It is best known, said Minister, know the anatomy, that cover the wound, that smoked, knew the road well, know the appropriate place buffalo, said smart carry-over, that peaceful place, that hold milk, buffaloes know Princess. If the eleven shepherds know this may make more buffaloes and peace.
- Why is it called that color? Is that sharp black, white, heterochromatic.
- Why is it called that minister? Is that good or buffalo has no general good minister, as with other buffaloes that human Minister said.
- Why is it called that dissection? As the buffalo were the same blood type exposes the wound, while excluding harmful dissected, their cheerfulness.
- Why is it called that cover the wound? As they came cloth, grass, leaves to prevent mosquito gull injection site burning.
- Why is it called that smoked? Smoked gull is to eliminate mosquitoes, buffalo is focused away from the smoke in the home.
- Why is it called that way? Buffalo head that way good or bad.
- Why is it called buffalo know the appropriate place? Is known as the buffalo breeding, secure, less sick ..
- Why is it called that smart carry-over? Know where to find easy in, easy over, no waves, the same poison.
- Why is it called that peaceful place? Accommodation that does not have a tiger, lion, evil germs, poison animals.
- Why is it called that keep the milk? Buffalo buffalo mother thought I should love to milk. As the milk should retain a happy mother buffalo, serial no dry time, the buffalo herd on the date and useful.
- Why is it called that raise buffalo lord? Protection of large male buffalo, buffalo preserve it, should be raised not to thin, to drink sesame oil, he lost jewelry, signs with the prisoners-and iron, rubbing know, praise, etc. ...
(Excerpts Reviews Dai Tri The Bodhisattva Nagarjuna wrote, translated Kumarajiva Han, Thich Thien Vietnam Super translation.)
When the shepherds heard the Buddha teaches a herd of ten proficiency so they admire. They thought, whether professionals with buffalo seasoned experience they can only know three or four of the same, how can we know ten such a herd. The shepherds said that he was so distinctly as do the other things he did not know. Therefore, they believe that Buddha is the most Tri Set.
* 11 ways to advance the professional practice
People who ask about how buffalo herd, the Buddha taught ten bhikkhus tell you a dues over body and mind, advancing from the industry. Business Reporter Nguou in Ekottaragama text recounts the Buddha's teaching monk as follows:
" Also, as the herd, eleven monks accomplished without losing legal weather, not become a full stop. Eleven monks achievements such measures, even in the present law, a lot of benefits. What are the eleven? Here, monks know best, that minister, said brush stroke, that cover the wound, said bacon, good to know there are lots of grass fields, know lovely, said selected path, know where to cross the river, said glass monks but on their elders worship.
What is the best monks know? Here, monks know four great colors, and also by the four elements that create identity. It's called the monks know best.
What is the general monks know? Here, monks know stupid minister, said general location; know as truth. Thus, monks minister said.
What is brush stroked monks know? Here, monks starting sexual thoughts in mind, and he said being apart, not close, no sexual thoughts forever. When pitch ideas, bad ideas, the evil unwholesome thoughts arise, and he said detachment, not body weight, permanent things thoughts are not available. Thus, monks said brush stroke.
What is known monks concealed the wound? Here, when he saw monks flourishes best without thought, is not infected before, which makes purification label basis, except for the legal removal of evil evil, sorrow advantages, do not crave attention, in which the household labels basis. Also, when the ear heard monks, incense smelling nose, tongue tasting, smooth body that, without starting legal mind that thought form, nor previous infections, but pure consciousness. Thus, monks know the wound covered.
How, monks knew smoked? Here, the monks said to others that I've heard law. Thus, the monks knew smoked.
How, monks knew well that there are lots of grass field? Here, eight monks as they really know the products Hien Thanh. Thus, the monks knew well that there are lots of grass fields.
How lovely monks know precious? Here, bhikkhus heard that legal protection Tathagata has said, in my instant favorite. Thus, monks lovely you know.
How, monks said selected path? Here, monks against 12 divisions of the said act choices. That is, economic Khe, Ky-stomach, feeling the, shelf, causes and conditions, you lose, The colleges, for example, birth experience, theory, spectroscopy, patriarch of the organic law. Thus, monks said selected path.
How, monks know where the river? Here, monks know the four foundations of mindfulness. That monks knew where to cross the river. What, monks eat just enough no? Here, monks have her brāhmaṇa, strong-she-rules, are those who have faith, to appeal. Monks do not take food, can know enough to stop. Bhikkhu, so is enough.
How, monks monks reverently customize their elders? Here, monks in good faith by every body, speech and mind of the elder monks. So depending on the supply monks monks serving elders.
Eleven monks legal achievements such right in the Constitution, a lot of benefits. "
(From Business Ekottaragama, Products 49, reporter Niu, Thich Duc Thang translation, proofreading and Thich Tue Sy comment.)
