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Mahayana Sutra The Buddha Created In Germany.                                
Many people said: whoever sincerely created Buddha, then there are lots of German, but few people know the amount of merit should look like, in CREATING this BUDDHA, Buddha taught clearly.


Tripiṭaka Sa Subjects: STRONGLY UNCIVIL and SO well aired room.
Vietnam. Bhikkhu Free translation through-HARDENED LIKE the pretentious writer.
Many people said: whoever sincerely created Buddha, then there are lots of German, but few people know the amount of merit should look like, in CREATING this BUDDHA, Buddha taught clearly.
However, should the mind creating Buddha images, there's enough general good, if not perfect, at least well enough to have the modern expression, from the University, freed, or as in this Sutra teaches: "must be the two generals:" white pride and humiliation, to when looking at, knowing is Buddha "easy trigger happy glass news, then the new Germany. On the contrary, creating Buddha images which do not manifest was what the Buddha's General and when looking at the well does not know which is the Buddha, not trigger credit Center, also despised more, creating such icons of course is no merit at all while committing any more is different.
So, to get the correct understanding of merit created Buddha, I would concur the exclamation and the wedding banquet Festival showcases emerging translation "of GERMANY CREATED BUDDHA" of the Bhikkhu to Charity Like pretentious you Buddhists.
The pagoda From Talks, on May 5, 1993

Create images of Buddha or Bodhisattva, a job is noble and cause an Nhon merit, blessed a huge German! For more than 2500 years after the Buddha entered Nirvana, the renunciation, in his disciples of the Buddha from India, China, Japan, Buddhist countries in the world to come to Vietnam, there have been many people who make up the iconic lettered Buddha, Bodhisattva to admire, prostration, donation.
Before the brief stated that Germany, the Germany's approval of Buddha statues, let's back in from time to time, learn the origin of the Buddha image derived from where and who was the first to play the heart shaped Buddha images.
A put to us is: in 1992 in an CU season, after translated the GERMAN CLIENT experience and IRRATIONAL DARK FILL PHUOC (say about the three jewels refuge in Germany) we read to the MAHAYANA Sutra of GERMANY CREATED BUDDHA, the Sutra consists of two volumes, bringing the number of Han Chinese in The Tibetan 694 Front Office experience the seclusion.We are extremely glad because realized new things that to date, in the Vietnamese Buddhist texts translation, I've never met a would room on doing this. But may said in the book "three jewels Induction", Mr. Love Meditation Center offers a few trifles, involves creating Buddha images of King FAVOR TIN (this translates as King in favor of da Land).
Based on the MAHAYANA Sutra of the BUDDHA MADE in GERMANY, when He was still in the world, the King of da Pros Scott, ruled the country Sentences Diem Di, the first used aromatic Wood Chips red flock, created the iconic Buddha Sakyamuni.
So why would casting Pros Scott King Da Buddha? Motivating King Favor is Buddha forming Land Momentum by reasons as follows:
After nearly 50 years of theory of being, in a season settled 90 days (probably the final settling season), the Buddha in His absence, up available Sun Chemical Education Benefits the executioner, said Chu Tian and a successor was phu Ma Nhon is holy, then the King of da Priority Land where Buddha was not foundthe memory threshold thirst, urge, that this King extreme bi experience Europe on many melancholy, distracted both the Government and not to the pleasure. The King does not know how it would meet the Buddha to help remember looking forward, and he thought of creating Buddha images.
The King summoned the famous sculpture craftsmen hand in water to create a Buddha, but who also reject do not dare to accept, because they thought: Good good General of great Buddha, e that Buddha created if there are mistakes, will make them privileged guilt and lui lost the Kudos. There were gods Bhikkhu Defensive Post Ma, legend's deity sculpture, has turned itself off as a Carpenter, he brought the instrument to accept responsibility for forming Buddha in order to help the King. The God Hand carved out of Ma Listed Bhikkhu talent, just in a gnày Buddha statue is complete, seven high-size, purple yellow figurines, enough of the general good, causing people to look up to know the Buddha statues.
King of da Pros Scott created Buddha, echoes the propagation of neighboring countries, the King as King of Persia King Anonymously A liquid soap and the King of holiday offers, Companies Strictly to the donation are admired and praised the work of the King in favor of da Land.
Three month period ended, the Buddha turned down the Match Fitness, Thien Chu immeasurable in the six realms of heaven Education gender, Gender Identity, and heaven realms 18 sacrifice donation Buddha and practices brought Him back to the world. Every disciple renunciation, in at least four countries, including all components, gathered about the Steady Greying Contest has picked the Buddha. scene of utmost greatest mineral money late at that took place, then the time between the elves and men, unprecedented in mankind. All who sincerely carries the product donation, all achievements and accomplishments of Germany's approval of the privileged levels of money and years later, many pagan sects Nhon that left ties to Chief Justice, qui y Tam. As a result, the Buddha has fulfilled a vow of his birth, when appearing on the this life. So in DI ROMAN CATHOLIC has room records that: "those who have done an appreciable degree, who has been a coast guard personnel had also, for they are following this..." this apparently endless compassion, Salvation being of the Buddha Sakyamuni, Germany World our Respect.
To the following life beings understand the blessed Germans, the Germans created Buddha, Bodhisattva Maitreya Himself on behalf of all divine Scriptures, dear ask Buddha to merit creating statues of Buddha, Pros Scott King Da sequentially speak of joy and of Germany's enemies who have a pure credit economy created this statue clearly the blessed of the Germany can not think. Here we would like to quote a few passages to Chu have a preliminary concept through:
"Maitreya! If someone would use the silk embroidery thread, or Buddha is cooked by Friday gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc, or aromatic wood sculptures of sheep flocks, or carved from Pearl, shellfish, GAM in woven into, Red Earth, cement, plaster, clay, or other things. Use the objects that depend on the their Buddha created, so very small as thumb, may make others look to know that Buddha, Fuk that is now the newspaper will say:
"Maitreya! such people in the birth, but also went scuba diving, a full forth at family poverty, also bring forth from home track of vile, lonely Outback along the water, well bring forth into the home ties, traders selling child, butchers, so forth from the despicablewomen's technical skills, impure, or ascetic pagan home ties, unless for Compassionate prayer becomes jewelry, also bring forth into the home.
"People are often being the home of the Holy family from London big power Transfer, or being from La NET, or the wealth is not created. Being in common where Buddha well of worship seem to be, or be made King, to bring the life of French Catholic primary maintenance of French culture is not left, or as Lun Transfer Holy dread. Engenders where is men, not women's body. Again there are two disciplines stems with compact fluorescent is despicable, hull through life not being ugly. Example of new blindness eyes, ears, nose, the curved strabismus not deaf, for example, broken, distorted mouth lip you're such deviation, not down the flocks not withdraw such teeth, dear missing, something black, something yellow, short neck, no tongue retracts such bumps, such as skin, humpback trunk patchy, such hand amputated foot, ngủn no deviation lame, too sick o, too fat, not too long, not too short, not notable is not great ... ".