* Vehicles goats, deer away, and Buffalo vehicles
The French Noble Mahayana Sutra Lotus (Mahayana Sutra Saddharma pundarika), Product Example 3, the Buddha, clearly intended to "meeting the most tam provisions," that is brought about First Three Thua Thua, tells the story of father to save the children love playing in the house fire is by offering three beautiful and splendid carriage stimulate likes most of the children so that they run out of the house. The fire only for the three worlds (three worlds): sex, gender identity and formless. Three vehicles are trucks, goats, deer and motor vehicle buffalo. Vehicle to symbolize Thanh Van Thua. Deer Vehicle Pratyekabuddha represents. Buffalo car best only Mahayana Buddhist Vehicle.
The vow of the Buddha has been elaborated in Food Media Monday of the Lotus Sutra that, "The Buddha was born as a major causal beings is to be made ​​open, just described, understood and penetrated the wisdom of the Buddha. "
Buddha is intellectual knowledge enlightenment and liberation ignorance of suffering affliction. Thua Buddha is single target and that the ultimate. Or in other words, the Buddha was born as to make them living Buddha. Except a Buddha out no other way can clean off the roots of ignorance and suffering radical liberation. Major objectives and benefits should be spread to all sentient beings are inherited together. With that ideal, the suicide themselves were unable to complete the noble mission of the Buddha that need to be extended to the international road of all beings. Way that is Mahayana. Buffalo is the Mahayana vehicle, large vehicle, the vehicle can carry more people.
The buffalo used cars to the Mahayana vehicle icon brings many profound significance. First, the buffalo were domesticated animals. Buffalo image associated with the lives of people. It goes into the daily life of each person, each family. Get the animal buffalo to pull carts Mahayana speaks to the mass and universal, the popular ideal of a Buddha. Monday, buffalo is powerful animals make is the sled to haul many things achieved, many people, tirelessly. Mahayana buffalo carts can carry so many sentient beings to go on the way from ordinary to become a Buddha. Third, the buffalo, as noted above, represents the mind of ignorance of sentient beings. Buddhist path of departing from sentient beings to the Buddha-mind, from a living stage started preliminary development bodhicitta until complete enlightenment and liberation. Therefore, our wagon load of children going from one river (test bank) suffering to ignorance on the other side (shore) to be enlightened peace wagon sentient beings, ie buffalo carts, and then once in transformed into enlightened mind, or Buddha Thua perfect vehicle.
* The buffalo in the last teachings of the Buddha
That night nirvana at the sala trees (Salavana) in Kusinara (Kushinagar), the Buddha, in his last reminding monk for monks, also has taught:
"The monk, have or hold the pure precepts; also need to know how self-made, not for the five-year leakage current pursuit of desire. Like the buffalo, bird watching whip, is of saving the buffalo from galvanized people eat rice. "
(Kinh final teaching of the Buddha, the Kinh Di Catholic News, Thich Tri Tibetan translation.)
Take action held whips watch it from buffalo to eat rice coating of comparison to illustrate the actions refrained from year to year basis the desire to run is just such a specific style, flexibility, both international Second, profound. It also underscores how religious education, how education is very practical, very lively and effective of the Buddha. He gave a picture that no one in the audience does not know you, do not understand. For years education in sentient beings always ready to start up operations, practitioners should be cautious in every moment as shepherds to look after buffaloes do not eat rice it's plated. Shepherds if loopholes in a moment, then immediately plated buffalo will eat rice. Not self-cultivators in every idea, words and actions are in education will have the opportunity to manipulate. As in Chapter Twelve Sutra, the Buddha also kindly reminder:
" The Path of like carrying heavy buffalo went in deep mud, tired but could not look on either side, out of the mud before I could rest. People have always looked Sramana than mud sex, an our paths can remember suffering from it. "
(Business Twelve Chapter Four, Chapter 41, and Thich Vien Giac service.)
* Huyen Thien sign of China's buffaloes
When Bodhidharma brought Zen from India to the land of China in the early 6th century BC as the tree is properly planted land and good climate, so he hung play brilliantly. He had left a sign for the future suspension of Chinese Zen by verse:
Duty hybrid corn from soil,
Media Legal status of love.
Nhut flower opening five chlorophyll,
a natural result.
(I came to this country,
save that love Communications solutions.
A five-pointed flower,
naturally results.)
Mysterious sign that has been fulfilled exactly two centuries later, the Tang Dynasty. A Zen Tao Khe flower show of the Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng. In wings showed the largest Zen school year starting from the Sixth Patriarch: Rinzai, Soto, master threshold, Van Mon and French labels. Two of the five schools of Zen in the Rinzai and Soto was then passed through Vietnam and well developed, especially so far Tong Lin remained.
China was a rural country. The Zen master, was linked directly or indirectly with home life and agricultural activities. Therefore, Zen Master Truong Bach advocated the monastery to live self-cultivation, cultivation and practice. He said "most Nhut any work, especially Nhut any real," not a day, a day without eating. In the context of the country and society, buffalo images very close in Zen. So, from very early Chinese Buddhism illustrates the transition of the ten enlightened love buffalo picture of the Mahayana and Zen Buddhism. The Zen master, in the way of teaching meditation, often refers to the buffalo and the buffalo.
The story, one day, the teacher asked Ma Gong meditation Thach:
- What are you doing here?
- Blankets buffalo.
- Blankets How
- Every time it ran into the pasture manipulate pull back, that's good shepherd.