Over here is a little excerpt on joy's general report dear lineage created Buddha. in addition to the above quote Phuoc, there's also the result of other messages is: except kill the Karma stuff like: five charged with great adversity, ten such enterprises, four heavy crime etc. generally these evil companies most heavily that a man can receive, but if the credit of creating statues and repentance, swear not re-offending, then the evil karma, the result was reported destroyed.
Why the Germans created tremendous statues like that?
Because the Germans As a hybrid, from the Centre of austerities so as the Buddha, has undergone A boundless increase States lives, contain Phuoc immeasurable group Germany, boundless achievements merit, intelligence, He used the same merit households maintained for the beings that pure faith, therefore, that the Buddha statues can except kill the evil cause severe deep stuff.
Moreover, the mind of every being, or of each of us who can not think of, which is the constant enough sa merit, magic. If we usually thinking about the merit of Buddha, one often looks at the Germany As Lai has good general 32, 80 the beauty, has 10, four Radio dishes Captain Three of six, la suite, pronouns, possessive and great wisdom. When thinking about the vassal state of merit, that is to launch the German workers can not think of ourselves. Due to the capacity of the order of this episode that the incredibly evil karma and bad press the switch. It is a general survey of good where good is relative. The seed had the results will arise and when result arises is we will have the perfect General. This ethical which thou shalt true and misleading ever.
In summary, thanks for thinking outside the Buddhist schools of merit, should merit the Buddha's achievement of mind inside our mind. Thanks for thinking of the Germany of the Buddha inside our mind, so that the achievements and excellence in the quote approval of external circumstances. This is an ethical micro magic, known as the Mahayana, the Buddha statue lies in ethical behaviour, until the Minister talks about the making of the statue, known as the MAHAYANA SUTRA the BUDDHA CREATED in GERMANY.
This consists of two books, was presented with a scintillating writer Zhuo Yue. The content of the investment, in addition to talking about the Germany blessed Germany due to create the statue that clearly also teaches economics, the Buddha's own super strange victory, because the higher education bill being, He appears with the accident etc. This in Buddhists we except those higher, there is at least one known.
Menstruation is also taught to articulate the cause would make the beings subjected to female relatives, Huynh, two figures, being no Dharma, or being in the wilderness, boundary etc. What are the things we hardly meet, hard to understand.
People saw the economy has a tremendous value and so we tried the translated into Vietnamese for contributions to the present era and petty part in advocating Free Room Tripiṭaka Scriptures of Buddhism in Vietnam.
Because, a valuable experience in terms of literary thought, also comprises many words the term rich in kanji, which can help locate are learning classical Chinese today, we present both the negative and the Kanji are Vietnamese, so convenient for the reading of the situation.
Despite many attempts, but jobs and our thinking is still shallow and flaws, but to understand how, we recorded the time, we wish the coalition of higher education only for.
The translator dear recorder,
In the 1993 season that took you to Vu
Through-hardened Like pretentious Bhikkhu.

Tripiṭaka Sa Subjects: STRONGLY UNCIVIL and SO well aired room.
Vietnam. Bhikkhu Free translation through-HARDENED LIKE the pretentious writer.
I heard as follows: a Buddha in the Sun, the donation under the tree Three Beneficial Substances To La, [1] along with the immeasurable Bhikkhu immeasurable, pretentious great Bodhisattva, the Bodhisattva Great sentences Him Maitreya is bothered.
Now, Germany World Religion in heaven he settled three months sermon for parents, many of the benefits to Chu, Chu immeasurable Natural left suffering, liberation. Thien Chu immeasurable instill the Dhamma, is the fruit blessed. Meanwhile, some schools, there is a God of life coming off, in General declined so far. Thanks to his play, after all, destined to bring forth the heavens, permanently left this kind of evil.
At the time, the Subject Line Matches no Buddha. for as dark night, filled with the stars but not the Moon, as water is not the King, like the House, the owner is not the fun, entertainment to suspend all. When such beings seem to place no demise refuge. As for the Buddha, the heart that carry people fall in the grave being so as to lose a parent, as the title shot in the heart, together to the place Buddha had just seen forest garden, a terrace away where empty well, no Buddha, people as more sad to remember not calming.
Now, Scott King Da Pros are in usually bring sadness, always emotional, and thirst thresholds, the King of such films to the Chief Justice, the women's and the fun, the King thought as follows: "Now we worry sadness soon will die! How to network at our removal yet, seen the Buddha? " And the King thought: "for as the guys who love hearts but not seeing, if seen it where he was at, or see who exactly the person he may out except less nonexistent." The King thought more praise: "now if he came in before [3] without seeing the Buddhas, one wounded crying, emotional to the point can die! We see in life is not the guys that are on the good general, Phuoc Germany wisdom can be on a par with Germany As Hybrids, how to meet someone like him to relieve anxiety? "
Then, he started to recite vau reflects: "Now let's set shaped Buddha images, prostrate donation." But the King again: "if we create audience that unlike Buddha, e cause we got immeasurable offence." And the King thought to add: "suppose smart people in my life [4] all together uphold merit of Buddha still can not run out. If someone depends on the praise, he still was blessed Germany immeasurable. Now we, too, should depend on its part that creates. "
The King was immediately transmitted commands to the craft in the water must be grouped. People and groups, the King told them that:
-Someone who can shape ourselves as Buddha, we will give the Board paid the bonus and accountants.
Skilled craftsmen hand-tâu the same King that:
-Present the King ordered, it is hard work. The good German ' term General Like this, none. Now here we do create the Buddha? Suppose the angels Traded Players Bhikkhu Ma [4] which have created the statue, also can not do much like Germany As Lai. If we accept the King created the Buddha statues, sewing out can simulate at least part of the white hair and twisted General Hao, also the General bright colourful a nice, full of dread looks who can create floats? The Buddha then here, going from the Sun came down to humanity, the iconic created if there are mistakes, our reputation will suffer loss of retirement, we can not think burglars would dare do.
King Favor Da Land when it comes back:
-Mind it was decided, a clerk have turned from! As the fear of thirst would like to drink water, curb because can not run out, and then not to drink the water or stars?
These workmen heard the King say so, have knelt in front of the white, to the King, saying,
-Please y by the order, but sometimes the King lets us think of praise tonight, tomorrow morning to do.
They are more transparent:
-Present the King created the statue, should use pure Wood Chips forums [6] meat coming into Office, it's smooth, physically very durable, while the Buddha was sitting or standing, high low?
The King took his then asked the officer. Have a fluent knowledge of, out of the White King that:
-The King should create a statue As a hybrid. Why is that? Because, all lettered Buddhist Bodhi College credentials, turning wheel, does God big pine, offering the big Buddha, a pagan ... All are seated. So do the iconic old urban planner sitting Buddha wife [7] on the Lions.
Now in the meantime, the Sun Traded Player remote Ma, Bhikkhu seeing this, consider what the King wanted to create the night sailings Buddha's thoughts as follows: "It out of us very strange judgement is, in all the world no one like us, if we as the King created the statue, a bit like the Buddha." Instant turn myself into the Carpenter tool grip. Sun has just breaking dawn, who came to stand next to the King's bow doors, the White King made it clear that: "Now I want to because that created my own profession, none in the wrong manner, the King would like to bow to others."
The King heard him wholeheartedly delighted, ordered the King invited to watch as skilled artisans, gesture, known to think silently, saying "the world how did that person have? Affordable Angel Bhikkhu Listed Player Ma or disciple Him arrive here? " Adjacent to the King and he takes her over wearing Sedum, hand held chain, Its stock Traded up the ghost King, Bhikkhu also promises the Board rewarded work.
Immediately the King with regard to hold inventory, go on in storehouse the fragrant wood self role, select compose manhandle [9], providing the security and worker Hunter that:
-Heals instead, Sir! Let's use this wood, as I created the statue, so that just like with images of Buddha.
Meanwhile, Sun farms dear to King:
-My own Career but that of the first. But on creating images of Buddha, one can not run out.
For as someone, take the coal that drawing the Sun, said that drawing is the same then it's justified. Although net gold to make Buddha statue, as well as the world.
The layman often claimed that: "United can worldly creations [10]," but could not make out the good general where the Buddha image of my career just on top of that in my life, so far I as King but do. This morning's shoot from eight in April, are at there the echo star Sa and stars Bhikkhu Ha proposed so far. When the new Buddha being, also appears this induction omen. Today is good, should be established. "
Listed Players play Ghosts Bhikkhu God, holding the Masons ' hammers, wood, chipped through up to heaven and the donation to benefit up to the Buddha. Due to the force of Buddha, where the ECHO, the beings would be hearing the opaque, sin, impurity is.
Now, in Germany As many smiling smiley mouth and he Bred many ways praise the King's German, so far from the Holy King Radio Director for the life of the upper class District Chief.
At the time, the owners of the Sun the donation to benefit the white Buddha that:
-German Religious World white Glass! Now in the world, and the guys, each half of old created Buddha?
The Buddha told Him to natural home Stands Like:
-Anyone who has ever created a statue of the Buddha, belong to the past, have been freed at all then. In Heaven they didn't have anyone (being in the remnants), what consequences elsewhere. Only his son Bhikkhu Sa Division in the North, Na Li Sha, Oldtimer once created this Bodhisattva statues should be blessed by following the next king named Qin Ba Sa La. due to us being big, powerful Celestial beings left completely evil.
Premium Speaker Frequency Long pretentious Bhikkhu Ca Romaine, old Skin Ca Romaine Lettuce Na, Ca [10] Subject all three of the ancient realm of each Buddha's old home page, so that's a permanent Coast Guard rescue. He loved the old Theme Within Amir is Three buffaloes, Nhon search grass water passes around the Vihara, graze in the bamboo thicket, do see religion of Mahayana Buddhism developed the mind happy, thanks to the blessed that that date was freed. He had been always a calm grip Bhikkhu La donation Nậu Buddha Da Long He lit a lamp to donation. He Stands Ma each scan Buddha. He A She Ma Na in front of bright lights lit the Buddha Bhikkhu, Momentum helps Terminally pretentious critical affection, respect should be used to wash shampoo lotions etc. There is such a immeasurable Lo Han, all served in that sacrifice Buddha frippery donation. So low as he Na La before, in Three Old, taking out little gold statue of a body painted lipstick to for donation ... Due to this blessed should have left permanently and be freed.
The Buddha said:
This Emperor-God Like! If someone does, it may at the time of the Dhamma has yet to kill back [12], which created Buddha, will in the first of the Maitreya Buddha, were to be freed.
If any beings, not because of his self, to bridge the very Cup because wanted the fruit Detached upper Bodhi that creating Buddha images, should know that the major of thirty-two General, can make the left quickly as the Buddha, Da King. Scott Favor, self centered thinking: "How can we make our statues created mau is completed." Think like that, and then told sky divers:
-He is quite happy to help try to lick job is finished, for I soon see, prostrate.
At that point, the Suns Traded Defensive end emerge Ma Bhikkhu expertise, specialized in such net late, less than a day on which form the statue! The statue sits the old urban planner, seven high size, face and limbs are purple yellow.
King of da Pros Scott saw the statue was good, dignified, mind pure faith arises King proved positive Need rings [13]. Is patient and then King as rejoice, how much karma and the sad were dashed off as the Sunrise sa is blind except that embody good [14], is by once for starting evil words Holy Nhon. The King then took all the precious jewels, objects craftsmen rewarded heaven but the sparse Sun divers with the King:
-Present the King created the wedding banquet thy heart, praying along the King Dong tu Phuoc. Now the King gives, I don't dare express. If you need to, please wait a day. God says he is finished the night sailings over the Sun.
Just as then, the great King, the King as A Strong World v. v. .. Before the King for the Buddha, has a great longing for admiration, listen King Da Pros Scott created the statues have become, they are glad to Da Pros together Scott King, the King would also bring a lot of flowers, incense, music donation Buddha statues, precious jewel dishes again awarded King Favor Da Land. The King has said: "his job is unusual, or spit poisonous arrows are depressed for the us."
In the meantime, the German Executioner As Lai had his mother because of French economic performance, said [15] and every other Natural are beneficial. These things are worth doing the Buddhas are done. The Buddha again told the them that:
-Little Angel! Buddhist schools of The religious affiliation is usually based. If the beings, who would value for its client, so Buddha out Catholic, French-speaking for listeners. If the work that is done and then swept, no person can French Catholic life, As when it pertains to something again. Guys don't mind that the true level of killing the Buddha. The main tributary is the body, such as the French Hybrid is usually constant, it doesn't kill.
This God-Chu! France's vassal state of Buddha are both, because of higher education turned beings that have appeared, or does not appear.
Later the Buddha back to teach, says:
-You should know! Now Chu Tian, who has been an appreciable degree. Now coming down the Match Fitness, Chu Heaven the people if it is thought to be industrious, shalt not have let go of the lung.
Why is that? -Also because of the sin of letting go, make the people there are Countless leaders Holy Bodhi upper. Song by the inhabitants of the ancient life of the ever growing radical Protestant, now to be here enjoying the rich Club Heaven [17], to then let go of lung, captivates the pleasure, tu blessing. The pleasure in the impermanence, a phen shedding, is floating in the evil path.