Or as University teacher stories consulted with the teacher An Truong Bach:
- I desire to know Dharma, how it?
- Just like riding a buffalo buffalo find.
- how do I see?
- As the buffalo ride home.
- And how to keep before the contract with?
- As a shepherd held whips keep buffalo buffalo, do not violate Rice's plated.
Or, today, he was promoted to the General Security teaches us:
" Greater Security Qui thirty years in paints, paint meal Qui, Qui paint defecation and urination, but did not learn Zen Qui paint. On a night just watching for the black water buffalo. If it strayed into the code, immediately grasp nose to pull back. Just who violate our rice fields, then took the whip whip. It's pitiful! buffalo was tamed long maturity, obey the full screen. Now buffalo buffalo black into white , lottery clearly ahead, do not go chasing all day. "
In the story, the teacher mentioned Enterprices black and white buffalo buffalo. Black buffalo heart just ignorance. White Buffalo is only the enlightened mind. Not to pursue a full day care who is subdued, no longer flies in the sense line. That mental state is always the smart money sense, communication is legal resident status.
* Zen buffalo in Vietnam:
Tue Trung Si "Zoom Niu"
Zen stories related to buffalo so much, but it is the story of Chinese Zen. Vietnam is also a rural country. Buddhism spread to Vietnam even earlier in China, so extensively through the merchant marine traveling by road directly from India to Giao, Jiaozhou. In the Three Kingdoms period, Zen Master from Giao Chi Khuong Tang Hoi went to the East Wu Jingzhou to spread Buddhism. In the past, the temple in Vietnam are mostly arable land, or the field cleared by the monks themselves created, or is granted by the court, or the field due to mass Buddhists donated. Especially the temple in each village had to own land for cultivation. There are temples also farm cattle to plow their fields or excreta provide fertilizer on crops. Picture buffalo, so the closer and closer with Zen subjects.
At the time of the Tran Dynasty in Vietnam Meditation subjects appear eminent persons. It's Tue Trung Tran Tung, an enlightened teacher has the correct behavior difficult to comprehend clearly that mortal eyes. Its story is pretty much the teacher and li period, but here only remind the few poems he mentions buffalo. Post reporter Niu, as follows:
Incidentally Quy Son favorable direction to roll,
Deserted bull's pastoral commitment.
the king virtues such as sea scouts drilling,
marine Customize a relaxed spring tat department.
Truc Thien was as follows:
Suddenly direction be disengaged young master,
The wild type So keep playing buffalo.
the King faith as wide as the sea River,
water Actions spring grass sections.
In another poem, Tue Trung Si and buffalo are not separate his blanket.
Most first reading neon body ox,
of Dang refugee shield future pension problems.
Trainee reporter slit down,
Bring bring ice water for granted.
University outbreaks as follows:
A buffalo trying to keep their land,
took about Runny no rest.
Just to Tao Khe falls off,
the vast water bubble float stem.
(Both poems on Tue Trung Si deducted under article of the General Lan, The Buffalo Land A unique symbol of Central Intelligence, the source ).
To Trinh Nguyen Civil War legend in a poem is a meditation of Huong Hai has also mentioned that to find the true nature or original face looking like buffalo. The poem is as follows:
Ox range from room area,
directing you heartless School.
Built-in full at the ox,
the indifferent bath.
Temporary translated:
Find buffalo need to track,
you heartless School director.
Mark also buffalo there,
the easy-insensitive a.
Heartless is not accidental, apathy, indifference, what should also not known. So heartless as all that different from a stone. Indifferent emptiness is seen birth and death of the mind, is the essence. Therefore, in the Diamond Sutra Prajna, the Buddha taught: "If my non-subjective Minister General, News Reviews unto me." Seeing the emptiness of the legal opinions that is the nature, ie the Buddha. So the mind is not born without birth method. So not caught or tied to the sense. It is insensitive state of the Buddha.
In every person has heart shape ox. Domesticated buffalo which post or aggressive, black and white is taste. To the pure buffalo black heart, it will not stop causing trouble and suffering for oneself and others. Know how to quilt, tamed and transformed, it is pure logistics, black or white.
Look in this respect, Buddhism is popular fruit and practical: do not teach anything other than the herd. But to reach their shepherd as he sat on his buffalo, singing clams ngeu occupational, or other natural thong thai flute same time, it is not easy. One must live close, hard times, roll error, hard work, care for it every grass, every bum water, run around with it in the alleys, roads or farm pond shore, sometimes resorting to whip to the market authority, the use of restraint to force the mouth, used wire to bind, then a new subject for which it heard. Once the buffalo were obedient, the new guy thong dong shepherds themselves wandering in a pasture.
When love has melted enlightenment as he shepherds the flute is no longer black or white buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo to Buddhist or the world, because wealth necessarily possess legal problems .END=VIETNAMESE TRANSLATE ENGLISH BY THICH CHAN TANH.VIETNAMESE BUDDHIST NUNS,GOLDEN LOTUS MONASTERY.AUSTRALIA,SYDNEY.10/8/2012.NAM MO SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.( 3 TIMES ).

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