-Back again the phrase Heaven! The person suffering very badly [18], and he who finds his birth than Jealousy, not think: It would be more fun by creating several Travis Phuoc industrial feel, if one industrious tu then will also be. Now here the bright sharp ones, like the sun rising in the morning, if struggling, please hug or hate jealousy, it will darken as the remnants of the coal ash, also will have fallen into deep dungeons, to close can not found the hands, then have to do the devil eat anymore!
-Back again the phrase Heaven! Enjoy the blessed body clean newspapers are serious, dread the courageous and strong, due to jealousy should be female, loses strength embittered's mighty mighty dread thy wife.
-Little Angel! We remember oldtimer has immeasurable King, because of jealousy of the person, that is harmed a unreasonable.
The God! There the King A Tu La [19] named ascetic austerities, umbrella, stationery, Chu Heaven the wrong person a T.j male named Her enchanting Performance box heart King, causing loss of morals. The King then soak up the infection, so the loss is reduced, German solar dread Na La Diên killed, and both our immeasurable A Tu La at a loss. Sun Na La Diên kills the King, and then, back to the tru warriors always kill them Tu La, produced during Natural female passenger Her Exam back to natural features.
-Is there a king named Na Ha Thien Chu shou, the Word user gotten unwanted, help the us fight A Tu La, knocking A Tu La then Chu Tian the people hurt him!
-Back again the phrase Heaven! The Only excuse because Nhon phu QUY Xa [20] birth centers, Dormitories Only incited King aggression, making Her A First name Old Nhon unjustly been suspected that poisonous curse floating.
-Back again the God who lettered as a lie, said King discounted Tea that: "It's the First NET gold," this word the King pressed First launched, the First since this crush being hate adjacent strong fire, burning the King first.
-Once again the King named Her Theme, often pitching Congress to be donation, so blessed this dread power himself in, and he brought up the Sun here enjoy fun, Chu Heaven the people clutching your jealousy, making Her the executioner from heaven Deals Benefit fell down, how much dread world peoples are heartbroken, as most Moon lightFord, like water.
-The God! In the very life of the dread of Germany himself in. Or is God, the God of strength four accomplishments of student [21] ... If starting up a new concept of jealousy, Germany like lui takes a while, as She Reached To such dense delusion, new to him that being happy, he immediately takes his fifth spirit.
At the time, the white Base to the Buddha:
-German Religious World white Glass! Now you have the comfort to ladies and asked About the jealousy is like?
Heavenly Soles asked:
-German Religious World white Glass! If there are beings who more than himself and he thought as follows: "how to harvest what the other person was," mind then there must be jealousy?
The Buddha answers:
-Not! That's the mind involved, not jealousy [22].
This Emperor-God Like! Jealousy means a bridge, for example, benefit themselves would like to have, what other people have that being hated, then jealousy.
Now, the Natural order, all from seats stand up, face Earth dot pillow, accept the instruction and Buddha said:
-As the word Buddha, Chu Heaven we will all do well. Our Germany As a hybrid of reverence for life, the father, is the Lord, Almighty's religion, is the most WINS. For us, the Great Compassion that God makes to them all the benefits. Our prayer facility has not been complacent, want to again is sometimes a Buddha:
-German Religious World white Glass! People under the Earth for our Heavenly lettered, them or disrespect them improperly. Because of the stars! By the Buddha birth in humans [23], and in the realms of the first Chief Justice. Between species who have such A La Han has been shown to result. The Unique Taste Buds have large German dread, appeared again in the heart of mankind.
Now Germany As Lai if not here goes down the Match Fitness, the worldly people are going for that: our Galaxy Client not know As Hybrids have the dread big German Natural French properly lettered received significant donation, and also that the example or the donation of Germany As Lai Sun's life. Looking forward to Germany As Hybrids to linger a bit, get the donation of our petty human beings, so the world knows every other Celestial donation Buddha. "
Then the Buddha silently accepted the invitation.
Then, Buddha said to honor the great fake Maudgalyayana:
-Quite Right about the surplus under the previous Title, visit the four of them, said the following: "all who remember thinking of it, should the old water in the Group competition, in seven days will be seen ta."
He reported to Maudgalyayana, the Buddha Buddha foot foot was reported, and then, in the blink of an eye came to the Match Fitness Deals [24], to bring the word of Buddha told the four of them. King Favor Da Land along both people listen Buddha mind, informed person would also celebrate the khấp run, all except the sadness, are comfortable.
At the time the four of them, the pretentious Bhikkhu and Bhikkhu pretentious, the Vicinity to the South and Reach the women, like to the same Old water through to Execution, they group in the property table, [25] United States that:
-The Buddha As a hybrid of respect of life, about to go down the Right Match, someone who can supply the glass Buddha prostration, he would do the upper hand, in France not yet destroyed.
Sun Jia Ma Ha Ca Chips Land heard then in such pleasure, e to the Ni made the upper hand. Why is that? The nuns with Three United States and Momentum Board. This Nuns Two pretentious Bhikkhu can smoothly through the Tibetan Buddhist schools of the French spirit, shown to be false, except for the great Honor Maudgalyayana there no one with her. Think like that then, he Fried his rebuke Scott hopper from enough Lead them pretentious Bhikkhu Ni.
At that time, the United States, Identity Federation pretentious Bhikkhu Sangha says:
-The best of us in the middle of a secular religion is often precious, although the line-up has still to be made, man has respected since, serve everything. And nuns in France of bereaved parents, Buddha, for the most part belong to the lineage. Ni the US effort, maintained, no offense Josh, the Germany, which still is the new modern glass desk pretentious life Bhikkhu. False religion Ca Chips Land now much rebuke this ... Because nuns presented the vehicles, causing more pretentious outstanding Ni Bhikkhu. Talk like that and then along with the four of them [26], and to the place of the Old Tank.
Now, the Persian King Anonymously, King A Strong and Serious Property Owned by King water ... Bhikkhu Each of the four lead Umashankar King [26] troops escorted by the King, has great power. Elephant ride a horse is used the treasures enhance. Company flag, p 7, aroma, digital music, dread dung severity General status seems to be the angels, they are all through to the Elderly Increases.
The then King of da strictly Pros Scott, the team of four soldiers do the market of spare parts. The King of the white elephant ride a Chau embroidery, jade, King carrying the Buddha was created. Scattered flowers, holding the traditional approach, the rise of music take the donation, from the country of the King towards the Elderly Increases.
Meanwhile, Angel Bhikkhu Defensive Stocks, and lettered them God, know the Buddha about the surplus down in line, and he created a three-level shelf roads, from the Elderly Increases Competition to Benefit the donation level shelf, sky Road between created with Yuri, the continental shelf the two sides are equal, the Golden set foot down silver lined whiten Saturday, alternating with the Sun.
Celestial Emperor owners Like wrong the Angel to Heaven where the Sun, Da Ma Da Power, solar, solar Chemistry to Tha Turned himself in and the Sun is breaking the World [28] to believe that: "the Buddha coming down the Match Fitness, like donation please down here." Again sent down Sun Quartet, Long United a large sea, King Qian Thát, Urgent Na La, and Evening Massage, told them that "Today in Germany The Sun coming down the Match Fitness, can bring the celebration to this donation."
At that time, the Sun, the Dragon, etc. listening to words and then, everyone on the heavenly Executioner.
Now, The Sun was at the peak of Tu Di, along with numerous other Natural the Sun [29] at about to go down, the whole of the previous lush green Natural following lettered, dread of Germany, light dashing as moonlight circle in the middle of the space, like stars John by, such as Sesame, solar has just appeared, brilliant glare chang. Buddha and the assemblies in the meantime status also for same.
In the meantime, due to the force of Buddha so the Match Fitness associated with the five rare thing:
An example is the phrase the other Object, making the animals do not clean in the buried workers.
Two are female, which saw the South without the idea to soak up the sexual infections.
Thirdly, making the man saw the female bring forth your infection.
The four are, making the remote environment with the donation of the them.
In the morning, the body of a beautiful, clean Natural tributary, such was the life seen, due to the force of Buddha, so that people can see clearly.
Then the Buddha from the tiangong has just put his foot down, the line between treasure shelf Sun breaking the United stand to the right, holding a White Emperor heaven and calm Like the echo on the left, the white handles. Also lettered Celestial Buddhas are unreal, turns to go down, at the same time the rise of everything music. The Lyra lettered phan, said the United States, donation. The Angel they Net narrow Residential Solar realms both nowhere immeasurable, hundreds of thousands of schools, women may wear the Sedum together praised the German Church of God left in the lettered Buddha. middle of nowhere, sprinkle the incense and scented flowers. The Long rainy mild aromatic tuốn God. At that time there is cloud cover, mellow Thunder make the listener happy soul. God of God, She Needs an emergency Thát Na La song, arrange Her Theme music, Na Old extremely marvelous, praised the German's previous work As a hybrid.
Meanwhile, in Match Fitness, chaplain officer and four apartments, filled throughout the Old Tank armor, would sprinkle scented flowers, would hold 7 phan thiết, blowing the snails, the drummers, the sound, headed nowhere his donation. Put the hand, accept the hands see Buddha. scented flowers whose reputation, the people, on the intersecting under falling whirring up to knees, map them layman find on here, all together played Center for refuge feasts [30].
When Germany World treasure shelf bike foot Worship, in turn go down just halfway, then the four Heavenly in his seat, are about pitching products holiday donation, the donation is extremely strange judgement, of thousands of current human species yet.
In Germany The Religion received donation of four, and then along the down mass bothered, to level two for the Buddha, about to set foot into the ground, then the Bhikkhu instant Sharp turn Lianhua Ni pretentious myself doing Switch London United [31], four branches and seven behind second lead going to the front, from the air to hurry up to the Buddha King who also wondered"King of the London Transfer of this come from?"
At the time, Sun Jia Bodhi Monastery is in the room saw the Buddha down to her permissions with fewer clothes this instant, feasts, Bhikkhu Lianhua pretentious body Rotating Shades Ni United returned to old form, raising The foot of wealthy girl rush German Religious ceremony.
Once there, the Buddha to rebuke her pretentious and her Nuns Bhikkhu that:
-You don't know? He Is desk Bodhi Monastery before then! You are who your turn as London United? You are in the ranks of renunciation, the Student section was too Specific. Position ye petty, also the siểm lies not on Ben, whether for compassionate response to newspaper printing in Germany, also just as a drop of dew can curb hooks, would stay in France as the upper hand?
Ni Lianhua Buddhist teachings, listen very Good commandments being embarrassed, raising the white Buddha that:
-German Religious World white Glass! Now the Sin itself no less. From now on, you don't dare turn the presently God personally anymore.
The time of Match Fitness, the monarch the right and four households, and offers the cosy and intimate, affixed the Buddha.
The Momentum Team Pros Scott King Buddha [32] and the most intimate things strange to you As Lai and brought up. The Buddha himself the good general full of sound hostile strict decency shines especially in middle schools of astronomical objects, such as full moon out of the cloud cover. Buddha carvings, compared to Buddha, no other match nổng mound mount Tu Di which can not instance, just twist the hair and Jade Buddha-like trench General a little, to make the four we know that BUDDHA STATUES.
Scott King Buddha Da Bach Pros that:
-Dear God forbid The Ton! Germany As Lai Oldtimer in birth Prince demand led, almond practice boundless immeasurable suffering hard hard rings [33], the result was environmentally responsible acts above all, nobody. Statues of the Buddha-like, for example, created, human beings character thief thinks so is sin.
In Germany The Religion and the King of da Pros Scott:
-Not being guilty! Now he has made immeasurable benefit, no person by him. Now he's in the Dhamma, do the first exemplary. By multiplying this coast, made the following life beings immeasurable, which is being very faith is profound. He now has been immeasurable joy in Germany, radical Evangelical.
Then the King of heaven Stands like the back cover of King of da Pros Scott:
-Now King here shalt not have fear. When Germany As Lai before and this time the Nhon, all compliments of Germany created a statue of the King, also called Chu very Natural as Hy. People have beliefs in life after this, all thanks to the King that created Buddha statues to be entitled blessed, now King should make fun of self excited.

Tripiṭaka Sa: DEALS on UNCIVIL Yes projection room
Vietnam. Bhikkhu Free translation through-HARDENED LIKE the pretentious writer
Now, the lion Court sitting Buddha [35] in place of the old Tank water shume contest. Four of them who would also think: "we look forward to hearing in Germany As Lai took place said the Germany of the created object. If any beings do that guys are blessed size? "
At the time, he is the great Bodhisattva Maitreya said he thought sailings from seats stood up this page as the side openings, jacket, kneeling straight up white hand accepted the Buddha:
-White Corrugated Glass World! King of da casting Pros Scott Buddha, if Buddha in life or Nirvana, whose confidence can make the Buddha, he achieved great success in Germany? Leaned forward to world Religion broadly General.
The Buddha told Him Bodhisattva Maitreya:
-Listening and memory skills as Maitreya, will because he said.
-If in good faith, in good American would faith in clean, professional tackle forced of the Buddha, often looks Like dread Hybrid Germany himself in full. Ten, Four Infinity lt facility [36], eighteen in all, Any French pronouns, Possessive, Depth set Vaccine, thirty-two generals of the macho, eighty General. Each pore has a different-colored light immeasurable, hundred thousand memories Friday blessed Germany super win dignified forms, immeasurable wisdom sheds light on smoothly, immeasurable, black Freemasons immeasurable spirit. All the things the Germans so there is no limit for the amount, to be absent from the mistake, no one.
Who's your favorite news review and thought a birth, y the general good that creating Buddha images, the large German, she cannot count.
-Maitreya! If someone would use the silk embroidery thread, Buddha [37] or are cooked by Friday gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc. Or aromatic wood sculptures of sheep flocks, or carved from Pearl, shellfish, GAM in cement, woven into the red soil, plaster, clay, or other things. Use the objects that depend on their section generated Buddha [38], so very small as thumb, may make others look which is Venerated, blessed journalist today one would say:
-Maitreya! such people in the birth to death while also drifting roll, one forth in family poverty, also bring forth the line of vile, lonely outback in the water. Also forth into the home ties, the slave trade, the sale of, butchers, so forth on degrading women, from impure, or Pagan, pagan ascetic opinion, unless for Compassionate prayer becomes jewelry, also bring forth into the home.
People are often being home from London in the National Primary King large powers have Moved. NET or Brahmin from birth, or wealth is not created. Being in common also, well of worship seem to be. Or, as King of the French, the French Catholic primary maintenance, such as the left. Or as Lun Transfer Holy dread hung, the seven treasure enough achievements of thousands of children, to fly away on air teacher turned four, for a free life in abundance. Or The Like, the King of Heaven where the Sun King, Felt, King Sun, Chemical King Sun Tha Turns himself in, fun Sun people, not what's there. Phước such messages followed. Engenders where also men, not women 's, hull didn't bear the first two disciplines stems are compact fluorescent. Long-fuselage being from being ugly, the eye is not blind, not deaf ears, new Cape curved not broken, distorted mouth lip you're such deviation, not down, as well as flocks of rehearsals, black teeth, such as, for example, missing gold ladies, short neck, no tongue retracts such bumps, such as skin, humpback trunk expanding hole example hand, foot, ngủn Penguin for example dislocations lame, not too sick o, too fat, not too long, not too short ... All without the General worth.
Her body straight thóm presentable, the fuller the eyebrow. The soft blue color hair, shining clean. Red lips as lipstick, blue eye as long broad blade, sen. Teeth whitening by snugly, speak out or subtly, giving the listener who is also pretty fun. The elbow has to some extent. The hand flat, the back sides of chest shoulder capsule swells full, no, the tender limbs seemed to cotton, the full General from being physically strong all resting jewelry tendon off the Lake as the Sun Na La Diên [39].
-Maitreya! for as someone fell into the pit toilet, the word is out, scrape off the cleaner, take water rinse, using body lotion perfume, wear clean new ... People like that than people in the tunnel, not yet out of the way, the stigma of being clean and fragrant, asked how each other? The white glass of world Religion does not know how far away a few times!
-Maitreya! if there is anyone left in the birth, or trust formation, comparable to Buddha at him not yet created, then how far back as well. Should know her eternal sire except clean the karma, the technical stuff, don't see that out. Despite being made that the senses is regarded as the Sun. If the birth to heaven, then emerged much beyond our Galaxy. Engenders where not disabled, not cancer, leprosy phung, from being based import by the demon mị. Not terminally foolish wither, jaundice, malaria, scabies, the hotel, no scars, deep, insatiable description, not eating, littering Wiggles, paralysis of half the ...The same disease four hundred four documents relied upon are no [40].
Also there were the simple weapons, poison, Tiger, Lion, Wolf, water, fire, burglary, hijacking ... the unexpected charm so no harm done. Usually be not afraid, for violations of the law.
-Maitreya! If there are beings before creating the evil industry, suffering from everything the brain gauge, like grip, cuffs lock, break these shackles, yelled, burning skin, hair, spat back suspension bolt up high, to please the dissection or were burned ... If any trust created the Buddha statues, the same newspaper had our gauge are not tho. Bring forth the enemy retired, the then collapsed, the copy turns monster, hunger plague ... Places like that are forth coming, if say there is birth, there is hope.
At the time, Writes the great Bodhisattva Maitreya Buddha white:
-White Corrugated Glass World! As often said, "clean, Professional career data are not lost.[41] "If there are beings entail heavy, is being into the House from them despicable I unto the poor, handicapped, short life. After playing the trust created the Buddha, the crime of this quote is also subjected to or is not good?
The Buddha told Him Bodhisattva Maitreya:
-He now listen carefully, because he will say. If the beings would cause the crime and then, play the mind created the statue asks the Confessor, desired to end, vows no offense back, then charged with creating the blessed are to be destroyed. Now as he outlined this broad.
-Maitreya! For the lifetime ahead sẻn cheat, so that excuse a poor gauge bear charm, no wealth, lack of use, it suddenly encountered earlier, the pretentious Bhikkhu entry from the recently released, the other links brought up cosy drink food laboratory experiments, he conducted experiments and from a poor gauge, chums have what bridgeEqually, as you like. Maitreya! evil Karma of previous lives momentarily and other poor people now still reasonable?
Mr. Mile ladies:
-White Corrugated Glass World! Thanks to the food, cosy old evil industry overall are down significantly, from poverty and be wealthy, affluent wealth.
The Buddha taught that:
-The Bodhisattva Maitreya! as he spoke, the other person should know, as well as such. Thanks to create the statue should the old evil karma expired no longer, it affords good crash are not good anymore.
-Maitreya! is available for three things [42]. One is, does life take. Two is, life after the bear. Thirdly, the introduction of the following new bear fruit ... Of the three types as specified above, each industry has a Definite and Real. The trust created Buddha, only to career is in there life is head of the little part, in addition there are other things.
Meanwhile, the Bodhisattva Maitreya Bach that:
-White Corrugated Glass World! As often said, There is very heavy in the deep, decided an endless hell at cockroaches. It's the guilt: kill his father, mother, murder A La Han, malevolence makes bloody Buddha himself, broke the harmony Increase. If there are beings before creating this offence, following the birth of trust for the Buddha and creating icons, who has also fallen in hell or not been fallen?
The Buddha told Him Bodhisattva Maitreya:
-Now because he said a further example: supposing that the strong bow handle, in the middle of the Woods, in order to rise above the shoot, the arrow goes smoothly without obstacles. If there are beings causing offence against the other, later created Buddha, sincerely repent, be very sure not faith, he believes she is thin, light, though there is an underworld organisation also sailings out of, like the arrow shoots go smoothly, this case also so ... As Bhikkhu, testimony pretentious Student Spirit, from the shore across the sea around all four continents does nothing to prevent concerned. The other is that, due to previous criminal temporarily fallen to hell, not the previous industry can do.
Bodhisattva Maitreya Bach again asked:
-White Corrugated Glass World! Chu Lai As Buddha's body to France, such familiar names are on the good general. If the retrieved color General do Buddha-body, then the Bhikkhu and the pretentious Da Nan London United likely is the Buddha. because all had enough of the general good. As there are beings [44] Buddha-body of French tanks, France says is illegal, unlawful, said after the playing confidence and create the heavy guilt, Buddha is the same, or not to be?
The Buddha told Him Bodhisattva Maitreya:
-If the beings would France say is illegal, the French say are illegal, using only her mouth said without breaking your favorite news, Ant shaped baby Buddha, the evil karma, just where the embodiment being subjected to mild alarm, there's an evil way, but with living dead not yet freed.
Bodhisattva Maitreya again ladies and asked:
-White Corrugated Glass World! If someone does, the thief took the Buddhist stupas of the burglar, burglar, four directions of space usually Increase, so far the money Raised, himself, to bring the consumer to the user, as. The Sun used to say: "Use of stole from the towers or of Falling, very heavy was crimes.[45] "Such beings would create offences he then explains that the very self accountability, please start here and created Buddha, the person is guilty of is removal?
The Buddha told Him Bodhisattva Maitreya:
-If the beings would each of the following, use the self review ultimately pleasing hug, y the number often claim, it is not today's date, his vows because he says one example: As with the poor before getting more debt, suddenly encountered by sinking a myriad of gold jewels, pay off debt is completed is still outstanding. Who created the other sins as well as the particular objects, and then create a Buddha statue, will from accident, are happily forever.
Now he is the great Bodhisattva Maitreya Buddha asked White again:
-White Corrugated Glass World! As the Buddha had taught "in France the Buddha by breaking gas charges [58], something called life." If the offender has again then, mind mind think merit the Buddha statue and lettered, then for the Buddha's teachings are "live" again? Again in this lifetime, or the second, third, fourth is France?
The Buddha told him Bodhisattva Maitreya:
-For as there are relatives tied column, hands, legs and neck, if be tied up as Raptor off the grid, fly away freely, the other to how the person in the same way. If the beliefs, thinking about the merit of Buddha and Buddha statues, the karma is goal except, in being the mau adaptor was out, not obstacles. Maitreya should know, there are three Redundant [47] is the excess Text, Buddhist Mural and Mahayana Buddhist Chi, who created Buddha depending on where your favorite prayer, set any desired, i.e. where to admit it, the freed. As if just because the bridge as the Buddha, not a different quote, then spending the oil was mau destruction, but at birth to death but don't fall victim to suffer, so will prove Infinitely superior, was pure realms; enough of the general good, feeling the endless life, long-lasting network.
Now in the Assembly, who has not played Center for Mahayana, are both being strong, think of it like this: "Germany As a hybrid of early life the past have created Buddha or is not created? Reviews that have created, stars in lifetime full of stigma, such nhớp are pure? "
King Three Buddhist gods dread turns to Anonymously Order [50], from the seat, hand-Bach stood up straight onto his Buddhist observance:
-German Religious World white Glass! The saw Germany As the Future general good as well as from people is the first depth, you decide not to have it. But Germany As Lai once, Then plants His feet pierced Wi. Is there a Title She Won To Rolling Stone Buddha foot piece, the couch bleeding. Formerly at him have the disease, to invite States Her preparations. Once again each stinging behind his back. He told Sun Jia Ma Ha Ca French Lettuce Sensory seven proceedings part then it hurts to be subtracted. Once again there was pain, wrong Writes A Nan to the La find asking for cow's milk. Earlier times in the village of Ta La, settle for three months only eating rice. Again a real bat, qifu guoren was not did not return.[49] "
-White Corrugated Glass World! As Sun Tzu said, "If someone would create the Buddha, then how karma is excluding removal, to be absent from the brain gauge, not the disability. So the old realm of the Religious World of Germany each have created or are not created. If in the past He has created, the coast guard personnel would have the job? "
The Buddha told the Persian King Anonymously that:
-Slang to hear! Slang to hear and remember thinking skills, the great prize will distinguish because United said. This Is great little about lives of the ancients as Bodhi bridge that used the Jade Pearl, aromatic Wood Chips and paint the drawing to create a Buddha, more than all of them Sun people in today's society. Due to this blessed oil should remain within their contentious electronic transfer mesmerized yet, but are durable Diamond like torso life, can not hurt.
This great again! We remember the past lives of the immeasurable ways, longer in the birth to death we created Buddha at that one also, anger, delusion, [50] ... Immeasurable suffering Samyutta with mind, but we haven't been in about an anniversary, for example, that the four articles, or was the demon spirit based type, or little less animal suffering, and the diseases to be used is not the full case, there's nothing now has Bodhi DirectorThere again, the "real-like"?
-Great! If one vintage motorcycles ever created Buddha, now has career ruined to bear it, we do the big picture "Captain General" and said that "the decision unless the evil bad karma?"
-Great! We indefinitely past the immeasurable help supply food, drink a treasure [51], how's life now is not real qifu gangui to feed the circuit code? Occasionally as it is today, that is true, then we do so in many ways, immeasurable praise countries Three la suite, said blessed alms full-time unspoilt lied?
-Great! It is a true saying, thou shalt say frustrating, steps are not talking. If we are then to lie when anyone?
-Great! Long ago it was end to end evil career, working hard, doing the hard work, the network is giving hundreds of thousands, have created images of immeasurable lettered Buddhist repentance, the immeasurable evil Goldfield, curb the incidence of injuries, suffering, hunger and thirst to eat the rice, used or copied? If ever the result of revenge WINS, far back and forth takes, grab the other extension where the blessings of tu?
-This great! Chu Lai as the Buddha is usually constant, is a French family name [52], because the beings that we work on, for example, must indeed. Foot injuries, back pain, breast milk, drinking etc. to enter the great Nirvana, his symbolism to dispense it, built the Tower etc. All the means or expertise of the Buddhas, which beings seen as such.
The great United States! In the world the sickness like that on purpose, like for example business information being lost, leaving them afraid to end Sin tu the fresh almond, and later, to know oneself is usually constant, said the French network, the names of relatives, the pure water.
-Great! Chu Lai as the Buddha did not deteriorate, University merely ingenious intelligence, bi, so can all the way so far.
When the Persian King Anonymously, and then have fun listening to Gospel, khấp run, along with loads of hundreds of thousands of beings, are found Countless mind Bodhi upper leaders.
Now, he is the great Bodhisattva Maitreya Buddha continue to ask:
-White Corrugated Glass World! There are women who will narrow, bring plenty of jealousy, anger, contempt, anger, siểm dai do not dispose, indebted did not count. Although the bridge, but not the holder releases durable, often want to fascinate everyone, again also been deceiving people back [54].
-White Corrugated Glass World! If this woman forming the Buddha of such industry except destruction? Made a grateful, thanks? Be enough wisdom, compassion? With the living dead or bored left? Except when praying, in addition there is a female body back? There are Hardworking as she Talks and her sample is Di Ma His wife?
The Buddha Maitreya Bodhisattva responded:
-If the male would or would not create life, the Buddha back women body. Supposing the life itself, then that is the female ranks their religion you filed depth above all. But the woman has four years in Germany, what women who created the statue will be, than females. In Germany?
One is: procreate children.
The two are: From track to honor you.
The three are: Leanne Contour trinh Luong.
The four are: general physical beautiful venture either.
The year is: look.
-Maitreya! all the females had eight dissociation to coast personalities bear close female generations. What are the eight?
One is: beloved female.
The two are: Ham soaked up the woman's Club of gymnastics.
Thirdly: the mouth often praise the female substance content;
The four are: not straight, concealed the doing.
Five are: depressed her husband.
The six are: heavy mind to bend to others.
The seven are: to know who has the gift but his bumper.
The eight are: jewelry Ta wei wanted to fall in love people.
If or completely eight things like Buddha, shaping, until the Buddha, often as men. Good close female friends anymore is ridiculous.
-Maitreya! there are four human stuff, cause the man to bear a female torso; What are the four?[55]
One is: use the female contempt laughing Buddhas, bodhisattvas during the call, the Saints;
The two are: the precept, fell decry, saying that violates.
The three are: your Favorites go flattering lies another lever.
The four are: See who his birth mind than he hated.
If men would do four things over, after all the dead are female, must again undergo immeasurable suffering in the fall. If the thick deep confidence repent doing at first and create the Buddha statues, the guilty on the destroyed, ended up drained there are relatives who are women.
-Maitreya! there are four human stuff, cause the man to bear himself asked subjects. What are the four?
One is: against shapes and animal beings.
The two are: for The net-keeping subjects about which the floating anger mocked decry.
The three are: multiple Sex taking part, trying to center it.
The four are: Near the offense, advised the offense.
If the West would first do this, then kicked Buddha forming trust, until the Buddha did not take it, often do the men in full.
Maitreya! there are four things or cause men to bear two-body image [57], vile depth in all people. What are the four?
One is: nhớp the stigma of Sexual Dysfunction in old men sanctuary.
The two are: with man that wrecked graffiti infection.
The three are: his Main work place sexual self.
The four are: women shopping for others.
If the beings would do the same, so blame errors, possible violations before, run your credit net created Buddha, came as the Buddha, good user.
Maitreya! Again with four men who prompted the coast, they are often being craving of girls [58], like people with their stories of men. What are the four?
One is: the person, Or blasphemous or others.
Two is enough: a Popular women's makeup.
The three are: Do professional porn stigma with the woman to her children.
The four are: it's not good, hoping to get our people.
By multiplying this coast makes the man kicked the difference like that. If repent the error made, create a new bug, the mind being your favorite news shaping the other sins, Buddha mind destroyed it as well.
Maitreya! Have popcorn stuff in xẻn [59] or destroy beings. What is the year?
One is: Xẻn sorry, Hamlet, hamlet in close. Due to that being in that same butt hiu quạnh.
The two are: Xẻn unfortunately the patio door, bottles to stay, will make deep throat, constant foul in minor divisions.
The three are: Xẻn sorry beauty decency Chief Justice, will feel such bad shape as you like.
The four are: Xẻn unfortunately the available wealth, the poor will suffer, the rice shortfall.
The year is: Xẻn unfortunately the Dhamma is known, will have the result report of animal birth, stupid.
As if repentance of his earlier career and created Buddha, will be absent from the Centre of the previous life not xẻn popcorn, the quotes as mentioned above!
Maitreya! has five Coast Guard makes beings, birth place of man di, in old men [58] frontier, or delivery period without the Dharma. What is the year?
One is: bring forth pure faith for fresh rice three jewels.
Two is: contrary to the truth, the difference with the Chief Justice, which is expected to go higher.
Thirdly: No true logical truth that teach grants.
The four are: break the harmony Rose puts up two sets.
The year is: until at least two such top pretentious Bhikkhu harmony led.
Completely on the industry and create a common will, Buddha Buddha, often heard in France.
Maitreya! beings have five things people frequently coast aversion repel, both to the person themselves also distaste met [61]. What is the year?
One is: say two tongues.
The two are: said.
The three are: many of the disputes.
The four are: getting past the anger.
The year is a good slick stated: to decry.
Then if the heart shaped Buddha statues, old industrial repentant vows not to recreate her charges, were to be excluded, are both people love dear. Why is that? Because Buddhist schools have boundless immeasurable joy of Germany enemy WINS, boundless immeasurable vast intellect, boundless immeasurable t Black Liberation [62], enough of the French names of rare merit.
-Chu Thien nam TU! Suppose someone offers a heavenly heavenly triangle the country ground into dust, the dust of crushed, each figure by dividing each dust dust in a heavenly world, these dust particles are ground increased by one of the many heavenly realms known as. Supposing someone retrieved the grinding dust particles, use your spirit by going through the East, about a suicide na pass the water much like a heavenly realms dust of crushed (in a) close watch, na na Monday again so well, he wasn't going to take longer to dry as dust was crushedand how close to na in each of each each observation na, glance out of the water as much as the dust is crushed all of heavenly realms and he was off, leaving a dust. He returned to retrieve Plantar other dust, back through the Orient than the number of realms which dropped again, to the third seed back than last time, in turn, keep folding bumper up, clean for the rest of the dust was crushed.
The East, South, West, North and back as well. The four person go through, all the water the ground into the dust. This dust all beings together computer measurement can know, what about the merit of hairs where the trunk As a hybrid, can not know. Why is that?
The German public that Chu was there, all the infinite amount of such thought.
The friendly male! Suppose that the number of people as much as the small dust of newly listed above by Buddhist Symbolism, how much the intelligence of the people, not by a celebrated position As hybrid. Why is that?
Because as in each each anniversary, who often appeared the Chief Justice to the rescue, general maintenance, etc.dust is more than the example above, which would also have immeasurable merit enemies win.
The German enemy WINS of the Buddha, all The writers, all Visual Charm still can not know to call! So who's faith in clean shape Buddha statues, all karma Wednesday would also kill, the boundless immeasurable merit, so will the Infinitely superior brain gauge permanently spat, for all beings.
The Buddha says this and then, Maitreya Bodhisattva and Celestial Empire Like Da King, worldly and Scott Favor, Person, Tu La, God Needs her thát heard Buddha, all rejoice, Google got well done.

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